Marquette King Wasn’t As Beloved In The Locker Room As He Was On Social Media

The Raiders decision to release Marquette King was a surprise to everyone.

Everyone, that is, except for teammates and people inside the Raiders building.

Based on a report from The Athletic’s Vic Tafur, King wasn’t as revered in the locker room as he was among his social media following.

Via The Athletic:

“People in the building and King’s teammates were not too surprised at his being released. The flamboyant social media star was perceived as hard to handle and teammates looked at him differently after a 2017 Pro Bowl tweet that showed him having his chain playfully tugged by then-Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib.”

King’s Instagram joke about the incident between Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib wasn’t received well by teammates – something linebacker Bruce Irvin wasn’t quiet about at the time.

See Irvin’s comment at the bottom of the screenshot below.

Ultimately, it seems Jon Gruden didn’t feel like King was the kind of personality he wanted in the locker room because there’s no question King is one of the best punters in football.

A salary cap savings of $2.75 million probably made the decision a little easier.

Additionally, the decision to cut ties with King privides further proof of who is calling the shots in Oakland.

Seriously, though. What was this?

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72 thoughts on “Marquette King Wasn’t As Beloved In The Locker Room As He Was On Social Media

  1. Rather give up 5 extra yards on a punt than to have a player that doesn’t respect his own teammates or his team. Pro Bowl talent, fun personality, well spoken young man with a bright future. But he’s no Oakland Raider. We don’t love dem h_es. ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  2. This Idiotic will eventually “HAUNT” us for the next several years. M.King is one of the “Punters” in the N.F.L. if not the best!! Not only can He PUNT, He can also tackel, He can kick Field goals and He can throw. He’s Injury PRONE and He’s a Seasoned Veteran. Word to the wise, Mr. Gurden, leave the “SPECIAL TEAMS”, ALONE!!! WHO ARE YOU GOING TO TRADE, DERICK CARR?????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      1. You are absolutely right my friend! He does sound like a dumbass sensitive over-reacting snow flake!

    1. If releasing our punter is going to haunt the Raiders, we have far bigger problems then who our punter is.

    2. Are you drunk or is English your second language? I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but what you said doesn’t make very much sense. I was upset about the move at first, but after seeing the picture with Talib and the interview clip… Good riddance! I loved your talent, Marquette King, but don’t disrespect your team and teammates the way you did! You apparently are not seen as, worth the trouble.

      I’ve got an idea, let’s score on each possession so we don’t need a punter. (I know, I know, but a fan can dream)

    3. Just one of the best punters in football, PERIOD! All these wanna be GM’s talking smack cause they want us to be more like the 9ers! What, you didn’t like his dancing? Get outta here! Big mistake!

    4. This is why you don’t smoke crack people. Especially early morning crack smoking

    5. You’re an idiot, first of all, injury prone means he gets hurt a lot lol

      King has never kicked field goals lol

      And it’s Derek Carr

    6. Shane Lechler maybe the greatest punter of all time we let him go. Punters are a cover up for a weak offense. We don’t have a weak offense

    7. Haunt us like Lechler did? You can’t keep Carr, Mack, Cooper, and that O-line when you’re paying your kickers millions. They’re a dime a dozen. I don’t think this season is over because of King.

    8. Yep he can throw, kick field goals wow how do we let him go?….there’s the door that’s how…theres no I in team…lynch can distract but he scores touchdowns 4 Oakland in all aspects!.. locker room accountability means everything as evidenced by the 6-10 record need no more distractions…..Go Raiders…relax bro

    9. Shut the hell up!! He can tackle? He needs to punt, not cover his own punt!! Throw a ball?? So we can run a fake punt every 10 games ?? **** this guy and his act!! Kick rocks ******!!!

    10. Derek Carr doesn’t play special teams…lol
      A punter has never haunted his old team.
      You went from talking about how good he is to “hes injured prone”. Seems like you forgot to take your bipolar medication.

    11. Obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about. Coach knows what he’s doing though. King was too much a clown/diva. Coach Gruden, has the balls to do what is best for the team. Even if it’s not popular, and gets criticized for by fan’s that think they know it all…

    12. Not only does he sound dumb as hell, but he made me feel dumb as hell. Dude you need to fix your grammar. Like you’ve got random **** in ALL CAPS, and you’re “quoting” random ****… do you understand the purpose of quotations? Then, you’re leaving out words that are essential for the statement you’re trying to make. I feel like reading that made me more ignorant.

