Report: Raiders Were Willing To Trade Up For Someone Other Than Bradley Chubb

According to a Sports Illustrated report, Bradley Chubb wasn’t the only player the Raiders were interested in trading up for in the first round of the draft.

The other player was Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey – who, as everyone knows by now, was drafted one position ahead of the Raiders by the 49ers.

From Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer:

“There were rumblings on the afternoon of the draft that the Raiders were looking to trade up for Notre Dame OT Mike McGlinchey, and the teams I spoke with didn’t know who they were trying to leap-frog to get him. Evidently, they figured out that the team across the bay had eyes for him, even though he hadn’t been linked to the 49ers much during the process. And sure enough, San Francisco was the team that Oakland wound up losing him to, with McGlinchey going ninth overall.”

This information from Breer is interesting for a couple of reasons.

1 – The 49ers reportedly went to great lengths to conceal their interest in McGlinchey – even to the point of canceling his visit with the team. The Raiders, it sounds like, were still aware of the 49ers interest.

2 – If the Raiders were trying to trade up for McGlinchey, how much did they really like Kolton Miller?

Obviously they liked him enough, but their must have been a significant gap between the two tackles – and probably an even more significant gap between Miller and the next best offensive tackle on their board.

3 – By their willingness to trade up, it shows the Raiders were not only willing to give up picks for McGlinchey, they were willing to pass on any potential trade opportunity with the 10th pick – a spot in the draft that had the potential to be a valuable trade commodity.

Of course all this assumes the Sports Illustrated report is accurate. But if it is, the Raiders must have really loved McGlinchey.

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15 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Were Willing To Trade Up For Someone Other Than Bradley Chubb

  1. im not sure the draft could have gone any worse for the Raiders. First they lose the coin toss for the #9 pick. Then they can’t trade up for the best player in the draft – Bradley Chubb. Then they can’t get the 2nd guy they targeted, due to losing that coin toss. The Broncos end up with Chubb to pair with the 2nd best pass rusher in the NFL. To top it off they end up with one of the riskiest piles of draft picks anyone has ever witnessed. What a trainwreck! Gruden is making me nervous…….we’ll see how he does I guess…..

      1. You don’t even know the difference between “Hate” and “Criticism”, so sit down….

    1. We picked up probably 6 starters with this draft and draft day trades. Slow the sky falling routine and let’s see how this works out. Our D line is better, better protection for Carr and 2 new weapons at WR. Plus a real live punt returner.

      1. Yeah, we may have 6 starters from this draft, but that doesn’t mean they’re legit NFL starters! The entire draft class is made up of “IF’s” and “Maybes”. IF this project linemen is coached up right, maybe he’ll work out.

        And the idea that you can’t judge a draft class right away is bull. I judged the 2015, 2016 and 2017 draft classes right away (that they were mostly reaches and weak on true talent) and I was right. Should have stayed away from Gareon Conley and moved on down the board to the next guy. That guy probably would have been Tre’Davious White, who looks like a perennial pro-bowl player. Obi was nothing but a combine hero and he was reached for in the 2nd round. Should have moved on and taken the best available MLB, Zach Cunningham or someone else. We know now that a vast majority of the 2015 and 2016 picks are trash too. Most of these picks will be thrown in the trash bin within the next 2 yrs, guaranteed.

        1. Chill out MD, It is the draft, and that is a crapshoot. How many can’t miss busts have you witnessed in your lifetime. Great players in college and a bust in the NFL. How many late round players have become stars. To name a couple that everybody is familiar with, how about Brady & Rodgers. It depends on the player, the coaching staff and the situation he is drafted into. I hate all these BS experts that sit on their butts on TV and claim to know what is going to happen. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog”, that quote will always remain true. There is no test for how much heart, courage, and determination a player has. Actually, I’m waiting to see how well the undrafted kicker we signed will do…….

      2. People talking about getting “starters” in the draft have to realize that these kids have not played a single game loaded with world class athletes. It is easy to be dominant in college. The pros are a whole new level. That is why most draft picks are busts, or just depth at best. Gruden has me concerned. I am especially concerned that Bruce Irvin said Gruden allows the players to run the building. Not good.

  2. They needed a top offensive tackle. I think it was a good move they ended up with. I would rather trade back and get Miller then trade up and get McGlichey. Honest Miller isn’t too far behind talent wise. Plus the Raiders would have had to give up pics to move down and moving back they were able to get a third round pick and turn it into Martavis Bryant which I thought was brilliant.

  3. in the end I think they will happy that they didn’t trade up and that the niners took him first.I think both players will be solid and forever linked but I just don’t believe McGlinchey will be that much better than Miller if at all; or to warrant moving up to get him or not getting the extra picks and moving down to get Miller.

  4. The haphazard feel of the draft makes me a little nervous. Was there a coherent plan? However, if the Miller kid is solid and the high risk/high reward defensive linemen work out, people will be gushing how great was the Raider’s draft! The other concern is how leaky the organization was, with rumors flowing and mostly turning out correct. Hopefully they can get a new crew of smart, loyal, and discreet scouts and personnel people!

  5. The Idea that the Raiders had a good or bad draft at this point is just dumb. You should only evaluate a draft after 4 or 5 years. We all see how the can’t miss blue chip fails to meet the grade or the 7th round pick that becomes the HOF player. So to say they missed is just foolish, what did they miss? Some analyst expectation based on one of his 9 mock drafts? SMH

  6. I believe Gruden and the Raiders knew what they were doing and had a plan going into draft day. I also believe that the draft went just as the Raiders hoped it would. All second thought opinions are based solely on who the analysts said were top players but everyone that enters the draft have talent and it’s up to the coaches to bring that talent out. Remember everyone including the Raiders passed on Carr in the first round. Draft isn’t just chance it’s a game within a game. Bryant is a great pickup if he plays like he did in Pittsburgh and Hurst isn’t really a gamble if you look at his college career. Hurst is the best DL in this years draft class according to his production in college and his heart condition didn’t just appear after college. Arden Key isn’t a slouch rushing the passer and can be coached to be better against the run. So where does everyone think the Raiders fell down? Just because reporters say it doesn’t make it true. Think on this Tom Brady arguably the best QB to play pro ball was drafted in the 6th round and labeled a backup at best. Let’s wait to see what Gruden can bring before calling him a washed up failure

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