NFL Exec Explains Why Russell Wilson Might Be an Offseason Fit for the Raiders

The Raiders made the decision this week to fill their GM chair with a castaway from a division rival, and there’s a chance they could pull a similar maneuver at the quarterback position.

According to ESPN insider Jeremy Fowler, at least one league executive thinks the Raiders would be a good landing spot for Russell Wilson after he is released by the Denver Broncos…

“After coach Sean Payton’s Week 17 benching of Wilson and because of the constraints of the quarterback’s contract, Wilson will most likely cook up deep balls for the third team of his NFL career. As we outlined previously, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh and Minnesota are among teams on the radar. But one NFC executive sees another outlet

‘[The Raiders] need a vet, and they are one of Wilson’s original teams he wanted to go to,” said the exec, referring to Wilson’s wish list in 2021. “He’d stay in the [AFC West], West Coast, and [Wilson’s wife] Ciara can do a [Las Vegas] residency [as a live performer].

In fact, the Raiders are the only team from that wish list that has a quarterback need. Rookie Aidan O’Connell performed admirably, but coach Antonio Pierce will be in win-now mode after earning the job on the basis of a 5-4 interim stint.”

Without question, there are going to be complicated decisions for the Raiders in the offseason because the owner might also want to move up for a quarterback in the draft.

If the plan is to go all-in on one of the top rookie quarterbacks, how much can they justify spending on a veteran quarterback?

That will be a decision for newly-hired GM Tom Telesco and owner Mark Davis to figure out.

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7 thoughts on “NFL Exec Explains Why Russell Wilson Might Be an Offseason Fit for the Raiders

  1. No, please no Russell Wilson. Let’s just sell the house move up and get Jaylen Daniels and call it a day. Or stay at 13 and take Bo Nix I would be cool with that too.

  2. No, we don’t need Russell Wilson putting our offense in a deeper hole than our offense is already in.

  3. If we get Wilson, I wish both him and the Raiders the very best. Same if the Raiders if they move up to get a QB. I have been a Raider fan for 51 years, and that is where my loyalty is. I’d love to see the Raiders get back to being feared again. Go Raiders!

  4. It would be outstanding if we could land Wilson do’nt forget what we did with Jim Plunkett and Ken stabler!!!1love Raider Nation for Every.

  5. OOOO WEEE #3!! New team, new coach, new GM. I am chomping at the bit for my new gear.

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