Maxx Crosby Shares Story from His Rookie Year Against Trent Brown: “I Got Past That F—ing Mountian”

Maxx Crosby is one of the most feared pass rushers in the NFL and what makes him great today is what made him so promising as a rookie…

He doesn’t back down from anything.

Crosby shared a story from his rookie season, and talked about how offensive tackle Trent Brown was a challenge in practice that even the veteran players at the time didn’t want any part of…

“When I came in the league all the vets were like ‘I’m not going against him,'” Crosby said on The Rush podcast. “Trent Brown was just paid. He was the highest-paid tackle at the time. The biggest human I have ever seen and I’m like ‘I’ll f—ing go every time.’ I beat him on one rush. It took literally two weeks to beat him. I long-armed the f— out of him and I was like ‘If I die tomorrow… I’ll be happy for the rest of my life. I got past that f—ing mountain.'”

Since he was drafted in 2019, Crosby has been known as one of the league’s hardest working players. He is relentless in his craft and his dedication to the team was never more evident than when he played through a potentially life-threatening infection in his knee.

On the same podcast (below), Crosby addressed this year’s Defensive Player of the Year snub where he didn’t receive a single first-place vote for the award.

His response to the disrespect from the media members who voted against him was short and simple…

“My time is coming.”

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