Mike Florio Shares Who He Thinks Mark Davis Will Hire as the Next Head Coach of the Raiders

Going into Thursday’s game against the Chargers, it looked like Antonio Pierce might be starting to lose a little momentum towards becoming the next head coach of the Raiders.

Pierce and the Raiders were coming away from a three-game losing streak against three playoff contenders (all of which would make the playoffs if the season started today), and the Raiders’ interim head coach wasn’t able get the team over the hump and pull off a signature win. Even though the Raiders were playing well (or at least better than they were under Josh McDaniels), the wins weren’t coming.

The Raiders still haven’t beaten a legitimate playoff contender under Pierce, but Sunday’s 63-point effort against the Chargers at least sent a strong message to owner Mark Davis.

ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio talked about Thursday night’s record performance from the Raiders, and he believes it will be enough to secure the job for Pierce beyond this season.

This was Florio’s reasoning, via The Dan Patrick Show, and it makes sense…

“We need to go back to what the [Raiders] didn’t do two years ago, when Rich Bisaccia was the interim coach after Jon Gruden left. He took them to the playoffs, almost beat the Bengals who went on to the Super Bowl that year, and it was as if Mark Davis gave no thought whatsoever to keeping Rich Bisaccia.

This time around, not that they are a playoff team, but when you look at what Antonio Pierce is doing, the fire he brings to the job, the intensity. He’s like the perfect Raiders coach and to set the franchise record in points scored four days after getting shut out. They’re not quitting. They’re not giving up. They’re not folding the tents.

This is why we’re talking about Brandon Staley being fired and Antonio Pierce being hired. [It’s a] lost season, it’s over, it’s done. You’re playing out the string and you are risking injury along the way. Antonio Pierce found a way to push the buttons on his guys to get them to show up and play their asses off, and Brandon Staley didn’t.

I think coupled with the fact that Mark Davis got it wrong two years ago not keeping Rich Bisaccia, that might make him think now ‘You know what… I’m not going to do this twice. I’ll do a short-term contract, but I want to give this guy a chance from the beginning of the offseason all the way through to the end of the season to see what he can do.”

Dan Patrick Show on Twitter: “Mike Florio (@ProFootballTalk) thinks the #Raiders won’t make the same mistake twice when it comes to deciding on the future of Antonio Pierce as their Head Coach. pic.twitter.com/CqDYFzBXbz / Twitter”

Mike Florio (@ProFootballTalk) thinks the #Raiders won’t make the same mistake twice when it comes to deciding on the future of Antonio Pierce as their Head Coach. pic.twitter.com/CqDYFzBXbz

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19 thoughts on “Mike Florio Shares Who He Thinks Mark Davis Will Hire as the Next Head Coach of the Raiders

  1. I own PSL and season in Vegas . in Oakland I was season tickets holder in section 116 for 10 years. I believe you are correct we should stay the course. Food for thought how did the Raiders get their name and what that Raiders Squadron are Marines. Alot of us are fans because of this

  2. If Bissacia was such a great head coaching candidate,why has no one snatched him up to be a head coach since?

    Just saying

    1. Hey Nation, guys gals, no no no!! AP is a nice story but the wrong hire. I love the fire and I love the work ethic but still a no!! Like Anthony just said, if Bissacia was so great he would be a head coach by now. Same with AP!! I think he should be retained within the organization in a just in case scenario but not given the head coaching job. I only say that because we need someone who is going to put butts in the seats and AP is not that guy. He only got the job because Josh was not the guy either!! You need a coach with lots of success at winning and wins no matter where he goes. Not many guys out there with that kind of resume but there are a few and we need to get one of them!! Just saying…..

    2. You are obviously unaware of the fact that he had a very special relationship with all of the players on the team. Just look at what a better relationship does when Antonio Pierce takes the same team Josh McDaniels had did what the last 2 weeks? Shocked the world.

  3. AP is a beast, man! He brings an old school feel to the team that is quite refreshing. If a person has an issue at work, they want to be able to talk to their boss about it without fear of repercussions. Josh McDumbass was a freaking tyrant; and even worse, he couldn’t make a decision on the field to save his life. AP just seems to get it. Let’s face it… Old school coaches just seem to have an edge! The play calling against the Chargers was absolutely textbook. Dan Fouts and John Jefferson could have taken Herbert and Allen’s places Thursday night and we still would have kicked their asses! But the real test is next Sunday in KC! Go Raiders…I love you, Nation!!

  4. I totally agree! AP has definitely brought an attitude with him and his players absolutely love him! What the team did Thursday night was a testament to what AP brings to this team! Who woulda thunk that this team was capable of scoring 63 points? At the very least this game sends a message to the entire league that the Raider’s are coming. I couldn’t be happier! I’m an old school fan of 62 years and I want to see them win! All of Raider Nation deserves that! RRAAIIDDEERRSS!!!!!!

  5. I’m a Raider True Since ’62 and would like to see Antonio Pierce get the opportunity from Mark that his dad gave Art Shell. 3 years minimum guaranteed in hopes of future success. Pittsburgh is the only NFL team to commit long term to an African American coach and look at his/their success. Keep AP, find a young mobile QB, play Defense and win some games!!

  6. First the game was on Thursday not Sunday, second if Mike Florio says it, I’d go with it not happening! Florio is a noted Raider Hater!

    1. Raiders need new ownership..it’s.sad…look.at.kc.after..lamar.hunt..superbowls..the.best.coach..

  7. Who the F cares about Mike Florios opinion on anything? He is a Raider and Carr hater who shouldn’t be allowed to even comment. BETA FLORIOS

    1. He got the gig cause of JG pathetic *** ways Mark Davis should have given him a 1 year contract cause of the short playoff run I see tht McTrash didn’t do anything significant for Raider Nation other than take us back a few steps

  8. I was a season ticket holder for over 30 yrs until the City of Oakland didnt give a **** about the team. Not one for Vegas. I’ve enjoyed some of the best games ever. I still LOVE the raiders. They will be back. Mark needs a brain transplant and maybe he’ll learn about Team and Coaches. Remember his mom said he knows nothing about Football. All he’s ever been was a drunk laying around Lobbie’s when he followed All to games.

  9. Without putting a lot of thought into it, hire AP, draft jayden Daniel’s, hire a great gm to make all management decisions. Gm should build team, coach should coach the team the gm gives him. Enough with these coaches that get full control & management decisions!

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