Should The Raiders Pursue Dez Bryant?

Should the Raiders try to sign newly-released wide receiver Dez Bryant?

Despite having less than $2 million available in cap room, there are plenty of ways the Raiders can move money around to create room for another impact player.

With that I’m mind, would Jon Gruden and general manager Reggie McKenzie even be interested?

McKenzie doesn’t like to adjust contracts (although he did with Marshawn Lynch) and Gruden already cut bait with a player similar to Bryant in Michael Crabtree.

In fact, there’s a reasonable argument that Crabtree is actually a better player than Bryant at this point in his career.

Bryant hasn’t produced a 1,000-yard season since 2014 and he acknowledged after the 2017 season that his route-running needs improvement.

Bryant and Crabtree probably bring a similar dynamic to the locker room and that may be enough for the Raiders to pass on any urge to sign Bryant.

Gruden likes the old guys, but it’s hard to see him doing cartwheels to bring aboard a personality like what Bryant brings.

For what it’s worth – and this is strange to see from fans – the majority on twitter aren’t interested in bringing Bryant to Oakland.

Gruden did confirm a few weeks ago that the Raiders are interested in adding another wide receiver, but maybe don’t get your hopes up for Dez.

C’mon, Arizona. You are in rebuild mode and the NFC West is out of reach. Cut Larry Fitzgerald already, would ya?

(For reasons too many to list, that will never happen)

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9 thoughts on “Should The Raiders Pursue Dez Bryant?

  1. We can get a better non diva receiver in the draft for less money and headaches.

  2. No on Dez, as soon as he dosent get 10 balls thrown at him a game he’ll be on the sidelines bitching & cussing & he will bring a negative attitude to our team & the locker room, he did this his whole career & im pretty sure he hasn’t changed, not what our new younger players need to see or follow,

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