Season Is Still Months Away But Pressure Is Already On Tom Cable

The 2018 draft wasn’t projected to be a great draft for offensive tackles, but the Raiders had a need and Jon Gruden was determined to fill that need in the draft.

As a result, two of Gruden’s first three picks in the draft were offensive tackles.

By most standards, Kolton Miller (pick 15 overall) and Brandon Parker (pick 65) were drafted a shade earlier than they were projected, but with all the uncertainty the Raiders have at offensive tackle, both could be starting in September.

Considering offensive line coach Tom Cable was said to be the one clamoring to draft Miller, it will be particularly important that Miller not lay an egg to begin his NFL career.

In fact, for all the pressure that’s on Miller to prove his value as a first-round pick, Cable may bear even more burden. First, he needs to be correct that Miller can be a starting NFL tackle and then he needs his starting NFL tackle to play to his potential.

Cable didn’t coach an overachieving offensive line in Seattle and he has a few doubters as he enters his second stint with the Raiders.

But Gruden likes Cable and that goes a long way these days in Alameda.

“They have faith in Tom Cable that he can kind of bring the best out of these guys,” Vic Tafur said last week during his State of the Nation podcast. “I think where we’re at now there’s a lot of pressure on Tom Cable.”

As it stands, Cable has been the biggest winner in the building since joining the Raiders.

He clearly has Gruden’s ear and managed to coax the organization into double dipping at his position group within the first 24 hours of the draft.

But as Todd Downing can attest, talented players don’t always make a coach look good and the honeymoon can end overnight.

If Cable’s offensive line in Oakland looks anything like it did in Seattle, he’s going to have a lot of explaining to do, both to his head coach and to the general manager.

We can pretend more a moment those two aren’t the same person.

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  1. Not a fan of Cable or most of Gruden`s moves,Arizona pulled a fast one on us, hope I’m wrong but we may be in for a long frustrating season !

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