On Sunday Todd Downing Will Face The Coach He Pushed Out The Door In Oakland

Of all the storylines that will follow the Raiders to Denver this weekend, the first meeting between former Oakland offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave (now the quarterbacks coach in Denver) and current Oakland offensive coordinator Todd Downing has to be one of the most interesting.

The former colleagues won’t be going toe to toe, but it sure feels like it and if he has even an ounce of pride, you know Musgrave wants to take it to his old friends – especially the 37 year-old who took his job.

The good news for Musgrave is he ought to be a heavy favorite on Sunday.

The Broncos have one of the best defenses in football and Musgrave’s knowledge of the Raiders offensive personnel should prove valuable.

Downing, on the other hand, is looking to rebound from one of the worst offensive stink pot performances the Raiders have put up in a decade – and that’s saying something.

Sure, no one scored more points than the Raiders through the first two weeks, but in NFL time that may as well have been five years ago.

Fair or not, you can guess what the headlines will look like if the Raiders lose and the offense sputters with its former offensive coordinator (who the Raiders essentially fired) on the Denver sideline.

Not to mention that with a loss, the Raiders would be 2-2 and alone in third place in the AFC West. A win, and they could be tied for the division lead by Monday night.

Years from now when the talented Downing is a head coach somewhere, Sunday’s game probably won’t mean a lot, but forgive the short-sighted among us…

Right now it feels like everything.

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2 thoughts on “On Sunday Todd Downing Will Face The Coach He Pushed Out The Door In Oakland

  1. Musgrave made many mistakes as a pup, man, Redskins won that game before it started, their eyes man. God coulda called the plays, and it would be tough. I need us to finish as a rolling juggernaut, not 3-1. NO INJURIES!!

  2. I recall Del Rio mentioned he preferred more running play last year, so we’ll probably see game plan quite similar to the one utilized in prime time game against Broncos last year at Oakland with some twist using Patterson. Personally, I would like to see a screen play with our OL knocking out Talib.

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