PFF Analyst: Derek Carr Benefiting From “A Lot Of Luck” This Year

It’s been a rough couple of months for the flat earth, sky isn’t blue Derek Carr haters of the world.

September offered a few hot moments to circle the wagons around the Raiders oft-criticized quarterback, but those takes have been getting colder by the week.

Who doesn’t remember the segment after week 2 between Pro Football Focus’s Sam Palazzolo and Sam Monson, the latter of whom said Carr looked like a quarterback who didn’t know anything about football. Monson compared Carr to “Prince Akeem” from the film Coming to America, saying that Carr was playing quarterback, but essentially “doesn’t know what he is looking at and doesn’t know what he is doing.”

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Derek Carr also kinda reminds me of Coming to America:


For what it’s worth, Palazzolo still isn’t sold on Carr’s numbers (or at least wasn’t as of a week ago) and posted on Twitter that Carr has been the beneficiary of “a lot of luck” this year.

It’s all fine and well to offer entertainment in the industry of sports media, but to mock a player as he puts up an MVP-caliber campaign might be better classified as “entertainment” rather than “analysis.”

For what it’s worth, there are four quarterbacks in the NFL with a better passer rating than Derek Carr (110.0) this year. Two of those quarterbacks (Brees/Mahomes) lost to the Raiders and were outplayed by Carr.

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38 thoughts on “PFF Analyst: Derek Carr Benefiting From “A Lot Of Luck” This Year

  1. Yes he’s incredibly lucky Tyrell Williams went down right before the season started. He’s incredibly lucky that Trent, Brown, Kolton Miller and Richie Incognito have all been injured this year as well as backup swing tackle Sam young. That’s three starters on the offensive line, wow I can’t think of another quarterback that’s been so lucky this year. And that fumble right before the half against La, wow that was really lucky wasn’t it and almost cost them the game. I think Palazzolo is a Raider hater and needs new glasses or maybe he should just watch the games it doesn’t seem as though he is and if he is he’s obviously not paying attention. Put the beer down and back away from the bar and nobody gets hurt especially your feelings Palazzolo. Yeah Darren Waller is the best tight end in the league because he has a shity quarterback who’s lucky also, right?

    1. Not to mention he’s lucky to have a s$%#tty defense coached by a sh$%#tty coach, which puts pressure on him to have to score on every possession. Palazzo is lucky to have a nice paying and easy job to criticize people.

    2. That’s was great. I was literally thinking almost everything you said. I’m Josh glad I didn’t have to type it. You forgot one thing to, Carr is lucky to also have the phenomenal defense that’s been carrying DC and the rest of the offense every game 😂😂

  2. PFF is garbage. Just look at the two morons bashing 3x pro bowler Carr as he has another excellent season. It’s obvious neither of those two ever competed in competitive sports and have zero clue as to what they are talking about! PFF are obvious anti Raiders . . everything they say about them is negative. Car is a top tier NFL QB . . he has carried the team to every victory so far this season!

  3. I’ve never heard of thi toolbeater monson.but after watching that clip I realize I could be pro football talk analyst

    1. Raiders never get love! NFL is against us, refs are against us, teams won’t make a fair trade with us, PFF are a bunch of clowns that are jumping on an old bandwagon of trashing the Raiders. One Nation against the world, wouldn’t have it any other way!

    2. No way CARR is a top tier QB he is a middle of the pack OB,he do not make a team better, his a game manager,sure not clutch cant throw the deep ball with Accuracy he is a Dinker and dumper WEAK throwing up field, not top tier by far!!,I’m from fresno where he played college football DINKER then, DINKER now, one year wonder 👀. GO RAIDERS!!!

      1. One year wonder . . .? The 3x pro bowler Carr is not a top tier QB . . you can’t be serious! You can’t be a Raider fan and really believe that. Lay off the crack pipe coach kenny!

