O-Lineman Took Parting Shot at Raiders’ Losing Ways, Now He’s 3-8 in Seattle

The NFL can be crazy sometimes. The “not for long” league is always unpredictable and former Raiders’ guard Gabe Jackson has learned that the hard way over the last few months.

“All I know is I’m excited to join the 12s and meet my other brothers,” Jackson said after being traded to the Seahawks in the offseason.

But then he added a back-door parting shot at the Raiders.

“The team, the players that I know are there, the coaching staff, the fan base, the 12s. I remember playing against them and how loud it gets there. They win. I want to be a part of an organization that’s like that.”

A gentle jab at the Raiders for sure.

As it turns out, however, the 3-8 Seahawks do not win. At least not this year. Russell Wilson has not been cooking and despite having one of the best wide receiver tandems in the NFL, the Seattle offense is averaging 9.3 points per-game in their last three games (all losses).

As for Jackson, there’s no question he was one of the strengths of a very good Raiders’ offensive line for a long time. He played through injuries and was one of the high character guys in the locker room. ‘Big Gabe’ deserves respect for his seven years with the team and he is justified in his disappointment with the Raiders as an organization over the course of his career.

But to be clear, he did not join an organization that wins. And to make matters worse, there’s a good chance the Seahawks will be trying to cook next year with a quarterback other than Russell Wilson.

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37 thoughts on “O-Lineman Took Parting Shot at Raiders’ Losing Ways, Now He’s 3-8 in Seattle

  1. Shameful of u to put down Gabe Jackson. Your statement that Seahawks dont win is more ridiculous than this article. Seahawks have a track record of winning yearly for some time n Raiders dont so for you to write this article because Seahawks had a rare year of losing when we usually lose makes me laugh.

    Find something else to write about.

      1. It is ignorant, ignorant that Gruden dismantled that offensive line and that they drafted an offensive lineman when they could have made Micah Parsons the center of that defense fir years to come

    1. Well, the Seahawks have been good. Key words are have been. This year, not so much. And Gabe did send a parting shot that was pretty classless. So the writer points out the facts. He didn’t trash the Seahawks or Gabe. He merely wrote about karma. Pretty funny, in my opinion. Kinda sorta like Mack going to the Bears and Cooper to the Cowboys. Bears had one great year. That’s it. Lol

      1. We’ll, truth is that as much as it hurts to admit, the Raiders have pretty much been losers for the last decade or so. No doubt about it, unless you have blinders on.

    2. He’s pointing out the irony, he’s not putting Gabe down. The fact of the matter is Gabe was a decent guard who left the Raiders to go to a winning organization, who are now losing because their o-line is bad. And you guessed it, Gabe is a part of that offensive line. Makes most of us Raider fans smile, from a competition perspective. Go Raiders!

      1. Who would ever want a player who leaves the Nation to do well… especially when he makes subtle comments about wanting to go to a winner? I feel like as a loyal member of our beloved Nation that we have earned the right to get a kick out of stuff like that. Loyalty is a forgotten trait these days but true Raider fans are most definitely loyal so as far as I’m concerned…OH WELL! It’s no fun when the rabbit has the gun! Love you, nation! RAIDER 4 LIFE!

        1. I agree with ed black and Mike Raider… What a stupid, ignorant comment from Jason who obviously had way too much time on his hands seeing he is sending in comments on the middle of the night. Jason, a word of advice, if you really want people to take what you say seriously, educate yourself on not only football etiquette, but basic facts! Probably a 49er fan! Love you, Nation!


    3. I love this article,and to be honest the Raiders have had a bad 20yrs during a time the Seahawks have been pretty good,so that’s 40yrs of Winning and 20 yrs losing for the Raiders and 20trs of winning and 30yrs of losing for the Seahawks,so yeah the Seahawks are not a winning team,sorry

  2. Gabe jackson did anything to get out of that failing organization.He was willing to go2 any team in the nfl to get away from CARR
    Derek Carr is a failure,he has’nt done anything in his carreer

    1. You Carr haters make me laugh. To call Carr a failure is absurdly ridiculous. This man is leading the NFL in passing yards with at best a mediocre receiving core. The adversity he’s faced this year and still has the team in playoff contention speaks volumes. Let’s not pretend he’s had playoff caliber defenses playing with him in his career either. He averaged 30 points a game in 2020. Doesn’t matter if the D allows 31 though. Grow up.

    2. When you can learn how to type, spell, and space correctly, your (false) accusations of a ranting child are invalid.

    3. Why read…. Or was this read to you because you obviously aren’t a real Raiders fan. Kik rox hater

    4. Up at 2am writing garbage responses is all you seem to live for! Get a life… maybe your life would be better if you actually did something for yourself! Find a friend man… oh but people probably don’t want much to do with someone who spews uneducated words.

    5. Poor widdle Jason. Does your latest tantrum make you feel all better now lol? Gabe was a solid player for the Raiders, but he was clearly losing his dominance and was rapidly falling into the “overpaid” category. Seattle took on his bloated contract. We got some draft capital. Seattle’s a loser this year with all of three wins while the Raiders remain relevant into December. All good. Sorry that causes such a unhinged reaction out of you. As far as your ever so edgy shot at Carr… meh. I’ll just ignore it because that’s what you do with ill-behaved children…

      Enjoy your pudding cup…

    6. Jason you are just another ignorant hater! Any chance you know who the leading passer in the entire NFL is! That would be the top level QB since he’s been in the NFL! If the Raiders had 22 starters with Carr’s ability, performance and attitude . . . The Raiders would win the Super Bowl every year that Carr is their QB! Grow a brain!

