Former Raiders Cornberback D.J. Hayden Impressing With The Lions

A familiar face has surfaced in Detroit and he’s doing things never before seen in Oakland.

Drafted with all the expectations that come with being a first-round pick, D.J. Hayden didn’t live up to even his lowest expectations in four years with the Raiders.

Now a member of the Lions, Hayden is off to the best start of his career. Of course it’s only preseason, but Hayden has yet to allow a reception in 39 drops into coverage – an impressive stat against any competition.

It hasn’t happened yet, but if Hayden’s career somehow resurrects in Detroit, it would be another bad look for the defensive think tank in Oakland – especially as the Raiders continue to struggle defending the pass.

Whether it’s scheme (and many believe it is) or something other, the Raiders need to find a formula that works on defense – and it needs to happen soon.

That said, the defense was improved on Saturday against the Cowboys and hopefully rock bottom has already been achieved. If it somehow hasn’t been achieved, how will we know when we’re there?

#BringBackBresnahan will be the first clue.

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11 thoughts on “Former Raiders Cornberback D.J. Hayden Impressing With The Lions

  1. Amerson did the same thing when he got cut. It’s human nature for a competitor to have motivation to work harder. And the mindset is all they needed. This will hopefully only last a year for Reggie’s sake.

  2. It is the defensive philosophy! Seattle’s defense which is the same we try to do is not built on penetration, it’s set up to cause turnovers b/c of its secondary and LBers! Not meaning the line is not trying to cause havoc and get sacks, but all their corners as well as their LBers cover well and play the technique of watching the ball come out the QBs hand. Our guys don’t do that well. Norton, Jack, and Pagano needs to develop a fucking defense that fit our playersite or we will make the playoffs and lose in the first or second round when we play someone who can score with us.

  3. Why should this matter? I’ve been a Raider fan for 45 years. I’ve seen MANY men come to the Raiders and restart their careers. Hayden did nothing for us, time to move on. I want to read Raider news, not Lions news.

  4. What has Reggie got to do with it. He can only find them, it’s up to the coaches to bring the best out of a player. If anything get rid of Ken Norton.

  5. We need linebackers! Name a team that is consistently competitive that doesn’t have good linebackers. 5th round, 6th round, & undrafted guys won’t cut it; we need LB’s! Once we get a couple, things’ll change on the defensive side. You’ll see.
    Go Raiders

    1. i totally agree..for Reggie not to solve this problem through free agency at the minimal but then to draft a fricken 5th rounder and expect Lee to do it all is asinine…Reggie cant draft a lick unless its a top 10 pick; he got lucky with CARR

  6. Hayden just had a bad reputation with the media and raider fans we’re also on his ***, like Reggie said he need to a new start. He got off to a slow start in his career as a raider, but played much better later in his career. I wish him the best of luck, wish he was still wearing silver and black! Justwinbaby!

  7. Raiders fan here. DJ Hayden was always in great position. His problem was getting his head turned around and finding the ball. He has all the physical ability you need to be a good corner he just needed to put it together on the field.

    Good luck to DJ Hayden in Detroit.

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