Medical Analyst Gives Gareon Conley Strong Odds On Full Recovery

Last week when a report went around that the Raiders were going to take their time bringing back Gareon Conley after surgery on his shin, some were concerned that his recovery maybe wasn’t going well or that he might have experienced a setback.

Not long after, a rumor made rounds on social media that the Raiders weren’t particularly confident Conley would fully recover.

Fortunately, that story was largely debunked and based on the information known about Conley’s surgery, his recovery seems to be right on schedule.

Former Chargers team doctor Dr. David Chao is one of the league’s highest regarded medical analysts and he believes Conley’s odds of a full recovery are around 95 percent.

More good news came on Monday by way of Conley’s Instagram account. The image he posted seems to show him sprinting and looking quite healthy.

Looks pretty good, wouldn’t you say?

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9 thoughts on “Medical Analyst Gives Gareon Conley Strong Odds On Full Recovery

  1. I saw his potential as part time player at OSU and couldn’t wait for him to start. He is a very good press corner and man coverage. Really je is adept at all cover1234

  2. Conley and Obi have a lot to prove to Raiders fans. At number 1 and number 2 picks, the Raiders got nothing from those players, yet those players got paid. I have not been happy as a Raiders fan with picks in the first and second rounds that are not playing. Where is Jihad Ward, another horrible pick! Karl Joseph has been average at best. I am hoping the Raiders go with LB Smith or Edwards, or DT Vea in the first round. The Raiders have not drafted well at all as of late. Go back and look at the last 5 drafts and see how many of those players are still on the roster.

    1. I agree with Chuck. Please do not pick guys with injury concern in first two rounds. We already had bad luck with guys like DJ Hayden and Watson. Considering the fact that the Raiders are acquiring players that incoming assistant coaches are familiar, I hope Fitzpatrick from Alabama is available where our new DB coach used to work for.

    2. Most of the players from the last 5 drafts are still on the roster, and if they’re not it’s bc they signed a mega deal that RM wasnt willing to match. It’s funny that you mention Vea after complaining about poor picks, when Vea is nothing more then a space eater on the inside, like Justin Ellis. If anything the lack of players producing had been on the terrible coaching Raiders have had up until now, and players like Crabtree, Ward, Obi, and Conley have all made it publicly known on social media that the coaching was bad (along with video evidence). RM didn’t pick Del Rio or his terrible coaching staff, MD did. The only time RM was allowed to pick his coach was when the Raiders had no discernable talent and no self respected HC would dare take the job. Gruden solves this problem, and I’m sure RM is glad his picks won’t go undeveloped anymore.

    1. What about DJ Hayden, Karl Joseph? How’s Jihad Ward been so far for you? 2nd round pick on Jihad Ward??? RM has had one really good draft, Conley and Obi did absolutely nothing last year, hence the Raiders have a new coaching staff. The Raiders need to get production out of their first and second round picks, am I not right in making that statement?

      1. Does your opinion change at all if Conley and Obi show out this season? They’re just 2nd year players after all.
        It’s amazing how we are so quick to pronounce players busts after just one or 2 seasons.

        1. Absolutely my opinion would change if Conley and Obi actually perform and play football this year for the Raiders. When you see players have injuries right out of the gate being drafted, more often than not, they typically always have injury issues. I want these guys to have success, I am a Raiders fan, however, to me the draft needs to be taking as little risk as possible when drafting players. Taking DJ Hayden, almost died on the field, then Karl Joseph with a blown out knee in the first round, why would you not want to take healthy players? How is Jihad Ward working out? DJ Hayden has and never will live up to being the no. 12 pick in the first round. Go and look at players that were drafted after Karl Joseph. Would you say the safety Neal that Atlanta took has had a better start to his career than Joseph?

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