Keyshawn Johnson Has a Message for Raiders Owner Mark Davis on Antonio Pierce

We know Antonio Pierce is the people’s choice to be the next head coach of the Raiders, but is he going to be the choice of Mark Davis?

Despite the Raiders playing arguably their best three games of the season under Pierce, every indication is that Davis intends to take his time in the hiring process.

Several league insiders have stated that Davis has no reason to make a quick decision on his next head coach, but former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson doesn’t agree.

Appearing on FS1’s Undisputed, Johnson said he has seen everything he needs to see and Davis needs to remove the interim label from Pierce as soon as possible…

“If I’m Mark Davis I’m going to talk to the president of the team today. I’m going to talk to the General Manager today. We going to get together with Antonio Pierce. We’re going to tell him ‘This is your team. Take us to the promised land.’

There’s no need to mess around with it. Even if they lost every single game the rest of the year. He started in an unfair advantage to begin with, and he’s got the [Raiders] playing football… Imagine if that was Josh McDaniels coaching that team against Miami. You think you would have seen any energy like that? You might have seen [Miami score] 70. So, Mark Davis, be smart and just get it done. There’s no need to waste [time]. Just get it done.”

Agree or disagree with Keyshawn?

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22 thoughts on “Keyshawn Johnson Has a Message for Raiders Owner Mark Davis on Antonio Pierce

  1. Let’ s all be fair? The Miami Dolphins game was a game that the Raiders was not supposed
    to win. Remember good teams win the games they are supposed to (Giants), and some of
    the games they are supposed to lose (Jets), and sometimes the better team on that day the
    (Dolphins) wins. And So, where are we ? Waiting for the Kansas City Chiefs. Give the man a

  2. I agree with K. Johnson. AP has this team playing good football. They should have beat the
    NY Giants and they won. They were not supposed to beat the NY Jets and they won. They
    we’re not supposed to beat the Miami Dolphins and lost by (7) points, but could have tied
    the game in the fourth quarter. All of this, is an upgrade from results of Josh McDaniels. I
    believe he should be given a chance to succeed. Now, if the sports writers stop writing to
    trade Josh Jacobs, Davante Adams, Max Crosby, and introducing candidate lists for the
    head coaching job in spite of the fact that AP has been selected as Interim head coach the
    Raiders might be alright.

  3. Key is correct. Quit F’ING around the guys play hard for him like Bisaccia. Don’t repeat mistakes.

  4. Pierce seems is a leader of men, and he’s got a finger on the pulse of what it takes to be a successful football player, because he’s done it himself at the highest level. The guys have clearly responded under his leadership.

  5. Absolutely Keep AP! Get him some Offensive Help maybe but keep this Man! He is a Raider and it hasn’t felt like this in 20 years!

  6. Just like everyone else I feel the energy and the pride and the fight. Being a raider is fun and cool again. I’ve never been sp proud as to wear my gear after the loss vs the dolphins. He’s working with what he’s got and being put into a tough situation. Using the playbook,coaches,and players he was left with a 3-5 team. It’s a no Brainer. We lose that dolphin game 45-3 normally

  7. Been a Raiders fan a long time and have witnessed our team just trudge through the mud coach after coach all because we’re trying to be fancy with these coaching hires. I agree with Keyshawn. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the team recently. Extremely proud!

  8. I agree. Players want to play for a coach they like in my experience, all be it junior college ball. It really does make a BIG difference.

  9. I agree with that he has brought the team together they look better and HAPPIER than they have looked in years!!! Davis just get it done!!!
    Antonio Pierce is Raider through and through he bleeds black and silver!!! GO RAIDERS!!!

  10. The more time it takes the less respect the team is gonna have for Davis
    He is gifted a leader but is too stupid to realize how lucky he is
    And this is the second time in less than three years
    Mark Davis is spoiled and stupid

  11. AP is the man to take this team to a place we have not been in a long time I mean come on he’s from Compton rolling with NWA he’s what this team has been waiting for come on Mr Davis give the man the job he deserves it 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  12. Give the man the job! I’ve been a fan for 35 years now and haven’t seen a coach that has brought this much energy to the team in a long time. Don’t wait anymore make him the head coach already.

  13. Yeah, he does bring alot of Energy and Chemistry to the team. I would give him a 3 year contract at first.

  14. This is the trend I’ve seen as a Raider fan. Coach gets fired. Interim Coach puts us on a winning path. Ownership gets a new guy that crashes and burns. Let’s ride with this Interim coach and see where it goes. New, experienced, coaches are apparently not the answer

  15. Mark Davis give the man a chance . Don’t make the same mistake a second time (Biassiacia) . He knows Raider Culture , He knows Raider Ball , He spoke about the RAIDER MYSTIC , the attitude needed to win . He won’t settle for less than 100 from his players . Give him a chance to learn and give the players he needs .

  16. I’m a dolphins fan and I agree one hundred percent that Pierce should be name the next Raiders head coach. His had his team playing inspiring football and we do need to give more black coaches opportunities to become head coaches in the NFl.

  17. I’m a life long Raiders fan. I agree 100% with Keyshawn Johnson. I have not felt this pumped even after a loss in quite some time. We have our coach so, remove the interim tag and let AP do his thing as the next Raiders head coach.

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