Michigan Defensive Tackle Maurice Hurst Visiting The Raiders

The Raiders are vastly in need of help on the interior of their defensive line and one name that would help immediately is Michigan defensive tackle Maurice Hurst.

Hurst would likely be a top-10 pick if not for concerns about an irregular heartbeat that was flagged at the NFL combine.

Each team will trust their own medical information on Hurst and it looks like the Raiders are doing their due diligence today.

The Raiders never announce – and rarely even leak – what players are visiting the team for pre-draft workouts, but Hurst’s Instragram spilled the beans late Monday night.

Would the Raiders draft Hurst with the 10th overall pick?

It’s possible, but there is also a chance his medicals would allow the Raiders to pick him a little later – maybe to the tune of a trade down in the first round.

Whether it is Hurst or someone else, the Raiders desperately need to add another defensive tackle that can get into the offensive backfield.

Raiders owner Mark Davis isn’t keen on drafting players with medical concerns, so it will be interesting to see how team doctors feel about Hurst after his visit – not that we’ll actually find out.

For what it’s worth, Hurst absolutely has the talent to be a top pick. Whether you are a strong believer in the Pro Football Focus evaluations or not, the grade Hurst was given by PFF leaves plenty of room for error.

To further ease your troubled mind, refer to the video below.

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6 thoughts on “Michigan Defensive Tackle Maurice Hurst Visiting The Raiders

  1. Hurst is being overlooked due to the health concerns. Nobody wants the risk wit a 1st rounder, except maybe Reggie (Hayden). If we could count on Mario Edwards Jr. he fits the bill for the 3tech we need. However, we can’t, which puts Hurst in play only if we trade down. If we stand pat, the value is not there for him and we should target Tremaine Edwards or Denzel Ward. I don’t like Vita Vea or Roquan Smith for us. Others I like if we trade down are OT McGlinchey, DE Davenport, CB Jaire Alexander, DE Landry. RAIDERNATIONFOREVER

  2. A pocket-crushing DT is EXACTLY what this team needs and does not have now. Ellis, MEJ, Autry, Vanderdoes(n’t), etc can stuff the run well, but they NEVER crush the pocket and receivers have all **** day to survey the field, while Mack is triple-teamed and Irvin is taken out of the play. Mo Hurst, following a trade down, would be FINALLY be a first round homerun for this team, after so many 1st round whiffs lately.

  3. Unlike what PFF thinks, I won’t pick Hurst at tenth pick if top prospects are still there. He will definitely be in consideration if we trade down to pick later than 20th or at 2nd round. Yet a bit scary considering our bad luck with players having injury concern such as DJ Haden.

    1. He’s already been cleared by doctors, if confirmed by our medical staff I have no problem taking him at 10, but I’d prefer a trade down, somewhere between 10-18 and pick up another 2nd.

  4. I like him, but not if it means we would pass on PJ HAll too. I would love both…I think we would have great Dline in future, but rather take Davenport and Hall. Unless somehow they could draft all three…but my guess is DT in 3rd and another in 6th. RD1 CB or edge.

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