Marshawn Lynch Takes Raiders Offense To A New Level

It’s risky business making projections based on preseason games, but if there’s one to make right now, it’s that the Raiders offense is going to be even better than a year ago.

There are a handful of reasons why it should happen, but none more obvious than the arrival of Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch is a few minutes past his prime, but the Raiders haven’t had a more talented running back in decades (hard to believe, but it’s true). ‘Beast Mode’ had only four carries and one reception in preseason, but it’s already clear he brings an element the Raiders have sorely been missing.

What distinguishes Lynch from his predecessors in Oakland (among other things) is his ability to turn a loss or no-gain into positive yards.

It doesn’t sound like a lot – particularly on an offense as explosive as the Raiders – but Derek Carr will thrive as he faces fewer 2nd and long situations (the offense faced far too many last year).

Lynch’s vision and ability to catch the ball out of the backfield add dimensions to the Raiders that were rarely on display a year ago.

With that said, if there’s reason to doubt Lynch’s impact, it will be a matter of his body wearing down. How late into the season can the 31 year-old keep his motor locked into ‘beast mode’? Father Time, after all, is undefeated.

Then again, Lynch wears the no. 24 jersey. The last player to wear no. 24 in Oakland didn’t age even a little.

Maybe father Time doesn’t have a perfect record after all.

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7 thoughts on “Marshawn Lynch Takes Raiders Offense To A New Level

  1. Don’t you think you are jumping the gun. Your expectations are high but it remains to be seen if he lives up to it
    . I’m still neutral on ML. I prefer Jalen Richard any day.

    1. I dont think so hes right there is a big difference in 2 and 9 then 2 and 13 and you already know beast mode be having alot of those defenders shook i live jalen richard as well and feel he should be heavily involved in the offense but they both compliment each other latavius wasnt the guy to get it done

  2. I’ve been a Raider fan for forty years and will continue to be a Raider fan although as long as Lynch continues to disrespect the country, it’s flag and the men and women who have fought and died for that flag, I’ll have no respect For Marshawn Lynch.

  3. Im extremely happy its offensive to you that athletes sit during the anthem, i hope your pale face turns blue, let me remind you that you are nothing more than a melanin deficient albino monkey, whose hair smells like your best friend the dog, and furher more this country is not yours but the native inuit ppl, which you the recently civilized caveman stole, and killed for, then claimed it as yours, to which you belong to, get over yourself,

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