Raiders Criticized As “Irresponsible” For Drafting Maurice Hurst

Because of a known heart condition, the Raiders took a bit of a risk selecting Maurice Hurst in the fifth round of the draft.

But the greatest risk, some are saying, is being assumed by Hurst.

According to Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller, the story on Hurst’s heart condition isn’t particularly optimistic:

“After the draft ended on Saturday—and even during our Bleacher Report live stream coverage—I was asking if Michigan defensive tackle Maurice Hurst was going to be drafted. Hurst was flagged at the combine for a heart condition but was later allowed to participate at the Michigan pro day. If the Wolverines felt he was healthy, why did he fall so far in the draft?

I spoke to over 10 scouts, coaches and executives regarding Hurst. One, in a heated rant, labeled the selection “irresponsible” by the Raiders because of Hurst’s heart condition (which hasn’t been publicly shared) and hoped the talented defender would “never put a f–king helmet on again in his life.”

That sentiment was echoed many times over, with one head coach adding, “Only the Raiders would draft a guy who could literally die on the field from a known condition.”

Considering his immense talent, it says a lot that Hurst fell all the way to the fifth round.

That said, Hurst was able to pass physicals at Michigan and he doesn’t appear to have any hesitation about an NFL career.

After the draft, Reggie McKenzie seemed to suggest Hurst will be a year-to-year medical evaluation – which was a much less daunting synopsis than what Miller is reporting today.

One thing to keep in mind is that teams who passed on Hurst in the draft were bound to offer a compelling explanation (maybe to cover themselves) as to why they didn’t take him – calling Hurst’s decision to play football a potential matter of life and death would certainly qualify as such.

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12 thoughts on “Raiders Criticized As “Irresponsible” For Drafting Maurice Hurst

  1. If his health is a major issue from non medical experts. Why did the NFL even allow him to participate in the draft? Isn’t it their responsibility to make sure all draftees are fit to play? If Hurst is this sick, the NFL should have taken him out of the draft and have him sign as an UDFA. Case closed. He was on the draft board and that should make him available to every team. If they passed him over, don’t take it out on Raiders. You’re loss.

    1. Isn’t that a double standard? You can’t be drafted and paid per your selection, but we’ll let you join an NFL club as an UDFA where we won’t pay you peanuts? He has medical clearance plain and simple which comes with risk.

  2. Stupidest comments ever from the ‘opposing’ unnamed scout rants. It would be interesting to see who said that. My son, also in multiple sports has this very same condition. He has the same odds as anybody else on the field to literally die while playing. The NFL and the Harvard medical professionals both cleared him to play but a ‘scout’ knows more about medicine than doctors and an organization that could be sued MILLIONS of dollars for clearing him and them have him parish — I don’t see it.
    Good article though and that last paragraph sums it up nicely.

  3. This scout will probably kick the bucket before Hurst, some people can’t keep their mouths shut. GO RAIDERS

  4. Could be they’re mad they didn’t get him late and he wasn’t off they’re boards as reported I call it haten.Now him mack, Irvin,and that kid out of LSU about to kill some QB’s

  5. I don’t blame the writer for reporting what he heard . That’s his job . What I don’t buy is these other scouts and coaches being concerned about Hurst . They didn’t pass on him because they were afraid he would drop dead . They didn’t want to spend the money in case he couldn’t play or did drop dead . Most of those teams probably hoped he wouldn’t be drafted so they could pick him up as an UDFA and get a steal if his heart isn’t an issue , there by getting a top notch player on the cheap for years to come . If these people really cared about players , they would be doing more to ensure their safety on the field . This is the same league that his evidence of CTE when that investigation went hot and denied any knowledge and wrongdoing where that issue is concerned . If Hurst was cleared to play at Michigan and by other medical professionals, these clowns have no concerns other than the fact that they didn’t get the guy on the cheap like they no doubt hoped they would . The NFL is a dirty business.

  6. Hid evidence. That’s what that sentence should read . Damned predictive text .

  7. Those negative people are rediculous. They are upset because the Raiders did not fully participate in the collusion of indirectly blackballing an NFL prospect in the draft? Smh… incredible… Makes me wonder who else’s is being indirectly “blackballed” in the league.

  8. My father had the same thing. He had an irregular heartbeat and he lived to be 89 years old. I think the other teams are pissed off because they were too scared to take a chance on him.

  9. Bottom line…’Other scouts’ just wanted Mo Hurst for UDFA $$.

    ….’hopes he never puts on a helmet again’…..I call BS. The hope was that he would put a helmet on….just for as close to free as possible

  10. If those so called unnamed scouts, coaches, and executives are concerned about player’s health, they shouldn’t be a part of NFL and tell the reporters to ban football. It’s a tough game and all the players are in risk, still we all love this greatest sport.
    Also how can you deny a dream of this young athlete who worked hard to be a top college player and willing to play at the highest level of the sports he loves. If Harvard and team medicals say go, let him play.

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