No Offense Showed a Greater Home/Road Disparity Than The Raiders in 2019

The commissioner of the NFL believes (or at least says he believes) that teams will not gain a competitive advantage from having (or not having) fans at the stadium this year.

For the Raiders, opening their new stadium will be bittersweet now that there will be no fans in the seats. But for an offense that performed so well at home last year, it will be interesting to see if the home success on offense carries over to the new stadium (without fans in the seats).

Beyond the good games at home, no offense in the NFL showed a greater disparity in their home and road performances than the Raiders in 2019, according to The Athletic’s Sheil Kapadia. The Raiders, followed by the Saints and Cowboys, were the teams that were the most “Jekyll and Hyde” on offense depending on the venue (home or away).

So it’ll be interesting to see what the Raiders offense will look like over the next 16 games in Las Vegas (and without a home crowd). Will the “home field offensive advantage” follow the Raiders to Las Vegas?

Or the better question might be… can Jon Gruden’s offense start a new trend on the road in 2020?

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  1. Since Jon Gruden returned to the Raiders, According to Josh Dubow of the Associated Press, the Raiders have yet to beat a team that advanced to the playoffs since 2018. This was reported on July 20, 2019. Will the Raiders get this accomplished this year? What is the proposed solution for the Raiders to effectively cover opposing team’s tightends, this year, specifically Travis Kelce?

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