Michael Irvin Says the Raiders Locker Room Wants People to Know “We Got Our Coach”

Looking back at the Josh McDaniels era in Las Vegas, we can safely say that Mark Davis made the wrong choice when he passed on Rich Bisaccia to replace Jon Gruden as the Raiders head coach.

Now after two years and nearly $85 million wasted, Davis is back where he started.

McDaniels is gone and the Raiders again have an interim head coach that the players love and are responding to on the field. The last three games under Pierce have been arguably their best-played games of the season, despite a narrow road loss to the Dolphins on Sunday.

The players were begging for Bisaccia to be hired two years ago and according to Michael Irvin, who visited the team last week, the locker room is now calling on the owner to keep interim HC Antonio Pierce.

These were Irvin’s comments on FS1’s Undisputed on Monday…

“Don’t go through this again. I believe when Bisaccia got let go and McDaniels brought in, I believe those players were trying to talk to you. That was an incredible season. Remember the Jon Gruden [scandal] and all of that. These guys came together, and they fought, and they got into the playoffs, and [Mark Davis] went in a different direction. You can’t make that mistake again.

Let me tell you something. When I’m leaving the [Raiders] building, guys were running up to me trying to grab me [saying] let me tell you something. You could feel like they wanted to say ‘Man, we got our coach.'”

We know Davis has been impressed with the job that Pierce has done over the last three weeks, but there have been some subtle indications that the Raiders owner could end up pulling a similar stunt to what he did two years ago.

And one other thought…

How much input is Tom Brady going to have in the search for the Raiders next head coach?

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5 thoughts on “Michael Irvin Says the Raiders Locker Room Wants People to Know “We Got Our Coach”

  1. I’ve been a Raiders fan since 1960. Keep Coach Peirce, the prayers love him, the fans love him, it should be a no-brainer.

  2. It ain’t happening, we want a proven winner coach, not a rookie like the quarterback, Jimmy is a way better quarterback he got railroaded,blaming him when the OL and playing calling sucks . RAIDER FANS DON’T WANT TO Experiment anymore

    1. The play calling wasn’t the reason Jimmy G was leading the interceptions before his injury. Anybody who has watched the last three games under A.P. can see the difference in the way the team is playing, the energy. If Josh McDaniels had till been in charge Miami would have destroyed us. We can’t clone Dan Campbell so give A.P. a chance.

  3. Give Pierce the 2024 season to play his hand. The energy and vibe is with him. He WANTS player input on what works for THEM! Who better to scheme? What better way to get a team to buy in? JUST DO IT!

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