Maxx Crosby Shared the Approach that Gives Teams their “Best Chance” to Slow Down Patrick Mahomes

If the 49ers have plans of winning a Super Bowl on Sunday, their first order of business will be to find a way to slow down Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes is considered by most to be the best quarterback in the NFL, and the Chiefs’ offense seems to be hitting its stride since their disastrous effort against the Raiders in week 16.

The Chiefs have won five games in a row since their December 25 loss to the Raiders, and Mahomes looks to be getting more comfortable with his revamped receiver group each week.

In the Raiders’ Christmas day win over the Chiefs, Mahomes threw 44 passes (his highest single-game total of the season) and ended the game with just a 73.6 quarterback rating. Mahomes was sacked four times in the game – the most he was sacked in a game all season.

Patrick Graham’s defense essentially offered a blueprint for opposing defenses to defend Mahomes, and Maxx Crosby talked about that approach last week on the Pardon my Take podcast…

He’s the best so every time you play him, you have to be coordinated… you have to do everything in your power and f—ing energy, every fiber in your body to keep him in the pocket. If he keeps plays alive, that’s where he’s magical. He does all the crazy sh– with his left hand, he just finds people.

But if you keep him in the pocket, that’s your best bet. I’m not saying it’s 100 percent you’re going to stop him, but that’s your best chance.

You watched us play him on Christmas. We kept him in the pocket. We rushed the f— out of him. We were hunting him all game… that’s kind of what it is. You’ve got to be relentless and your whole front has got to think like that.”

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3 thoughts on “Maxx Crosby Shared the Approach that Gives Teams their “Best Chance” to Slow Down Patrick Mahomes

  1. Maxx is correct BUT… the Whiners have a problem… with All the talent that they have on their defense front seven they have an Achilles Heal and they may not have as much of an opportunity to Rush the Mahomes. Ever since Cle Ferrell has been hurt (that’s right Raider Fans another ex Raider who has come alive when Not a Raider) the 49er defense is Trash against the run. Pacheco has been getting better every week. Look for the Queefs to come out on the ground. If they start getting 4 – 5 – 6 yards per carry the 49ers are Finished as their own explosive offense will not see the field much and Mahomes won’t be running for his life.

  2. OK, the Chiefs just won their 2nd Super Bowl in a row. What are you going to do about it Raider Nation and AP? They deserve it, but man, is my stomach upside down. IT’S OUR TIME TO BE SUPERIOR IN THE AFC WEST!!!

    Super Bowl records in Order Kansas City Chiefs #1 4-2 .667; Oakland/Los Angeles/Las Vegas Raiders #2 3-2 .600 40 years ago was our last win :(… Denver Broncos #3 3-5 .375 San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers #4 0-1 .000

  3. Dear Maxx,

    Now that the Super Bowl is over and you got the outcome you wanted, much to the chagrin of all of us diehard Raider fans, the ball is in your court. Time to return to Raider supremacy!!

    PS I hope every speck of red has been eradicated from your locker room.

    Dan G.

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