Gruden: Khalil Mack Has Been A Hard Guy To Get In Contact With

With Khalil Mack now fully entrenched in a holdout, an ESPN report on Thursday indicated that Mack and Jon Gruden actually haven’t talked since January.

Appearing on Fox Sports Radio later in the day, Gruden told JT The Brick that he has been reaching out to Mack, but hasn’t received a response:

“I did speak with him when I got the job. When I first got hired, I spoke with him. He’s been a hard guy to get in contact with lately for obvious reasons. This is a great football player, not only that he’s a great guy. And everybody on our team respects him and loves him. We hope to get him here soon.”

Gruden passed off an update on negotiations to general manager Reggie McKenzie (who obviously wasn’t part of the interview) but a number of reports have indicated that very little progress has been made between the Raiders and Mack’s representatives.

In the meantime, Mack’s job is to stay healthy,in shape, and apparently avoid any contact with his head coach.

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2 thoughts on “Gruden: Khalil Mack Has Been A Hard Guy To Get In Contact With

  1. This is all Non news.
    Everyone is speculating on what the issues are, and trying to come up with their own opinions.

    Truth seems to be that nobody knows what Mack and his party wants, or what McKenzie and the Raiders are offering, or what the hold up is there within.

    Fingers crossed for a positive resolution for both sides.

  2. Rumors of trading Mac. Oh my. Yes/No? What could we get? I really don’t want to think about it.

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