Maxx Crosby “Will Explore Trade Request” if Antonio Pierce isn’t Hired by the Raiders

On Friday, it was reported that Maxx Crosby was “drawing a line in the sand” in his support of interim head coach Antonio Pierce.

A day later, we learned what that means.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero, Crosby will consider a trade request if Pierce isn’t hired…

The Las Vegas Raiders also continue to weigh a potential pursuit of Harbaugh, who led his alma mater to its first national championship in the College Football Playoff era on Monday night.

However, sources say there remains support among many in the extended Raiders family for interim coach Antonio Pierce — including in the locker room, with All-Pro edge rusher Maxx Crosby will explore a trade request if Pierce isn’t retained, according to sources.”

The timing of the report on Crosby isn’t coincidence as Pierce is interviewing for the Tennessee Titans’ head-coaching job on Saturday.

A separate report today from ESPN’s Adam Schefter indicated that Pierce is currently considered the favorite to get the Raiders’ job.

Things are getting interesting in a hurry.

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6 thoughts on “Maxx Crosby “Will Explore Trade Request” if Antonio Pierce isn’t Hired by the Raiders

  1. I can see it now – because of the Raiders dragging their feet Pierce signs with the Titans and Maxx joins him. How did the Patriots name a new coach already, one day after they announced they were parting ways with Belichick? As good as the team pulled together at the end of the season I’m not getting a great vibe now.

    1. I have been a raiders fan since I was a little boy idolizing Bo Jackson coming out of Auborn all I want is one super bowl win before I don’t care anymore ill love the silver and black always but I bearly watch the games anymore because it just seems ill get let down yet again, let’s keep what we currently have and build a cohesive unit for longer than 2 or 3 years NFL isn’t the Yankees you can’t buy a championship every year.. Just win Baby!!!!

  2. I get Maxx Crosby is in support of hiring Antonio Pierce but he’s not gonna ask for a trade if he’s not hired that’s ridiculous. You guys read into things too much. All he said was “hire AP” all of a sudden that means…. He’s demanding it and threatening a trade 😂 yea ok! That’s just stupid. Players always go to bat for their previous coaches. It happens all the time all over the NFL. It means nothing.

  3. Proper order. Players must be getting sick of the uncertainty. Is AP a sure fire guarantee? No, but with a united group your far more likely to work for each other and battle through the tough days. I have no doubt Harbaugh is a fine coach but AP has earned his chance. Mark Davis went down this road before with Rich and that only put us in a worst position, not comparing Harbaugh to McDaniels, but it is a possibility. Just my 2c

  4. Hey, let’s get the band back together again. Let’s bring back Jon Gruden, Paul Guenther and Mike Mayock. Let’s put the pan back in pandemonium. We can do another Hard Knocks series called the Return of Gruden. He can get rid of Max Crosby, like he did Kahlil Mack, and during the middle of the season say he needs a pass rusher, again. Gruden nixed the trade for Brady and Gronk before, maybe he can do something like that again. And if he should add Josh McDaniels, as his offensive coordinator, that would be icing on the cake. Can anyone not be happy with two of the greatest football minds of our time? Just think of the fun we could have. Who knows, maybe he can get the guy he called the best young quarterback in the draft to play for him, Johnny Manziel. Maybe even get Derek Carr back, or, at the very least, tell people, again, how Paul Guenther is a good coach. And maybe, one time tv analyst, Mike Mayock has had an epiphany and if not maybe he could consult with Ziegler about what he should do. Let’s relive the past, screw the future, who wants to go there? Go get Jon back, please Mark. Let’s have some fun again.

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