Radio Host: Raiders Offensive Line Tanked In Response To Derek Carr Standing For The National Anthem

Raiders offensive guard Kelechi Osemele tried to squash rumors that the Raiders offensive line tanked Sunday’s game in response to Derek Carr’s decision to stand during the national anthem.

“If you guys really believe that… I don’t even know what to tell you. Carr is our brother he fully supported our decision to make this statement we discussed as a TEAM and we all have each other’s back. We’re back focused on working now end of discussion,” Osemele posted on Instagram this week.

But the rumor isn’t dying easily.

California radio show is insisting the Raiders offensive line tanked on Monday night against the Redskins – and say they have sourced a quote from a Raiders offensive guard speaking about Carr.

“If he wants to stand alone, he can stand alone on the field.”

Here’s video of the full segment.

Now here’s the thing. The hosts weren’t particularly knowledgeable about football (they said Derek Carr was only sacked once last year) and stand to gain from their story whether it’s true or not. Unfortunately, crazy accusations like these aren’t uncommon in the modern age of journalism, but fortunately they’re not often true.

That said, the hosts didn’t stop with just the rumor on the field. They say a reporter asked a team official about the alleged incident and was told by the team official he should not report on the matter and would be denied access to the team if he moved forward with the story.

It’s one heck of a claim and would be next-level terrible if true.

It would also be next-level terrible for someone to make up a story like this and take it to the airwaves.

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27 thoughts on “Radio Host: Raiders Offensive Line Tanked In Response To Derek Carr Standing For The National Anthem

  1. It was quite obvious, they threw Derek under the bus. Very unprofessional, I would get rid of all them disrespectful clowns even if it meant sacrificing the season. Totally un-Raider like. Didn’t watch for that reason and will not watch game against Denver. As a die hard Raider fan I am very disappointed in these Raider imposters. It used to be that the Raiders were different than any other team, not any more.

  2. My suspicion from the start. They may not hate Carr for his stance on this. But, are they going to lay their bodies on the line for him from here on? Let’s just see.

    1. While I wish that politics and sports we’re kept separate, that stopped the minute that the NFL decided to interlope in the political affairs of States by threatening to take away Super Bowl hosting from cities if legislation the NFL opposed was made law .For instance, the Governor of Georgia was threatened with the loss of Atlanta hosting a Super Bowl if he signed into law a bill that was passed by the Georgia State Legislature and supported by the majority of the citizens of Georgia. Notice that I did not mention the content of the bill. That is because it does not matter what it was. The NFL is not an elected body of any government, and therefore should not be involved in politics. I find their meddling inappropriate and inexcusable, even if I myself oppose the legislation.

  3. IT was very obvious that the Raiders did not play with the same intensity as the past weeks. As a lifetime Raider fan, i was very disappointed. I believe that everyone has the right to speak as to how they feel but this does not speak to how the President is doing or Racism. It is just disrespect to our flag, our country, and our men and women that have fought to defend it. I will not be watching football this weekend as to not support the protester methods. Everyone had the right to disagree but if you want to be in this country stand behind her flag, servicemen, and her song. If not get the HELL out.

  4. I can’t be sure one way or the other , but the LT #72 ? DP’s commitment has been under question since the beginning of training camp , and his play (or lack thereof) Sunday Night is what stood out most , he had his worst game since ’15 , would be quite the coincidence if it was just a bad game

  5. It’s obviously true. The Raiders O-Line ALREADY proved that they would disrespect the flag, the National Anthem, their fans, and NFL fans across the country all because, what, they wanted to thumb their noses at Trump? Or make a statement about BLM? Give me a break. They ALREADY proved themselves to be totally unprofessional, easily goaded into something by Trump, etc. OF COURSE they are capable of more stupid and short-sighted behavior. They are overpaid, undereducated, ‘roid raging guys in their 20s. They are supposedly the best O-Line in the NFL, and they botched 3-4 snaps and let their quarterback get sacked 4 times.

    The burden of proof is on them. And they haven’t met it. Wishful thinking by Raiders fans proves nothing. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a freaking duck. These idiots abandoned their professional duty and put their quarterback’s health at risk. It’s just a fact. SOME people may not want to believe it, but it happened.

    What Kelechi Osemele said as he “tried to squash rumors that the Raiders offensive line tanked Sunday’s game in response to Derek Carr’s decision to stand during the national anthem” was a classic “non-denial denial.”

    “If you guys really believe that… I don’t even know what to tell you. Carr is our brother he fully supported our decision to make this statement we discussed as a TEAM and we all have each other’s back. We’re back focused on working now end of discussion,”

    A reliable denial takes the form: “I/We did not reduce our efforts to protect our quarterback in that game vs. any other game.” But Kelechi couldn’t bring himself to say that. Because, even while attempting to mislead, direct lying is psychologically uncomfortable and we seek to avoid it.

    Any good interrogator can look at Kelechi’s statement and see that deception is indicated. He shouldn’t have opened his mouth to “try to squash rumors.” Now he’s on record NOT actually denying it.

    Sorry, gang. It happened, whether you wish it had or not. Carr knows it. The O-Line knows it. The coaches know it. The fans know it. The team will never be the same. And another chunk of fans will never return. I hope Kelechi is proud! LOL.

    1. And it just happened AGAIN today in Denver! Manuel had a pocket, Carr did not. Deny that.

  6. Whatever happened, I feel like every since last week, they have been more worried about politics and stupid propaganda, than playing football…last week they were all worried about wanting to stay in the locker room, or this or that…but here we are, no one is doing anything of use, except worrying about sitting…these goons are really a let down, but Lynch is just a walking dreadlocked cesspool. The guy is a bum, Lautavius was much better and when we needed to run, or offense was up to it…now we have a bunch of overpaid bums…our O line should have salary withheld as they didn’t do anything to earn it.