      1. I love watching Raider Nation tear up ignorant Raider Haters. I don’t understand the Carr hate. Some of it even comes from within the nation.

        Our team has been mismanaged for years. Carr has consistently been one of the brighter spots we have. And this year, despite frankly outrageous adversity, the guy is shining.

  3. I think it was R.Hudson, G. Jackson, and a third offensive lineman who laughed at D. Carr
    When he was sacked and let out a scream. All of the lineman who laughed have been let
    go by the Raiders. This is how a 300lb pound man views a teammate who is supposed to
    be their leader, when they cower and scream after being hit hard. Leaders have a obligation to those he leads, to never let them see him cry in battle. Good luck Gabe.

    1. And that was the play where he broke his leg if I think that’s what you’re referring to. Unless you mean the one where he suffered two cracked vertebrae. A weaker man would have given up on football to protect his quality of life. This was supposed to be the year Carr was supposed to take the team to the playoffs. Then all the legal crap happened involving three separate men. Note that he still doesn’t have a legit veteran WR (not sold on Jackson). Now with #83 possibly out, and #28 no longer being the player he was 2 years ago, can we reach the postseason?

      1. They let Carr get sacked and laughed when he got injured. Idiotic since Carr had them going to the playoffs at the time. There were certain members of that OLine that refused to block for Carr because he wouldn’t participate in the USA hating, racist kneeling down at the national anthem. Leave that crap out of sports. Sports is where the rules are supposed to apply evenly to all to determine a legitimate result. This is where we go to escape the ugliness in daily life . . Don’t ruin sports with racism and politics!

        1. Donald Penn said later he felt really badly for Carr. I think you’re a troll cruising and making up crap.

    2. I can tell you’ve never played Football at a high level (college or pro). If you had, you wouldn’t even intimate the nonsense you’re alluding to… You’ve probably never even played “flag football”.

    3. Oh so you’re saying that maybe just maybe that’s the reason Russell Wilson is also taking shots and wants out of Seattle huh… LMFAO…. Good luck to whoever has to trust any player who would want someone hurt! I think you’re a puke for even saying this!

    4. he wasn’t crying I’ve never seen any player cry out there if someone had a reason to cry Joe theismann comes to mind, Alex Smith the quarterback for the Washington Redskins had a reason to cry and they didn’t and Carr didn’t either. you would let out a scream if you got hit that hard!. you’re wrong on one point those offensive lineman had total respect for Derek Carr you guys might not like him but he’s a decent person and he treats his offensive lineman good,!!

  4. First off the writer wasnt trashing Gabe Jackson or the Seahawks. He was merely pointing out the irony of Jacksons comment on how he wanted to be a part of a winning team. Fact! Seattle isnt at .500 this year. One more thing for you Seattle fans to consider since a couple of you here pointed out your team rarely has a losing season. Fair enough. Lets go back even further. What did it take for the team to reach its first suoerbowl and start piling up winning seasons? Get the hell out of the Afc west division! Now you dont have the Raiders,broncos,chargers and chiefs beating up on you every year. As for Carr I followed him through his collegiate career and stated I felt he was the best Qb coming out of his draft class. He has a little pile of team records that dont mean squat. So he has a bunch of passing yards in a pass happy league. So what? Hes talented but not elite caliber. As for his other records. I would hope he has some team records since hes been there for eight seasons already. But the fact is he hasnt done whats the most important thing of all and thats win games. Jay Schroeder has more wins for christ sakes.

  5. None of the offensive linemen that the Raiders traded are having great seasons. Yes, their now young offensive line has had struggles. But these guys are getting better. Looking at what Cable has done with Kolton Miller, I have hope that this line will be great again, at a much lower payroll.

  6. Haha Derek Carr hasn’t won that’s correct but the guy hasn’t had any talent around him… You need receivers and offensive line to make it all work… I’m afraid your all going to chase Carr off and we are going to watch him win elsewhere..

  7. This has been the craziest year I can remember having our coach as Musburger said “a professional hit” . Our best deep threat WR do the most stupidest thing ever. Yet Our O line is getting better each week Carr is trying to hold the team together he just needs to stay aggressive and not revert back to dink and dunk football. Don’t work for him

  8. All Carr haters are welcome to eat a big giant bowl and go root for the Seahawks, this great winning organization, destined for such glory. You sorry, whimpering invertebrates are the worst! Never want to be stuck in a foxhole with you phonies. So sensitive about an article pointing out the irony of gloating departures who have only to found failure is just baffling. Please lord, do not let me sit next to these whining tongues at a game.

  9. In my opinion he shouldn’t have never left. I want to respond to the gentleman name jason who said that derek carr is failure know what your talking about before you speak young man.SMH

  10. Men and women lie,Numbers don’t. 3-8 or 6-5?
    Article was about Gabe not the past W-L ratio. I hate loosing too,but if your team garbage 🗑 own it.

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