Mike Mayock Comments Suggest Zay Jones and Nelson Agholor Will Make Raiders Final Cut

Raiders GM Mike Mayock did his yearly conference call with season ticket-holders last week and had high praise for rookie wide receivers Henry Ruggs III and Bryan Edwards. He also made a point to talk about three other receivers he was excited about heading into the regular season.

“I would add that not enough people are talking about Zay Jones and Nelson Agholor, who are having outstanding camps,” Mayock said. “So I think when you throw them altogether and put our guy Hunter Renfow in the mix we’re pretty excited with our receiving corps.”

Stories out of training camp had been talking about Jones and Nelson having a solid offseason, and based on Mayock’s comments, it sounds like both receivers will survive the final roster cuts.

As for the rest of the roster, check out our 53-man roster projection.

The Raiders cut cornerback Prince Amukamara this morning and there is still a lot of uncertainty on the shoulder of Tyrell Williams, who has played with a similar shoulder injury twice in the past. That said, Williams dropped a lot of passes last year and some blamed his inconsistent hands on the foot injury he was dealing with. If that was the case, it is hard to imagine his hands will be any more reliable now that he’s dealing with a shoulder problem.

All things considered, don’t be surprised if we look back in a few months and say Williams’ best year in silver in black was, in fact, last year.

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3 thoughts on “Mike Mayock Comments Suggest Zay Jones and Nelson Agholor Will Make Raiders Final Cut

  1. Williams is a good receiver, but if Mayock and Gruden don’t trust that he’s going to be effective this year, I’m pretty happy with the other five. The rookies Ruggs and Edwards are extremely talented, Renfrow appears to be hitting his stride, and the two potential redemption stories, Agholor and Jones, have me intrigued about what they can do in new circumstances. I’m especially excited about Jones since he took the initiative to start working out with DC and get the ball rolling with team workouts.

  2. I think Carr’s offseason workouts, that Zay Jones attended helped Jones immensely! I’m starting to get excited!! #RN4L

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