Raiders Just Created Another $7.1 Million in Cap Room (Big Moves Are Coming)

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Raiders have restructured the deals of Cory Littleton and Nick Kwiatkoski to clear an additional $7.1 million in salary cap room.

As of Thursday, the Raiders were reported to be just under $34 million below the cap, presuming the release of Gabe Jackson. The additional $7.1 million will raise the team’s available spending to just under $41 million, but there could be more moves coming.

Marcus Mariota currently counts $10.7 million against the 2021 salary cap and his contract will almost certainly be off the books before training camp. Once Mariota is released or traded, the Raiders will have more than $51 million in cap room and a restructure (or extension) of Derek Carr’s contract could easily give the Raiders $60 million to work with in free agency.

So what’s coming next?

The Raiders will presumably want to re-sign Nelson Agholor and Richie Incognito, but there will be plenty of money left for a few aggressive moves in free agency. A defense playmaker or two in free agency seems like a foregone conclusion… and possibly a trade if they reach a deal for one of the defensive players they have been calling around about.

Get ready. The next couple weeks in the NFL are going to be a wild ride.

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32 thoughts on “Raiders Just Created Another $7.1 Million in Cap Room (Big Moves Are Coming)

  1. **** if they would have draft the right people in the first place they wouldn’t have to go through this **** again,I don’t think they they have a clue as to what the **** they are doing

  2. We know how MACK is doing in Chicago? How about the players The Trade brought in. Chucky part 2, like all sequels just isn’t as good as first time around.

  3. Gruden picking up Vic Beasley after the Titans cut him for doing absolutely nothing for their team ( not even 1 sack or even 1 backfield tackle) proves that Gruden cannot build a successful roster for the Las Vegas Raiders. I feel sorry for all you Raiders fans banking on hoping this team will make it deep into the playoffs next season. The up and coming Chargers will by past the Raiders next year. It will be Chiefs, Chargers, hopefully Raiders, then Broncos in that division!

  4. If you can’t really upgrade LG then restructure Gabe Jackson.

    Mariota has value so no need to rush that situation, a quality backup is always important.

  5. Loved These Moves. Littleton, K-Man. Please Bring Nelly & Gabe, Richie Back Re-Do Carr’s
    Life is GREAT

  6. Buenas tardes deben reestructurar la defensiva.. Urgente y que nos resultados la Nación Raiders de Tula de Allende Hgo. Soy Héctor Melgarejo fanático del equipo desde hace mas de 40 años

  7. Do you really think Carr is the answer?
    Will he take us to the playoffs? He’s afraid of getting hurt and won’t run. Slides way to early.
    Raider fan for over 50 years.

  8. Mariota is a true champion . Wherever he lands that team will go to the playoffs !

  9. The Bears Acquire Derek Carr from the Raiders, Trade Allen Robinson II

    The Chicago Bears look desperate, and they should be. They were a middle-of-the-pack team in almost every broad metric last season, and despite an aging and increasingly expensive roster, they haven’t won a playoff game since 2010.

    But because they sneaked into the postseason, they lack draft capital along with salary-cap space and a franchise quarterback.

    But general manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy know it’s now or never, and I’m thinking that could have them on the phone with the Las Vegas Raiders about a second blockbuster trade between the two teams in roughly a three-year span.

    Jon Gruden sent Khalil Mack to Pace’s Bears in 2018. Now, with Marcus Mariota in tow and intriguing alternatives to Carr available in the draft, I can see Gruden shipping Carr to the Bears for a semi-premium draft pick.

    The Raiders haven’t taken off with Carr, who can come off the books at a minimal charge. They appear to be rebuilding the offensive line anyway, and they could see about taking on veteran Bears receiver Allen Robinson II as a replacement for the recently released Tyrell Williams.

    Robinson was hit with a $17.9 million franchise tag this week, enabling the Bears to deal him to a cap-rich team just like the Raiders. That said, the phrasing in the headline above was deliberate because it’s possible they shop Robinson elsewhere and still make a separate trade for Carr.

    Regardless, this draft class is loaded with high-quality receivers, and 2020 fifth-round pick Darnell Mooney flashed as a rookie. The Bears would likely be fine sacrificing Robinson and, say, a Day 2 pick to see if a 29-year-old three-time Pro Bowl quarterback can flourish in a new setting.

  10. They have to sign at least one veteran offensive lineman, plus maybe get one in the draft. Other than Hudson and Miller there isn’t much there now. Good is less than mediocre, and unless Simpson has made great strides, he’s not a legitimate starter either. Luckily there are many good free agent linemen available.

  11. This hype happens every year now, but nothing ever seems to work out so disappointing ☹️…

  12. To you naysayers, that’s how you work the cap.
    Now sign Hankins for 6, Agholor for 8, Beasley for 4, and McKinley for 4 for a total of 22m. Leaves 20+ for R.Jenkins at Safety for 3, a slot corner for 4 and Bouye/Sherman for 12m.

  13. I think the Las Vegas raiders should trade David Carr and Russell Wilson from Seattle Seahawks. And also get a wide receiver.

  14. Man! can we just get it right? there’s no discipline in the defense, these young guys should put there fucken phones down and drop their bad habits, keep richie and Marcus, defense is the dam problem, for fucks sake

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