  3. I like the move. Too much money in special teams the past few years. King 4 yrs 16 mil. Jano I think was acting 4 mil a year too. Patterson. 2 year 12 mil contract I think he signed. That’s 14 mil tied up a yr on 3 special teasers that might see an average of 6 snaps a game. I’d rather see them give that money per year to a lev bell, Odell Beckham, or other game changer on offense or defense. Good chance in Gruden offense we won’t have to punt as much. We won’t have to depend on Janos 50 yrs field goals. Won’t have depend on trying to get 7 points on a kick off return to get us back in the game. Remember we led the offense in the league in 2000 with a journey man quarterback, an aging Tim brown, and a 40 year old goat Jerry rice. Power run game and west coast offense at it’s best. People talk **** about what Gruden doing but let’s see how this plays out.

    1. I concur with everything you said. I think Gruden will bring accountability and a system that’s proven effective.

    2. well spoken RAIDER Alex Ortega some of these fans think football is DANCING WITH THE STARS, Marquette king was not a team player, we could be losing game and he would celebrate cause he made a good punt in a losing effort,

    3. They aint going after any big name vet or pro bowl caliber player that’s not gruden’s style he’ll probably replace king with Ray Guy lol.. he likes veterans players over 30 yrs..

  4. Sorry for not spell checking it. Stupid auto prediction. Changes my words. Let’s go nation. I hope we go defense heavy in the draft. But don’t be surprised if Gruden decides to grab a pass catcher in the first to lock up the offense. Ridley or DJ Moore would be nice

    1. Everybody is criticizing the Crabtree, and now the Marquette King, releases. I agree that both players were productive on the field, but people underestimate the importance of locker room harmony. Granted, I was not in their locker room, but from appearances, including interviews, social media, news articles, and the product on the field, both of these guys seemed to put themselves ahead of the team. I can tell you, that’s no way to change the culture with a new coaching staff in place.

      In my opinion, dropping these two players is addition by subtraction. Replace Crabs with a guy who is a consummate team player and, let’s not forget, a great player in his own right. Injury? Okay, but we don’t ever talk about Crabtree’s torn Achilles. Crabtree can recover from that, but Nelson can’t come back to full strength from his ACL? That makes no sense. Besides, Nelson is faster than Crabtree, gets better separation, and will never get his chain snatched off by Talib or anyone.

      King is a great punter, but he is an even better self-promoter. The picture with Talib and the interview shown in this article are proof of the fact that he’s not really interested in the team.

  5. Glad he is gone! He is a liberal pos divided the lockeroom. Terrible attitude and disrespectful to Gruden!!! He sealed his fate by running his mouth. 👄 bye bye Payaso!!!!

    1. And what the hell doe’s being a liberal have to do with punting? He’s one of the 5 best punters in the NFL! A little dancing and a little clowning with talib is enough to cut him? You’re the PAYASO! This was a terrible move! If the RAIDERS ran the team like you think it should be run. We wouldn’t have ANY Hall of Famers. You would have cut them all! SMH

      1. A top five punter with 5 times more personal fouls than all the other punters, combined. Punters one job to do, help win the field position battle, NOT give up 15 yards back. It’s about his immature self first attitude.

        And McKenzie doesn’t put up with that stuff for long either.

        The Jordy Nelson / Crabtree deal is proof of that too.

      2. Chris sorry but lockeroom first! There was a divide last year just getting rid of the selfish riff raff!

  6. Our special team have been far from special lately. Need to apply that money to more needy areas.

  7. Not surprised here at all. MK wore on me after his second season. Very good punter, not so great teammate. Draws too much attention too himself. Actually thought this would be Lynch getting the papers instead. Gruden is bringing in guys that are pros. Everyone keeps talking about the age of the players Gruden is bringing on. I see the Raiders being a very mature team with great locker room guys and guys that go about the game the right way.

  8. Lot of good punters in this year’s draft. Even if we use third round 75th overall pick for Michael Dickson of Texas, it’s about one third of King’s salary. Now let’s go sign NaVorro Bowman.

  9. I question this. A lot. Our very flamboyant RB is way more personality volatile than King. If Gruden had met with King, explained who’s in charge and what’s expected, and King didn’t toe the line. Then fire him. The NFL is full of characters that need to be reeled in. Though many are lauded daily by the sports media and fans. He saved our bacon many times over last year when our offense couldn’t get a first down. Time will tell.

    1. Mark Krueger, exactly! Well said my brother! He was a top flite Punter! He deserves at least a chance to do what Gruden wanted. I hope this doesn’t come back and vote is in the butt!

      1. He never did meet. He came in thinking he was and got cut.

        But let’s all understand something, TOP players that are flamboyant, looker room problems, are tolerated as long as they produce. Punters are literally the bottom of the pecking order on a team.