        1. Kinda with Kent on this one, coach kenny. Carr’s had more 4th quarter comebacks than any other starting qb’s except 3 (Brady,Fitzmagic and Russell Wilson), he has a good deal of all the qb records for the Raiders, has one of the highest completion %s when he goes deep the last couple of years, and his team freaking loves him. For a QB to go deep, first you need receivers who can go deep. 2018-19 were years he didn’t have that. Now he does, and “oh, look! he’s throwing deep!”
          The garbage about Carr not being top-tier or a “dinker and dumper” is horsehockey from fans who aren’t watching the team, they’re just watching highlights. And being from Fresno, you oughta know better. What, your memory banks don’t remember Derek Carr to Davante Adams during that time? Because most everyone else does…

      2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .. you said go Raiders after bashing the best QB that we’ve had since Ganon… I don’t the dislike within Raider Nation towards Carr .. or maybe a lot of the criticism is just for the sake of criticizing.. One Nation ,, Do your thing #4

      3. That is the most inaccurate opinion of Carr I’ve ever seen in my LIFE! He doesn’t make a team better? Raiders have the 7th best passing game in the NFL despite having an OL that’s below average in pass pro, a rookie #1 WR, and an Eagles castoff on a 1 year deal as his #2. Waller was a nobody practice squad player before Carr started throwing to him. Cook was a 30+ year old journeyman that nobody new before the Raiders. Earned an elite level contract bc of what Carr helped him accomplish. He has turned castoffs (Crabtree, Cook, Waller, Agholor) all into legit receivers. That’s The definition of making the team better.

        Not clutch? Dude only owns the record for most 4th Q comebacks and game winning drives from ’14 – ’19, and still leads the NFL to this day in most 4th Q comebacks since ’14. That is the definition of clutch.

        He’s also been graded the most accurate deep passer in the NFL twice since 2015, and has never finished outside of the top 10. Anyone who watches him play knows he has a great deep ball, and he finally has weapons to take advantage of it now……which he is absolutely doing.

        You around like a butthurt Pryor fan, tbh. I thought you guys died off years ago.

      4. Can’t throw the deep ball? Hahaha Carr is #1 in deep ball accuracy and Nelson Agholor is leading the league in yards per reception! Facts over feelings!

  4. Some guys just need attention, and some are angry that Carr isn’t what they’ve been saying that he is. Too hateful to admit they have been wrong. We don’t really care what they think.

  5. Am I missing something here, who is this guy? Is he one of those podcast guys, who’s broadcasting from his mother’s basement yelling up for chicken soup between takes? I see he’s got a big ol’ ✔ next to his Instagram account but seriously I’ve never heard of him and couldn’t give a rats you know what, what he thinks about Carr! Probably he was the kid that picked last when they chose up sides as a kid and his therapy sessions are not taking

  6. DC is playing pretty good. Not quite as well as he could play if he got rid of the ball sooner especially with backup linemen, and if he protected the football better while in the pocket. Carr is no P. Mahomes, but that does not mean he is not playing at a high level. I give him credit for dealing with Gruden who is overrated as a coach and talent evaluator (i.e., he still has not replaced K. Mack) and a defense that can’t tackle or cover.

    1. Carr just went up against P. Mahomes and outplayed him in the Raiders win over the chiefs a few weeks ago! Carr is top tier as an NFL QB. He still hasn’t had most of his starting receivers a lot of the year as well. Williams out the entire year, Ruggs out half of the games, Edwards out most of the games and half or more of the starting offensive line out for most of the season so far! Carr is carrying this team on his back this year!

  7. Palazzolsla, Rizoli or whatever his name is, is an idiot. And Monson is trash. A couple of jock strap holders that need to be educated on football.

  8. Who are these guys and what have they been watching this year.. yes… car last year and even before that was super checking down. This year his been balling. Using his legs. Taking shits down field. Just slinging the **** out the ball. That’s with a banged OL and a horrible D. Carr has been beasting this year. I haven’t seen this Care since that 0-16 M.V.P type season.

