Report: Raiders Hoping To Trade The 10th Overall Pick In The Draft

Who do the Raiders really want to draft with the 10th pick?

A lot of players, according to a report on Wednesday.

NFL Network’s Mike Silver believes Jon Gruden would like to trade away the 10th pick and address a number of needs in the draft.

It makes a lot of sense, in fact.

The Raiders don’t appear to have long-term solutions at either offensive tackle position. They need at least one more defensive tackle, a middle linebacker, another cornerback, and could probably stand to draft a running back to eventually replace Marshawn Lynch.

Filling those needs would account for six draft picks and Gruden has also mentioned that the Raiders aren’t done looking for wide receivers – they also have interest in adding another tight end.

As Silver pointed out, the key to trading down will be one of the top quarterbacks falling to the 10th pick – Josh Rosen comes to mind, but don’t rule out Lamar Jackson.

The hiccup in the process could be the pesky 49ers (with the ninth pick), who should also be willing to move back in the draft and add a few picks.

Darn you, Raiders, for letting Rod Woodson flip the coin.

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5 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Hoping To Trade The 10th Overall Pick In The Draft

  1. So, what you’re saying is that they, like every other team in the NFL, would like to upgrade every position if its possible?

  2. Even if you have multiple needs, never trade back if there is a player who has proven records for multiple years in major program, no injury issue, measurements, football smarts, instinct, and leadership when you pick. I’m talking about players like DB Fitzpatrick and LB Smith. Maybe with Miami at 11 if they promise to pick other player.

  3. The Raiders also need a TE. Gruden plans on running 2 & 3 TE sets. The TE’s on the roster, Jared Cook and Lee Smith won’t get it done. Look for the Raiders to draft a TE in the 2nd or 3rd

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