P.J. Hall Brings Athleticism Raiders Defensive Line Badly Needs

He measures a little shorter than most NFL teams prefer for a defensive tackle, but in every other regard, P.J. Hall is a physical freak.

This video, posted by Hall, shows him squatting 700 pounds – or the rough equivalent of a Donald Penn hanging from both ends of the bar.

Hall is a similar build to Geno Atkins, who the Bengals drafted in the fourth round of the 2010 draft – the 12th defensive tackle taken in the draft that year.

Raiders defensive coordinator Paul Guenther, who coached Atkins in Cincinnati, will know how to use Hall’s athleticism along his defensive line.

Guenther probably has the clip below saved on his phone – a 300-pound tackle running down a halfback.

Notice the effort Hall gave on the play came with his team trailing by 31 points.

For the most part, it’s Maurice Hurst that Raider fans are most excited to see in the fall, but given Guenther’s success with shorter, quicker defensive tackles, don’t underestimate Hall.

His potential might be equal to or greater than anyone on the Raider defense not named Khalil Mack.

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7 thoughts on “P.J. Hall Brings Athleticism Raiders Defensive Line Badly Needs

  1. I know Hurst may be the big name, but I think Hall is the one who will rejuvenate this defense. Difference maker immediately.

  2. Kids a beast!
    I don’t care what anyone says about the Raiders draft picks, I love who we took!
    Even if only half of them pan out, we have probowl caliber players.
    I believe Our D line especially got light years better. Can’t wait to see the combination of Mack, Irvin, Key, Ellis, Hurst and Hall.
    Can’t wait!!

  3. This guy is a beast. Lot like the other beasts we just picked up in the draft. I’m thinking looking back on this draft 4 years from now Gruden will look like the genius he is and we are going to have some expensive choices to make. Raider Nation Baby!!!

  4. I don’t mind the pick, but they took him at least a round too early, as is the case with just about every draft pick this year. Oh well, we’ve got what we’ve got, so hopefully they get the best out of each of ’em!

    1. You say we took him a round too early and all our picks. How do you know that??? You spewing the same rhetoric that’s based on nothing tangible. For example, r u aware that Baltimore was ready to pick Miller at 16? or that the Pats were ready to pounce on him at 21? U still think we picked him up too early?? we like, we pick. Period.

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