Observations From Day 1 Of Raiders Mini-Camp

Tuesday was a day of new beginnings for Jon Gruden and the Raiders.

For Gruden, it was his first time presiding over an NFL practice in a decade, and for the players it was their first time back on the field since the catastrophe that was 2017.

With everyone back in the saddle again, these are a few observations that stood out on day 1…

1 – Derek Carr looked relaxed and at ease again in Tuesday’s press conference. The words never came out of his mouth, but Carr looked like he had the weight of the world was on his shoulders last year.

Losing isn’t fun, but there had to be a lot more wearing on him than losing football games.

2 – Gruden is a whole lot more interesting to listen to than Jack Del Rio. Wonder if the players feel that way, too. Hearing them rave about Gruden knowing exactly what he wants in practice is interesting.

Could the same be said of Del Rio last year?

3 – This is an observation, but one that comes from somewhere else.

One of the knocks on Michael Crabtree was precisely in the area of inconsistent route-running.

Jordy Nelson looks pretty darn good, doesn’t he?

4 – Gruden made it sound like Gareon Conley and Obi Melifonwu are rehabilitating well and haven’t experienced any injury-related setbacks.

The Raiders have high hopes for Conley this season and Melifonwu is still one of the great mysteries of the roster.

5 – Gruden acknowledged on Tuesday that the Raiders really wanted to bring back cornerback T.J. Carrie in free agency.

Carrie instead signed a four-year $31 million deal with the Browns – a figure that had to be well beyond anything the Raiders were willing to spend.

Good for him, though.

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3 thoughts on “Observations From Day 1 Of Raiders Mini-Camp

  1. Everyone has doomed this thing since the day Gruden signed . Mostly because he was out of coaching for nearly a decade .There is also talk that he will ” wear ” on the players with his coaching style . People seem to forget the way that Belichek coaches or the way that Tom Landry purposely played with the emotions of his players in Dallas . Some of Chuck Noll’s players couldn’t stand him but you know what ? Players went out and played for Noll & Landry and Patriots players will go through a wall for Belichek because at the end of the day , those coaches know football . So does Gruden . He has had a lot of time to not only reflect on his mistakes but also reinvent himself and adapt to modern football and modern players . We may not see immediate results because it takes time to build a football team . But if the players believe in what he’s teaching them , this is getting ready to be a really good football team . Go Raiders.

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