    1. The offensive line should get out of football and consider politics, not that they would do any better being that they are totally clueless. I agree that Lautavius would have been the better way to go and a much better role model for kids. Lynch is a mold that is trouble for the locker room, he is running at least mode not beast mode. I did not watch the last two games because some of these Raider imposters have lost focus of playing football and being leaders. Reggie and Jack should start looking and replacing those players that lack that “Commitment to Excellence”. What happened to Crabtree was he really injured or just afraid to have his chain yanked off again.

  7. I think the oline is overrated. I mean they couldn’t gain a yd on a 4th down, with Lynch.Huge Raider fan, but the reality is that the oline is underacheiving, as goes all the accolades they have been given. Lets not forget all the dropped passes etc.

  8. Donald Penn is the ring leader in this soon to be major scandal.

    They can deny all they want but there is video evidence of them doing it (refusing to play their hardest/missing blocks ect)

    Penn threw it last year and now is directing everyone else to do it again.

  9. Raider football has been my sanctuary for well over 30 years. This is the first time I have ever disliked my own team. I would rather see them get their asses handed to them like the 51-3 slaughter against Buffalo in the playoffs than watch this disloyal crap. I don’t really care what their political beliefs are. Whether I am in agreement with them or not, I don’t want to see it on our Raider games. This is like going to Disneyland and having Mickey Mouse walk up to you and start spewing his political beliefs. I did not pay to hear this ****.

  10. As a raider fan very disappointed. offensive line purposely didn’t block for Carr but did for ej.

    Whole offensive line should be fined for trying to get their quarterback killed
    Very disloyal

  11. I am 51 from Columbus Ohio and been a Raider fan since I was six years old. I got my first tattoo when IN 2014 when the Raiders drafted Carr and Khalil. I have RAIDER NATION on my arm for life now, but I am disgusted with the political bullshit in the NFL. I had high hopes this year, but we will be lucky to win 8 games. I agree the line tanked the last 2 games. EJ had all the time he wanted to throw while YOUR STUD quarterback is getting drilled.

  12. I’ve been so angry at my Raiders in the past, yelling at the TV when they have more penalty yards than offensive yards. Rolling through the 90’s as a fan was hard and then getting blown out in the Superbowl to start another dismal decade hurt bad. Never though have I felt like this, total disgust. I kept asking myself during the Skins game is the O line on the take? Miss snaps, sacks, horrible blocking, etc. I hadn’t thought about the protest being the cause. Then the following morning I listened live to the radio show exposing the theory. Every article paints an inaccurate picture of how that show went. Armstrong & Getti the radio hosts didn’t assert anything they just conducted a great interview with a San Jose Mercury journalist who has a “very reliable” long time source (code name Deep Route) inside the Raider organization. As far as Bay Area papers go the Mercury is reputable and the writer is staking his good reputation on the source and story and I believe it. I’m disgusted and after watching the Denver game it is obvious there is no more joy in playing as a team like before. There’s tension on Carr’s face, massive frustration and if you know him it’s out of character. Then he gets injured and suddenly the offense starts to click alittle. Now I’m unable to come up with words to express the feeling I have. At least Mack and a few others are playing football. I love the game so much and to have politics and racial matters take over like this is perverted – you protest injustice by committing injustice? This is so different than playing lousy football. I was born into a Raiders family, aside from some overseas military time I’ve been East Bay my 48 years and I’m seriously considering denouncing my loyalty and picking a new team. It’s a felony to throw a game so for their sake the O line better hope it can’t be proven but for me…. guilty.

  13. I have been a Oakland Raider fan since they became a franchise never has an Oakland Raider Offensvie line played so pathetic never. It was clear the offensive line threw the game and wanted Carr to get hurt. The entire offensive line are cowards and do not deserve to wear the Oakland uniform. Rio cannot fix this, Davis needs to clean house and trade the starting offensive line, the NFL needs to investigate and this story must not be burried. This is disgrace to the loyal fans, the late Al Davis and all the Raider players who have worn the Oakland uniform. Del Rio has lost the team it is time to cut the losses get rid of the staring offensive line and bring in players who play for the love of the game and team not for selfish viewpoints.

  14. Many of these comments echo my same feelings as shown by my comments. If, these Raider imposters can’t show respect for the flag, the anthem and the fans how can they really be committed to the team, their own self interests come first. They should have never reworked the contract for Donald Penn, he couldn’t even honor his own commitment to the previous contract he had signed and agreed to. As for Lynch, he should be sitting at home not during the anthem in front of loyal Raider fans. He should have been gone after his first game. He is doing more harm than good for the team. I will not watch until I see positive things change in the Raider organization.

  15. This moment in time has encouraged the racists on the teams to come out of the closet. We can see them now. Knowing this, we must now make a moral decision.
    I have. For me the NFL is finished. Never again can I see these players as before now that I know the truth.
    They are pretend Americans of convenience. Even watching highlights on tv I leaves me with a sense of disgust.
    Goodbye NFL…

  16. This is way over the line. If it’s true, it is not only a scandal for the Oline, but for the Raiders and the NFL as a whole. If this is true, the THREW A GAME for political reasons. If this is true, everyone even remotely involved must be BANISHED ala the Black Sox scandal, or I will not watch another minute of NFL. If this is true and resulted in an INJURY to a player, it may even be CRIMINAL.

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