Maxx Crosby “Drawing a Line in the Sand” on Antonio Pierce Being the Raiders Head Coach

There has been a lot of debate over the last few weeks about how much it matters that the players want Antonio Pierce to return to the Raiders next year.

Some say the players are just saying what they are supposed to say in support of their coach, and others have suggested the locker room would be furious if Mark Davis makes the decision to move on from Pierce.

At the very least, it seems we have identified one of the players who will be furious if Pierce isn’t retained by the Raiders. Responding to a #HireAP message on social media platform X, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said he has been told Maxx Crosby is “drawing a line in the sand” regarding the Raiders decision on Pierce.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter: “Maxx Crosby weighs in and from what I’m told is drawing a line in the sand regarding the #Raiders next coach. The 3-time Pro Bowler wants Antonio Pierce. / Twitter”

Maxx Crosby weighs in and from what I’m told is drawing a line in the sand regarding the #Raiders next coach. The 3-time Pro Bowler wants Antonio Pierce.

For now, Crosby is only voicing his opinion on who he wants to coach the Raiders next year, but what recourse would he have if Davis chooses to go in a different direction than Pierce?

No one would expect Crosby to request a trade (although crazier things have happened), but the more likely consequence to going against the locker room would be a situation similar to what the Raiders signed up for with Josh McDaniels.

McDaniels wasn’t a good head coach, but there were other factors in play, as well.

Regardless of what players have said publicly, the owner’s decision to ignore the locker room two years ago had an impact on the team. The players played for McDaniels and said all the right things, but the product on the field didn’t tell any lies.

That isn’t to suggest McDaniels didn’t create his own problems, but he also didn’t walk into a locker room that was ready for him.

Let’s leave it at that.

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13 thoughts on “Maxx Crosby “Drawing a Line in the Sand” on Antonio Pierce Being the Raiders Head Coach

  1. There would be nothing wrong with Crosby n others to say to Davis that if he doesnt do the thing he should have done already n ignores the players, fans, n football knowledgeable people all want n agree with then the players wont play for the owner and both fans n players should step away from the Raiders organization until Davis FINALLY does something other than making horrible decisions n removes interim from AP.
    It is time we Fans stand up n say enough is enough n we Fans should step in so Crosby n others dont have to sacrifice anything n we set the ultimatums. We Fans have more at stake than anyone n Davis has been living off of us entire time while making idiot decisions n we suffer. No more without us Fans Davis has NOTHING. We have the power not Davis, not the NFL, n not the remaining owners.

    1. I agree that we fans have suffered from bad decisions, and we support Madd MAXX who brings his AAA + game every game. We should be awarded AP as HC and build around him 2 year contract to see that the team rally around him and he gets the best out of them…if a bad decisions is made WE have to send a msg to Mark…RN4L

    2. Bro they played for him and I get it…that entire staff and some player additions were McDaniels not AP. Still tho…we were horrible offensively! Real good defensively! Just feel a proven winner like Harbaugh would be a better fit. I wouldn’t be mad if they kept AP and that Raider Heart he carries. I would take Harbaugh if he agrees to come over to the Dark Side!

  2. I’ll be surprised if Markie decides to do the right thing, I mean based on his choice of Barber I’m assuming he has no clue of what’s right. AP and Champ are true RAIDERS!!!

    BOTTOMLINE: Don’t be disappointed when he announces he’s going a different direction. Nothing will change the energy of this team unless he sells the team.

  3. Definitely delusion, why do we want the patriot way? We have a Raider way that is stereotyped by big bad dudes. Go back into our history of how the Bad Boys were. Alzado, long,pickel, Otto,woodson, and all the balance use to ride into the stadium on their harleys to play ball. Yup thats swagger not visor wearing mcdufuss in new england with his #7 lead pencil behind his ear and billicheats hoodie. Just play the autumn wind and you will realize what swagger is. One nation Raider Nation run like the wind. Crosby i hope you can get all of your locker room posting so Davis can seriously see whats happening. Don’t let pierce and bailey go i beg,

  4. I also want to believe in AP however the offense still sucked and if P.Graham goes (which is definitely a possibility) then what for the defense? It seems the Patriots had a plan for after Bill, so why not have a HC with a clear plan on offense and defense come in with a succession plan as AP? And definitely not Bill, under no circumstances Bill. Do you hear us Mark ? NO BILL, NO MORE “PATRIOT WAY”!

  5. It’s an on-going trend to disregard quantifiable results from AP. I can also say the same for RB. The fan base deserve somebody who is a blue collar working that believes in the organization. It is apparent the direct impact that AP had on the Raiders defense. I truly believe that the current organization will be canned for a high profile name.

  6. Look, the inmates are not running the asylum. It’s the owners decision who will be the next head coach. The players play and the owners sign the paychecks. End of discussion.

  7. Hey, let’s get the band back together again. Let’s bring back Jon Gruden, Paul Guenther and Mike Mayock. Let’s put the pan back in pandemonium. We can do another Hard Knocks series called the Return of Gruden. He can get rid of Max Crosby, like he did Kahlil Mack, and during the middle of the season say he needs a pass rusher, again. Gruden nixed the trade for Brady and Gronk before, maybe he can do something like that again. And if he should add Josh McDaniels, as his offensive coordinator, that would be icing on the cake. Can anyone not be happy with two of the greatest football minds of our time? Just think of the fun we could have. Who knows, maybe he can get the guy he called the best young quarterback in the draft to play for him, Johnny Manziel. Maybe even get Derek Carr back, or, at the very least, tell people, again, how Paul Guenther is a good coach. And maybe, one time tv analyst, Mike Mayock has had an epiphany and if not maybe he could consult with Ziegler about what he should do. Let’s relive the past, screw the future, who wants to go there? Go get Jon back, please Mark. Let’s have some fun again.

  8. Come on Mark let’s keep what is working.I read all about (we need a coach with experience) how many of many very successful coaches in the NFL started out with experience ( o )

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