Middlekauff: Mack’s People “Not Happy”, Don’t Believe Gruden Truly Values Defense

Contract negotiations are often darkest just before dawn and it’s starting to feel like that’s where the Raiders and Khalil Mack are at as training camp is about to get underway.

It’s no secret that the situation is getting serious as Mack now seems destined to holdout for a chunk of training camp.

“It is ugly. It is tense,” John Middlekauff said on his Instagram account. “Mack’s people are not happy and don’t ever get this twisted. Jon Gruden is in complete control of everything that goes on football related… I’ve heard from Khalil’s camp that they don’t believe Jon truly values defense.”

The Khalil Mack situation #Raiders

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For as much as Mack’s representatives may feel Gruden doesn’t value defense, you can bet Gruden understands the importance of having Mack on the field. Maybe the Raiders are still suffering from sticker shock or maybe they really want to save a pinch a few pennies (though neither are a good reason to turn negotiations into a circus).

The question is how long can the stalemate go on?

At the very least, Mack needs to accrue a year of service. Eventually he’ll be have to show up – even without a new deal. So it’s highly unlikely Mack will miss meaningful games.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is the Raiders are about to enter training camp under a new coaching staff without their defensive captain and there’s no end to the standoff in sight.

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9 thoughts on “Middlekauff: Mack’s People “Not Happy”, Don’t Believe Gruden Truly Values Defense

  1. Questions about the offensive line, questions about the shoddy defense, even without Mack, and now this. I wouldn’t expect much from the coming season, Raider Nation, maybe 8-8 or 9-7, which won’t geet them to the playoffs. Better hope for that in two years.

  2. People (ahem, media) should point out that Mack is still under contract. Although the Raiders can renegotiate a rookie contract there is no reason why they should just because they hold out like a baby. Play your contract then get a new deal- you’re hurting the team if you hold out!

  3. I don’t believe this guy one bit, sorry, I just don’t. He has said quite a few things that are totally untrue and were proven untrue. Mack’s agent is having him holdout until Aaron Donald signs and Donald’s agent is doing the same until Mack signs plain and simple. Neither of them want to sign until the market is set so it results in a stalemate and boils down to who has more patience. None of them want to sign, and have their agent tell them I told you so when the other player gets a little or a lot more money. Never liked Middlekauf and never will, he looks like a meth head Mr.Clean they way he acts…..

  4. I have a bas feeling about the Gruden sequel .History shows us it doesn’t work. I see Reggie McKenzie leaving. I don’t think we will make the playoffs.

  5. He’s one of the top 5 DEs in the league. Former DP player of the year. He gives everything he got on the field. So pay the man and get him in camp

  6. Pay the man! Not only is Mack arguably the best Defensive player in the NFL, but he is also a great human being. If anyone deserves a payday it is Mack. I agree Middlekauff, in a couple of years the salary cap will increase and we will be just fine.

  7. Lost all respect for Mack, he has his contract, quit whining and do your job Khalil. Couldn’t dislike this guy any more after this ordeal. Welcome to real like, Mack.

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