Insider Calls it “Fact not Fiction” That the Raiders Would Bring the ‘Patriot Way’ Back to Las Vegas

Would a return of the ‘Patriot Way’ to Las Vegas be the unpardonable sin for owner Mark Davis?

Some Raider fans would say so.

To a large part of the fan base, the ‘Patriot Way’ never belonged in Silver & Black and the Josh McDaniels experience was worse than anyone could have imagined.

But according to The Athletic’s Jeff Howe, Davis will be open to the idea of hiring another New England Patriot to lead the Raiders.

This was Howe’s statement on the Raiders and Belichick this week in his Fact or Fiction column on the NFL’s current head-coaching vacancies…

Fact: Belichick has been viewed as one of the league’s greatest villains outside New England for a couple of decades, and no team has historically played up the villain role better than the Raiders. Belichick would surely appreciate the opportunity to step into a role once served by John Madden. The roster needs plenty of work, but the former ex-Patriot regime of general manager Dave Ziegler and head coach Josh McDaniels have already put Belichick-like pieces in place.

Fiction: There’s virtually no chance owner Mark Davis can make this move. The former regime wasn’t popular with the fan base, and parts of the locker room had turned on McDaniels before his Halloween firing. After doses of success with popular interim coach Antonio Pierce — a true players’ coach — a Belichick signing would have a low internal approval rating.”

Belichick deserves praise for his six Super Bowls in New England, but it’s noteworthy that he hasn’t enjoyed a lot of success without Tom Brady – and one of those Super Bowls with Brady was in large part the achievement of NFL referee Walt Coleman.

The Patriots haven’t won the AFC East in the four years they have been without Brady and Belichick lost to Josh McDaniels in each of the last two seasons (which in hindsight seems unimaginable).

Additionally, Belichick is said to be seeking more than $20 million per season after posting a 12-22 record over the last two years.

No doubt, the second-winningest coach in NFL history will be coveted by a few teams in the days ahead, but it only makes sense to let him land on his feet as far away from the Raiders as possible.

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8 thoughts on “Insider Calls it “Fact not Fiction” That the Raiders Would Bring the ‘Patriot Way’ Back to Las Vegas

  1. No we don’t need Bill Belichick and his way of doing things. We need fresh hot blood behind the steering wheel. I vote give Antonio Pierce his day in Court.( Raiders Court).

  2. If Davis hires bellicheat I am done! Been a loyal rada since 1970. But the constant stupidity Davis exhibits with his coaching hires leaves me no choice!
    Complete insanity! We all know the definition! Time for me to get off the insanity wagon as a fan!

  3. So he’ll be 72 next year…….what any team would expect ? So he’d be a crotchety old man and the players just quit.

  4. DO NOT bring him here. We do not need him too old to stay long as a coach we need some stability. Have gone through too many coaches for the players to even gel on any kind of stability of play. Pierce should be given this team.
    The energy he brings is what they need. He worked with a team that he did not put together. I think other players will want to come play here. When was the last time a coach of the Raiders beat everyone in their division?

  5. Don’t believe this. Davis would be committing Hari kiri by hiring belechick. This would be the final nail in the coffin. Raider Nation is barely hanging on.

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