  9. Idiots there just idiots Carr is a Great QB Raider Nation knows it F the Rest Haters jus a bunch of Haters. League is hater refs haters always have been always will be. Announcers haters always on other teams nuts they need to remember there nuts not a Swingset. Always talking bout Brady mahomo and there not even playing it’s crazy. Carr your the **** ! RAIDER NATION FOR LIFE BLEED SILVER AND BLACK

  10. Till now you guys were telling the world that DC is not the Raiders franchise QB. Now that he is playing well you attribute this to luck. I’ve always believed in DC and he will take us to the play offs and beyond . My only wish is that he should learn to slide, if not it could be repeat of 2016.

  11. This guy is just a hater who knows nothing. Hardest schedule threw 8 games and we’ve had 20+ injuries already. He’s having an MVP caliber year but sure he’s been lucky. Clown.

  12. Just because you deleted my post, doesn’t mean what I said wasn’t true. Unfortunate that they can’t take the heat, but can dish out their biased slams.

  13. The Raiders could be 9-0 and scoring 40 points a game (which we actually only did against Kansas City, the defending world champions!), and people would still be critical of Carr. The guy brings everything he’s got every week, does his best to keep team morale up, and plays through injuries we don’t ever know existed. He’s also now playing with a swagger thanks to haters just like these clowns. Thank you PFF, keep talking **** and you just might have to do it until February! Raider nation for life!

    1. Great take Timothy! Carr has been the only high level functioning player on the Raider team over the last 6 years! In spite of several head coaching and OC changes, different offensive systems since he has been with the Raiders, year in and year out he has played at a very high level! If we had 22 starting players that could play to Carr’s level, we would win the super bowl every year. Look at 2016, the Raiders were 12-2 when Carr went down with a broken leg . . the Raiders did not win another game without him!

  14. D.C. qb rating is 110. That’s 4th in the league. Last time I checked i thought that was considered pretty good, but maybe I’m just as stupid as Pallazzo.

  15. Where is Zay Jones? Where is Derrick Carrier? Where is Rico Gafford? Where is Foster Moreau? Why doesn’t any of these guys participate in Raiders games? Wouldn’t it be good to get these guys some playing time in the event that they are called upon to help the Raiders make a playoff run? Why doesn’t ANY of these guys average at least one target per game? I’ll tell you why, it’s a product of Greg Olsen’s and Jon Gruden’s play calling. NONE of these guys is injured. Now SHOULD be the time when these guys are getting their number’s called on to contribute to Raiders games. EVERYONE know that it’s the Raiders’ offense that is carrying this team so why not get these “offensive weapons” in the flow. Surely other team’s defenses ARE NOT prepared for these guys and DID NOT game plan for them. Certainly, these guys were not signed to be high paid bench warmers. The Raiders SHOULD be finding out what these guys can and do bring to the table NOW, not AFTER one of the starters goes down to an injury.

  16. How many 4th quarter comebacks does he have again? Also can yu tell me how many game winning drives do he have and whats his 3rd down efficiency? How many pro bowls do he have again? Oh yeah when has he really had a top receiver lets not say coop or Crabtree bcuz they both we’re one and two in drops……. im talking about dehop, julio Jones Steve Smith sr,or a Aj green? Or a top 15 defense?

  17. Yeah William you know when Hunter Renfrow and Darren Waller and Nelson agholor and are rookies that we just drafted or doing so well we should definitely gives a Jones more passes. Really just stop you’re like grasping at straws in the dark looking for something to complain about when there’s nothing to complain about. Want to be a hater? Be a hater doesn’t make me look worse only you

    1. Larry,
      I’ve been a Raiders fan for 52 years and counting, how about you? I’m not here to criticize you or your thinking, so I won’t. What I will try to do though is appeal to your sense of rational thinking about emergency preparedness. Apparently, you don’t understand what I am saying. You don’t wait until you need the flashlight to check the batteries or until you need the spare tire to check the air pressure or start the lawnmower before you check to see if there is gas in it. NOTHING, no practices included, beats real game pressure and experience. Getting their numbers called occasionally, like once or twice a game, should not be out of the question and should be encouraged. In fact, as I am suggesting, getting their number’s called will keep them sharp and engaged. The specific people that you mentioned, Renfrow, Waller and Agholor, are going to shoulder much of the load throughout the Raiders playoff run, this year, so why is it unfathomable to throw an occasional bone to these guys? If you need further proof, just look at the offensive line and how many players, who were not starters at the beginning of the season, are being pressed into service.

