Mayock: Raiders Not Actively Trying to Trade Derek Carr

It is NFL Combine week in Indianapolis and that means more rumors this week than any week on the calendar.

The central storyline around the Raiders will once again be Derek Carr’s status with the team and General Manager Mike Mayock addressed some of the quarterback rumors on Tuesday. Mayock was complimentary of Carr, but as usual, he wasn’t willing to slam the door shut on any rumors.

“Derek Carr played at a high level,” Mayock told members of the media in Indianapolis. “I’m very happy with Derek Carr. What I’ve told everyone I’ve been in contact with since the day I took this job is we’re going to evaluate every position every year. And if we can get better, we will. You guys get tired of me saying it, but that’s what I told Mark Davis before I took the job, and that’s my mantra.”

In a separate interview Mayock did say that the Raiders are not “actively” looking to trade Carr. Do with that what you will.

One door that Mayock did slam shut, however, was the notion that Antonio Brown might return to the Raiders. According to Mayock, Brown’s “time is up” with the team and the Raiders have moved on. What that means is that AB can probably throw his Raiders hat away because a second chance with the team isn’t coming anytime soon.

On a side note, Brown is still essentially suing the Raiders, so why he’s wearing a Raiders hat and begging to come back is just another confusing detail to add to his file.

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6 thoughts on “Mayock: Raiders Not Actively Trying to Trade Derek Carr

  1. Yea they’re not getting rid of Carr, nor should they. There’s no way the Raiders would dump 60 mill to Brady. That would set them back money wise and football wise. Then when they see what else is out there, which I’m sure they have, their best bet to have a good season in Vegas is Carr. His contract is manageable. I’m sure a lot of this is Gruden’s way of trying to light a fire under Carr! Carr2020

  2. Everyone needs to build a bridge and get over it, Carr is here for the long haul and i for one appreciate all he does and has done for my team Go Raiders see you ALL in Vegas 2020

  3. Antonio clown is a joke, he WILL NEVER WEAR THE SILVER AND BLACK AGAIN, he had his chance and burned it

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