Report: Raiders “Very Likely” to Lose a Draft Pick For Violation of COVID-19 Rules

The Raiders have upset the league with their approach to managing the threat of COVID-19 and the league is apparently planning to bring down the hammer.

According to CBS Sports insider Jason La Canfora, the Raiders are “very likely looking at the loss of at least one draft selection for their repeated breaches of the policies.”

That report was Sunday morning and now the usual suspect wants to see Jon Gruden fined again for not executing proper mask etiquette on Sunday afternoon.

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I wonder what he thinks about a suspension or a lost draft pick?


What is absurd about the fines that have been handed down on Gruden’s behalf is the fact that the head coach is tested daily, just like the players. The risk involved in a head coach not wearing a mask is no different than what the players do for four hours every Sunday afternoon.

Officials pull down their masks to announce calls, so why isn’t Gruden afforded the same leniency when doing his job on the sideline?

Obviously, the league wants to make sure everyone knows how seriously they are taking the virus, which is fine, but there are better ways to do it than by fining coaches that are at almost zero risk of passing along the coronavirus. Then again, 2020 has been a year that looking like you are doing a good thing carries as much weight as actually doing a good thing.

Credit to the NFL for organizing a complicated season, but the grandstanding element to the process isn’t benefiting anyone other than the organizations cashing in on the fines.

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5 thoughts on “Report: Raiders “Very Likely” to Lose a Draft Pick For Violation of COVID-19 Rules

  1. Someone needs to hold Gruden down and duct tape the mask to his face. If he is too stupid too keep his mask on its time for him to resign and take his snake oil salesman bag back to Ohio.

    I have had it up to here with Jon (I can’t win without Tony dungy’s defense) Gruden.

  2. Typical of the NFL to keep the boot on the throat of the Raiders. Several times in the past few weeks the refs have made horrible calls which could have turned losses into wins but crickets from the league office. F that Goodell. Anything to keep the Raiders down!! Now no doubt they will take a draft pick away. Of course, no compensation for lost picks to Pittsburg for fleecing us on the last two WR trades. Unbelievable how one sided this always goes against Raiders. Anytime the Raiders score or make a crucial first down and theres a flag. I already know who its against.

  3. Has the “NFL front office officials” not been watching any other game then the Raiders games. I have seen coaches of other teams do the same, pull down the mask to speak into the mic on their headset or to an official on the sidelines, or to players and other coaches. Being that all the coaches are tested daily, why are coaches being required to wear masks on the sidelines? They are in a “contained environment”, along with players, officials and TV personnel. It all seems to be a sham when one coach is singled out, and others are doing it. It seems like let’s tag the Raiders, because decades ago an owner who has since passed, had the balls to sue the league and won. The league is still playing catch-up. numerous questionable calls over the years, levying a long forgotten and unused violation to cost the Raiders a shot at the SB, and the list goes on and on. When will it stop. Meanwhile a team that has been caught cheating on 2 occasions, and whose owner gets caught in a sting, gets away with it because allegedly the owner is friends with the commissioner…..
    When will it stop?

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