No NFL Running Back Faced More 8-Man Defensive Fronts Than Marshawn Lynch In 2017

Despite all the sideshows he brought to the Raiders, 31 year-old Marshawn Lynch was arguably the team’s most productive offensive player in 2017.

Lynch averaged 4.3 yards-per-carry on the year and would have likely eclipsed 1,000 yards had he not missed 7 quarters of the season to league discipline.

What makes Lynch’s numbers even more impressive is that they came with defenses heavily focused on him when he was in the game.

No running back in the NFL faced 8 or more defenders in the box than Lynch this past season – and the margin was particularly overwhelming.

Call it poor play-calling or a just a bad scheme, the odds were stacked against Lynch more than any running back in the league – and he somehow still put up an impressive season.

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7 thoughts on “No NFL Running Back Faced More 8-Man Defensive Fronts Than Marshawn Lynch In 2017

  1. That was the problem along with that zone blocking scheme. Downing’s offense was very predictable. The other team always new what was coming.

    1. The excuse y’all make to hate haha they wasn’t stacked like that to defend the pass.
      Carr and Todd stink it up last year

      1. If the defense is stacking the box then it’s the OC’s job to take advantage and use play action to make them pay for it. Unfortunately Downing called less play action then any other OC in the NFL. No, Carr wasnt great this yr, but with game plans and play calling like this, no QB would have. The OL regressed bc of the OC, the play calling was terrible bc of the OC, the play DESIGNS were terrible bc of the OC… but no, let’s blame Carr, who is forced to work in the system where every aspect is terrible.

  2. Dude is a prick and locker room cancer. F him! Get him off the team and watch everyone play much better. Gruden will be able to see this and won’t put up with it……..he’ll be gone. Period!

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