Nelson Agholor’s Return to the Raiders is Sounding More Likely Every Day

Two months ago it was starting to sound like Nelson Agholor might not be returning to the Raiders. At the time, The Athletic‘s Vic Tafur had called “total BS” on a rumor that Agholor was expected to be back on a two-year, $15 million deal, and added that it might take something more like a four-year, $44 million deal to bring Agholor back.

Even more concerning, though, was that Tafur insinuated that Agholor didn’t particularly like it with the Raiders. If true that Agholor wasn’t happy, the Raiders would have had a real problem on their hands in terms of bringing him back.

Fortunately, much has changed since January, at least in terms of what The Athletic is reporting. Tafur said this week that he has no idea how the market is going to play out, but does think Agholor would like to return to the Raiders – which is good news considering the impact Agholor had on Jon Gruden’s offense in 2020.

“I think he has kind of taken on a leadership role,” Tafur said on the State Of The Nation podcast. “He’s been around the facility the last few months even though he’s going to be a free agent so I think that’s a good sign. I think he wants to come back. He likes his role. He likes the young guys on the team. He likes Derek Carr. They had good chemistry last year.”

“So to me it comes down to money. I really have no idea how the market it going to play out. He’s in the middle of these top 15 guys who are going to be available in free agency, so I think if the price is right, they want him back. So I think that’s the way I’m leaning… I think he would definitely be happy coming back.”

From Agholor’s standpoint, he is coming off his best season in the NFL and if he signs a short-term deal, it would give him another opportunity to hit free agency when there is more money to go around. What better place to build up his resume than in an offense (and with a quarterback) he is already familiar with?

There was no question that after Darren Waller, Agholor was the receiving target that Carr was most comfortable with in 2020. Keeping that continuity should prove to be important to Agholor and the Raiders. It’s unlikely that any team will place higher value on Agholor over the next week and for that reason, it’s starting to feel like a foregone conclusion that he will be back.

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5 thoughts on “Nelson Agholor’s Return to the Raiders is Sounding More Likely Every Day

  1. A lot of people go wherever the money leads them however when you have a rapport with a quarterback like this wide receiver does it’s worth investing in. It’s the thing that careers are made out of. The grass isn’t always greener just because the money is someplace else.

      1. Trent brown is a piece of lazy ****. Had all the talent in the world but put in 0 effort. Go Raiders….

  2. And it goes back to are you playing for the LOVE of the game and TEAM. Or you playing for the MONEY! I

  3. 100% agree with you Larry, being forced to watch a Eagle game couple seasons back. I said ” he makes a good eagle “. When he signed with Oakland, well I won’t repeat those words that spewed out of my mouth. As a Raider Nelson seems to be a whole different person, he must be happy with the Raiders. I hope he remains a Raider through out his career. So seriously with no punt intended, I drop the ball into the hierarchy’s hands. On a lighter note, Nelson I asked you to yell out my name on one of your T. D.’s. Hopefully you will this season in the S & B. ( lol ). I’m sorry, I 4got. My cable co. don’t broadcast Raider games, so AGAIN I only saw a few games. Maybe you did and I didn’t get 2 hear it.

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