        Their one job is to do is win the field position war when needed. How many punters have personal fouls in the NFL? King, That’s it. And he had how many?

        I’m all for someone getting pumped when they do their job well. But if you aren’t a top 5 player on your team, let a lone a special teams guy, yo don’t cost your team yards, and you sure as hell don’t act like your a top QB, RB, WR or Edge….

  10. Well, well Marquette, several things you don’t go on the NFL Network and disrespect on cable television, the whole “Raiders Organization”
    First, with that “poor, cheap *** and what was that? A kings outfit? money, well spent!!
    Second, when asked about your, new head coach and you answered “Yeah, yeah the guy from “ Monday Night Football” okay”
    Third, when asked again are you anxious to have a conversation with him, your new head coach and you answered “Of course, Everybody keep saying, that Chucky Doll and I want to see if it’s true”
    The host responds with, “to see if has that chucky face, all day” and you answered “it’s what I seen, I’v only seen pictures”
    Well, in my opinion, you were never a Raider in the true sense of the name!!
    A true Raider, doesn’t disrespect his teammate at the pro bowl, a true Raider, doesn’t mention your new head coach as, oh yeah, the guy on monday night football and you don’t disrespect the new head coach, Jon Gruden when you’re asked, would you like to have a conversation with him? “Of course, everybody keep saying, that chucky doll and I want to see if its true, I’ve only seen pictures”
    Well, three strikes and you are out of Oakland!!
    My opinion, “what took so long” see ya!! When you are freezing your dumb *** in Minnesota!!

    1. And those 3 strikes in one interview…..

      Not to mention;
      -Only punter in years with a personal foul (let alone multiples in one season)
      -Posing for a picture with a major rival, and one of the most hated players, mocking your teammate.
      – all the other me me me **** he’s pulled.

      Your a punter, your not Ray Guy, your not even Shane Lechler. You sure as **** ain’t Terrell Owens or Randy Moss.

      Be a professional and play your role.

    2. Marquette King’s lack of maturity and self-awareness cost him a job–despite the fact he is a great punter. Here are a few examples: 1) That photo at the Superbowl mocking Micheal Crabtree’s neck chain being yanked is classless and insensitive. Clowning a raider teammate with one of the Denver Broncos, the Raider’s historic rival, is a not “good look.” 2) King refers to Coach John Gruden as “the guy from “ Monday Night Football” and “Chucky Doll.” Marquette King admits he hasn’t even met John Gruden yet. Marquette, he is your coach and your elder, 54 years old to be exact. You should have shown him respect for both of those reasons. You had two time-tested respectful options–address him as “Coach Gruden” or “Mr. Gruden.” I hope Marguette King learns and grows from this experience. He is a great punter who lost his job because of immaturity and selfishness. I hope he understands that when you play a team sport–IT NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!

  11. Please no 3rd round pick on a punter. We got four 6 rounders. Use 2 and make them compete. Look what happened to the bucs when they tried to be Al Davis and steal Robert Aquyo in the 2nd round. Waste of a good pic. Hopefully Gruden can help Reggie find some Gruden grinders in the first 4 rounds then let Reggie work his magic in the late rounds. Reggie hasn’t nailed an early first round pick since Carr, Mack, and Jackson were surprisingly there. Like Gruden said ” we don’t know what we have in these young guys, we need contributers” that’s a shot at reggie’s pics the past few years.

    1. Alex, I’m also with you regarding 3rd round for punter. I just brought it up to tell this is a great cost cutting move. Still, Seabass was drafted in rd. 1 when Gruden was our HC last time, so just be prepared, anything can happen.

      1. Totally agree Francis, expect the unexpected. But I think that was an Al Davis pick. I once read something saying Al looked at the upcoming draft and asked himself what the teams weaknesses were. Pretty solid all around except for place kicker and punter. Decided that the points a quality kicker could get him meant more then a depth player. Decided jano was the piece to take him to the super bowl. Then snagged Shane in the 5th yo be his ray guy. He wasn’t wrong, but most of these guys can be had in the later rounds. I think chucky wants to score touchdowns, not field goals. I predict a reciever in the 1st 2 rounds to make him happy. Then go defense with a offensive tackle sprinkled in somewhere. Man I will say this about king. I didn’t like his shenanigans but he was entertaining. But I remember that new years eve game against the chargurls , his first punt he does the shawn merriman lights out dance. It was 0 to 0. Come on man. Chargurls ended up kicking out ***. Hated that ****. Totally me first. I liked the dances when we had something to celebrate. Hated it when your celebrating when were losing. Which he did alot. .

