Officials Once Again Saved Their Worst Calls Against the Raiders For the Fourth Quarter

Considering they couldn’t stop the Bills offense and fumbled three times in the fourth quarter, the Raiders got what they deserved on Sunday in the form of a 30-23 loss.

But self-destructive plays aside, the Raiders found themselves victim of a familiar trend on Sunday afternoon. In the fourth quarter alone, there were four calls against the Raiders that were questionable at best.

Let’s review.

First, the Darren Waller catch.

It maybe wasn’t an obvious catch, but if the official didn’t see the ball hit the ground, what is he doing signaling from a distance that it was an incomplete pass?

Fortunately, the replay booth overturned the call and the Raiders got a first down.

Then was the “block in the back” called against Kolton Miller. The official didn’t have a good angle, but he made the call anyway. The replay confirmed that Miller didn’t extend his arm or even push the defender.

Was there not another official with a better angle to get the call right?

For what it’s worth, this (below) is what a block in the back looks like. A push in Lamarcus Joyner’s back (also in the fourth quarter) went completely unnoticed… or at least uncalled.

This was far more dangerous than the call that went against Miller.

Last but not least, this one against Josh Jacobs might be the worst of the year.

Jacobs was flagged for lowering his head on a tackle where it was actually the defender who lowered his helmet to make the tackle. It just so happened that Jacobs’ shoulder absorbed most of the contact, but the official threw a flag against Jacobs.

Someone in black and white STRIPES should be fined for this flag.

Again… officials didn’t blow the game for the Raiders, but to dump another load of questionable calls against the Raiders in the fourth quarter is a trend that is all too familiar.

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24 thoughts on “Officials Once Again Saved Their Worst Calls Against the Raiders For the Fourth Quarter

    1. Seems like the raiders get all the bad calls but I think that’s due to the their past . And I do not like this defense coordinator they need to cut those players play to me it seems like they are holding them back with the way they he is calling defense I dont like this bend dont break defense **** that let them go play like they use to

  1. Derek Carr should NEVER run the ball ever again BECAUSE if he should either get hurt or sustain an injury, there is the real possibility that Nathan Peterman could get on the field and if “some” of the Raider faithful think that things could not possibly get any worse, we all could come to witnesses a level of incompetence never imagined or seen before.

  2. How many years will the NFL seek revenge against the Raiders for Al Davis kicking their *** in court over and over again? The NFL loses credibility when they allow this kind of bias to ruin and change the outcome of games! Horrible calls again this week!

  3. I agree 100% that the calls were bad, not egregious enough to warrant a flag, especially Kolton and Jacobs. And we are at home, c’mon.

    Bigger issue is this defense that gets either ignores routes over the middle, or the covering guy is trailing like he expects another defender to pick up and cover. In the old days, crossing routes were met by guys like Jack Tatum, and the receivers knew enough to stop their momentum before any collision. If you hit the receiver now, it’s a penalty for hitting a defenseless receiver. At any rate, Guenther has to go, and Marinelli is not the answer with today’s offenses.

  4. Getting ridiculous been ridiculous haters how can they jus keep letting the refs screw the raiders. The Jacob call was crazy refs should be fired. They had great play put them in scoring position and could’ve got to withing 7 with enough time on clock to not panic or have to onside kick. Really think need new Defense coordinator jus my opinion . Refs suck so does the NFL

  5. I totally agree. I saw the same situation happen again. I was thinking that the game was being fixed again.

  6. Every weekend same thing to many blown calls ticky tack …many haters out there go Raiders

  7. Can someone get names and maybe pictures of these officials and post them? I’m really tired of this happening.

  8. What do you expect. They want the Raiders to fail. So the move can just be something to laugh at, its obvious every week the refs are biased.

  9. I’m a raiders fan, but they’ll never succeed as NFL doesn’t like the organization and never will. Sorry Raider fans don’t expect any super bowls in near future. Ya’ll remember the Brady fumble? Started there and Raiders were never able to recover. Will love Silver and Black til I die though.

  10. It, like everything else, ALWAYS starts with the right mentality. The Raiders are/were a franchise built by Al Davis with an US AGAINST THE WORLD mentality. Some things will never change and that is one of them. It ALWAYS has been and ALWAYS will be US AGAINST THE WORLD. EVERY Raiders fan and coach needs to NEVER FORGET THAT. NOW, let’s go build this team and play some Raiders football.

  11. Been a Raider fan since ’64 and have seen the bad calls against us forever but it only seems to get worse. Is it past reputation, black uniforms, Al Davis revenge, Raiders mystique, I don’t know but it needs to stop.

  12. Before there were playa hatas .There were Raider Haters and If Al Davis never sued the Nfl wouldn’t lash out even more then 30 years later. You cant be the most penalized team every year for 30 years , you cant be that un disciplined if you tried your worst its no coincidence.

  13. The Raiders will never get a fair shake as long as a Davis still owns the team. Its more than obvious how biased NFL refs are against the Raiders. Its penalties that stall drives,,, been going on for a long time and it will never change.
    Yes The Raiders definitely need a new defensive coordinator, need a new offensive coordinator, Gruden needs to let go of that. Carr needs to go.. he cares more about his stats than winning, he has no killer instinct. He is too much of a nice guy. Eric Harris is not the answer at Safety. I do like some of the new DBs, they appear to at least have some spirit and ready to mix it up. Where is the pass rush?? and linebackers??

  14. I would implement being able to challenge/replay any penalty. NBA is using it and it’s working greatly. So many games in the hands of the officials. Not right.

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