  18. And when you’ve got a tandem of running backs including the best running back in the league in my opinion and Josh Jacobs short throw more balls and Zay Jones… Billy you sound retarded. Put the beer down and back away from the computer and no one gets hurt especially your feelings.

    1. Larry,
      Your opinion is just that, your opinion. That, your opinion, and 7.50 will get you a cup of Starbucks coffee. In football, more (options) is always better. Also, in football, the unexpected usually happens more frequently than anticipated. I actually believe that you mean well Larry, I’m just not a fan of your contingency plan, that is if you have one. When Derrick Carr went down to injury, during the best season of his career, the two backup quarterbacks showed their ineptness and unpreparedness, in very short order. As we have seen, thus far this season, injuries are going to occur, it’s just an occupational hazard. Your criticisms of me aren’t going to have ANY effect on the Raiders preparedness should the inevitable occur. After 52 years of rooting for this team, NO ONE wants them to succeed more than me and my 52 years of loyalty speaks for itself. You and no one else could ever hurt my feelings more than the missed opportunities that this team has had over my 52 years of being a fan. After that long of watching, cheering for and supporting this team, I know what to expect and prepare for. Do you?

      1. I’m 54 years old and my brother-in-law Steve Jackson played for the Raiders during the John Madden years. Since 1970 I’ve missed 10 games maybe an only cuz I was in the hospital. You lecturing me is like a vegetarian telling me I’ll go to steak taste. Have a nice night son.

        1. Larry,
          First, I’m older than you and old enough to be your father so your “son” comment is inappropriate. Secondly, what your brother-in-law did is what your brother-in-law did, I was a Raiders fan since you were two years old, boy!!! Again, my comments have never been directed at you personally but at the Raiders’ preparedness. That’s called the difference between apples and oranges. So, Mark Anderson of the Las Vegas Review-Journal has it right in his article
          Raiders again show they can play with NFL’s best.

          Is there a scarier 6-4 team in the NFL? Irrespective of their win / loss record, this team is literally on the cusp. After the game, Patrick Mahomes said; “That’s a hell of a football team over there…” He was not kidding or joking. If there was before, there is now absolutely no doubt that Derek Carr is a better quarterback than he used to be and, in my opinion, still getting better. In short, the offense IS NOT the “problem” with the Las Vegas Raiders. This week, against the Kansas City Chiefs, I got my wish. THERE WAS a Zay Jones citing and targeting, THERE WAS a Derrick Carrier citing and targeting, Alec Ingold was targeted and Jason Witten was targeted. In short, the Raiders offense was diverse, unpredictable and effective, hands down. I’ve stated, in the past, that I have been a Raiders fan for 52 years and can say for the first time, in a long time, that I am well pleased with the progress of the Raiders, this year. After the Raiders’ signature win, against the New Orleans Saints, earlier this year, the Raiders got the CONFIDENCE that they had been missing and have continued to build on it. Earlier this year, in a previous post, I had remarked that every football team has losses but how you lose is important too. If a team loses a tough game where they were in the game until the end, and fought a hard, tough fight, THAT says MUCH about the character of that team. THIS WAS the case against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Raiders were definitely “in the fight.” The Raiders “fought hard and played tough.” While losing is not the objective, a tough loss sends a message to all future opponents. I can absolutely guarantee that ANY team facing the Raiders is in for a full four quarters of fight and good football. THAT is all that any fan, of any team, can ask for. I know that this latest loss won’t settle well with Jon Gruden and that is great. He’s going to push his team to get even better and who could blame him for that? But, for their valiant effort, Sunday night, against the Kansas City Chiefs, I say GREAT JOB RAIDERS, GREAT JOB.

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