One of Derek Carr’s Best Throws All Year Barely Made It To The Box Score

Derek Carr has been back to his old tricks this year and his highlight reel of throws (and even runs) in 2020 is growing by the week.

But a throw that won’t get much attention, that was actually one of his best, wasn’t even completed. It came at the end of the third quarter against the Chargers this week and it was overshowed by the following play where Jon Gruden chose to punt from the Chargers’ 42 yard-line on 4th and 2.

As he has been known to do throughout his career, Carr took a deep shot (to Henry Ruggs III in this case) on 3rd and short. Ruggs made the catch, but didn’t get both feet in bounds. The CBS broadcast went to commercial break after the play so it didn’t get a lot of attention.

But looking at the replay, Carr dropped the deep pass perfectly between two defenders and had Ruggs been a little fancier with his feet, it would have been 36 yard gain.

Making the play even more impressive (or would have if the pass was completed) is the fact that Carr threw the ball without being able to step into the throw.

We see from the Coaches Film that right tackle Sam Young was being pushed into Carr and it made for an awkward release (watch his front foot).

Had the throw been completed, it would have been about a 36-yard gain, but the distance the ball traveled was actually much greater. Using the time-tested Pythagorean theorem (a geometrical formula agreed upon by both Republicans and Democrats), Carr’s flick of the wrist actually traveled 51 yards in the air – all without the benefit of being able to step into the throw.

Not bad for a quarterback who has been mostly getting lucky this year.

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19 thoughts on “One of Derek Carr’s Best Throws All Year Barely Made It To The Box Score

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the democrats started disagreeing about the Pythagorean theorem just because Republicans believe it

    1. That’s a moot point since the pythagorean theorem, much like climate change and election results, is fact to Republicans would never believe it.

    2. Mathematics is science and from what I’ve seen too many times this year, they don’t believe in that kind of stuff.

  2. Call me crazy, but sure looks like that left foot tapped the turf right after being bumped from behind by the defenders leg. You can see the the left toe, in a split second, seems to just slightly bounce off the turf before he pulls it forward, which would explain why he did even seem to try and drag in by falling to the turf. Would be very surprising if Ruggs simply didn’t even try to tap or drag and chose to accept going out of bounds rather than sacrificing the body. Either he tapped it, or the defenders leg hit his leg forward and prevented him from even having the option of draggin/tapping. That’s what I see slowed down at that speed. Wish they would have challenged.

    1. You know what, you’re right!! But once again, the refs screw us over on that call just like they took away the touchdown call against Cleveland the week prior.

  3. Man first of all I love fantasy football . It makes it fun to watch games you usually wouldn’t care about. But I think it’s the biggest part of what makes people make these absurd acessments of qb play these days. Media is garbage anymore for the most part too. But this man threw for 4,000 yards last year throwing to te’s and rb’s. At a 70 percent clip to boot. that’s insane production for what he had to work with. But every time you mention this the haters wanna say he didn’t run with it and he didn’t lay it all on the line for his team. But when we traded our best corner immediately after tieing Chiefs for division lead it showed coaches were working for this year instead of trying to win conference. So why get broke up ” laying it on the line” when your coaches aren’t coaching to win games? Sorry for rant

  4. Well somebody let Raiders offense know broncos love to cost fumble after catches and run so please hold on to ball Sunday

  5. I feel like if he would’ve touched with his left foot, his leg would’ve git trapped under the falling defenders. He might very been injured if he’d stayed in bounds

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