Michael Lombardi, Father of Fired OC Mick Lombardi, Shared Where He Thinks The Raiders Went Wrong Under Josh McDaniels

Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler are no longer with the Raiders, but another familiar figure in the organization that was fired last week was offensive coordinator Mick Lombardi.

Lombardi is the son of well-known media personally, Mike Lombardi, who was also a senior personnel executive with the Raiders from 1998 to 2006.

Lombardi has a popular podcast called The GM Shuffle and he talked on his show about the reasons he believes the Raiders didn’t have more success with McDaniels…

“One of the things that I’ve said forever… we talk about all the things that I believe make a football team. I’ve always said the last position you fix on the team, and this is a quote from Bill Walsh, not from me. But this was ingrained in my head and I preach it every year at the draft

I think the Raiders are the perfect example of what Coach Walsh was talking about. When you fix the receiver position first with a great player and the rest of your team isn’t good enough, you’re done. You’re in trouble. And that’s exactly what happened

They didn’t fix the offensive or defensive line. The Chandler Jones thing didn’t work out. They don’t take Jaylen Carter in the first round. They take [Tyree] Wilson, who hasn’t been able to get on the field very much. They’re not good defensively up front. They’re not good offensively up front. So when you see this you say ‘Ok. That’s not the art of team building…’”

While Lombardi is correct that the Raiders don’t have an elite roster, it’s worth noting that many players on the roster seemed to be in decline under McDaniels. Too many players weren’t playing to their potential and a lot of them were on the offensive side of the ball.

We learned on Sunday that the Raiders are capable of playing at a higher level than what we were able to see through the first 8 weeks of the season. It was against the Giants, but there was an energy and effort level from the team that we haven’t seen since McDaniels was hired almost two years ago.

The question now… will the players and coaches show up every week with the same energy that they did against the Giants?

We’ll get a little more clarity on the matter this weekend when the Raiders square off with the Jets at home.

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9 thoughts on “Michael Lombardi, Father of Fired OC Mick Lombardi, Shared Where He Thinks The Raiders Went Wrong Under Josh McDaniels

  1. Oh, what a hypocrite Lombardi is. He has the unmitigated gall to say he’s always said….Yada. Yada. Yada. He’s been a shill for McDaniels since he took over, prefacing every comment with “even though my son is the offensive coordinator. What a sham. Just say the obvious. McDaniels had no people skills, thought he knew it all, didn’t listen to his players, etc. He was a bad coach and he will take any team he coaches and run them into the ground. My only question is who will Lombardi be a shill for now.

    1. Wake up Michael and smell the bs you are selling. The Coaches were no good and even your son. They all should give back the money to the Raiders for ruining the team. Josh should be ban from coaching. $45 Million dollar loser.

      1. I believe that Mark should shake up the NFL and the way coaching contracts are written. Put the rest of the money in a trust ans Sue McClown in court for Incompetence and Fraud. And, with what we know now about McClowns real Loyalty, a case could made that he Deliberately set out to destroy the Raider Franchise. I believe Mark Davis’ father would do it!!! Too many Bad Coaches getting generational money long after they have failed. There should be performance clauses based on what the coach promises in his interview that negates some if not all of the money due him after failing miserably and not delivering as promised…

        1. Ha ha… More like, Davis should sue himself for being so incompetent as an owner and making the HC and GM hires. Mark hasn’t learned much for his 12+ years as leader of this franchise. As long as he continues to make the call, on who coaches and manages, they will remain stuck in mediocrity.

  2. Lombardi is such a Loser… for a year and a half he carried the water for McClown and Ziegheist. He said it had nothing to do with his son on payroll… just that the Clown and company were building the team the right way…

    Now of course he says they failed in many ways. He is a gambling freak and no longer knows the game well…

  3. Theres a reason hes not a GM in the league anymore..He was a fake GM with the Raiders cause AL was really the GM just like Josch was the real GM here not Zig…

    In any event its McDaniels failure he was the one making personnel decisions not Z…
    How did the RAIDERS fail when Josh is the one who brought these players in !!!!

    Lombardi STFU already!!!

  4. Exactly what I said about Lombardi… and… McClown has NEVER deserved the Moniker “Coach” because he has Never been one. To paraphrase Senator Lloyd Bentsen during the 1988 VP debate… I say to Joke McClown… “You’re no Football Coach!”

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