  12. Guy is a douchebag, not a team player, and GOOD RIDDANCE!

    Since Carr and Company won’t be punting much this year with a better O.C. and play calling, who cares who punts?

  13. Thought something might be up when team signed a FA punter a few weeks ago. I have a problem with King’s release. Been a while since I’ve been this ticked off at the Raiders. Bigger personalities that produce less than King are still on teams (Beckham, Apple, King is one of the best punters in the league. Did King slight Gruden on NFLN, maybe. But to me this was a Gruden power play, cutting off his nose to spite his face, nothing more.

    1. Yep it was power play…duh! And those others you mentioned are giants not raiders, talk **** be selfish, goodbye!

    2. Natalie S, have you ever seen a special teams guy cause this much waves?

      Remember when Jano was causing problems? Drinking, drugs and attitude. We almost released him. And he scored points!!!

      It’s about a balance. Your worth on the field to the problem you make. Punters have ZERO balance play, they aren’t worth it. Every team got sick of Owens, and Moss. And those guys are HOF receivers.

      1. Beckham, and Apple are tier 1 players in 2 of the top 4 paid positions.

        You seriously compared King to OBJ, or Apple? ahahahah

      2. Look, if he was a locker room problem, I get it. And yes I compared King to two other players from a different team who have become malcontents that don’t produce – tier one in their position or not you don’t produce and you create strife, shouldn’t be considered a member of that team. Doesn’t matter what team. If you produce, like King has, teams tend to be a little more tolerant to personality. Crabtree was cut because he didn’t produce AND had personality issues. Not the case with King, he produced.

  14. M. King thinks this is the WWE!! Well now you’re free, wait for Vince McMahons’ football league to start and sign on there, your act will play well…..

  15. King’s release is more about having the right demeanor. Punt skills off the chart yes, but there is a greater need for having the right demeanor all day long in the house of Silver and Black. The silliness of his King’s robe interview, his penalty flag antics and his “chain” interview with Denver’s finest is why he is GONE!

  16. People on here upset that we cut a guy who’s only skill is giving the ball to the other team. A punter should never get a personal foul, or cost $3mil.

  17. I 👂 heard he look like a Chucky Doll! What a Dumbass clown🎭!! I knew his days were numbered 💣when I saw this interview. New sheriff in town!!! 💀 💪😂

  18. The reason why Raiders cut King was because of the money…
    Jon Gruden does not value Punters.
    Also King was very disrespectful to Crabtree and Gruden didn’t want the distractions. King would dance in the locker rooms after losing. He really didn’t talk to many of his teammates and he’s all about his “brand” There’s a reason why Gruden is bringing in old guys. He does not believe young guys want to be coaches or can handle his style. Will he win doing things this way, that’s the only question..As far as Crabtree, he only got cut because he woulnd’t restructure his deal (which I wouldn’t either)

  19. Firstly the guy is a kid, like most kids of his generation they lack discipline. But the attitude that kickers aren’t athletes or worth what there paid, just take a look and see how many games have been won by 3 points or less. In my opinion the Raiders have a history of some the best kickers and punters in NFL history going back to Hall of Fame member George Blanda. Discipline can be taught and nurtured, his punting ability can’t, you can’t teach that, either you have it or you don’t. There should be a clause in every contract regarding placing disrespect or bringing ridicule to the organization. What would have been wrong with asking him to renogiate his contract to 1.75 or 2.00 million and have the balance be made up in performance bonus. Make him apologize to the Raider organization and the Raider Nation. Make him visit with Tony Dungy to help mentor him as part of the contract. But there is no excuse for just letting him go. Just really seems like a rash, poor decision. Again, just my opinion having taught, counseled, mentored andraised kids of this age.

  20. King is a great punter; there was no way his contract would last though. $20 million for a punter when you have Mack to re-sign, an Amari decision to make, and an expensive o-line is not smart for the cap. His cap number would only increase, this move was coming.

    The biggest thing I won’t miss: Penalties from our punter. His actions on the field hurt the team. He had more penalties from a punter last year than all punters from the last 20 years.

    Reggie found this guy from the depths. He found a booming leg. I dont think Reggie and Gruden agree to make this move without a plan. Even if they dont draft a punter, no need to panic. King wasn’t drafted either. They’ll find another leg.

  21. Idiot got what he deserved !! Take your clown show somewhere else 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  22. If you are a raiders fan thru and thru to win a championship it starts in the locker room !!! The culture is being built with veterans who love the game ! If you don’t love the game we don’t want you on our team , and besides that every body has an opinion until they have to wear those shoes !! And no one on this chat is a owner or gm so go raaaaaaaaiders!! 😂

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