Papa: Raiders Need To Remove “Not Great People” From Their Locker Room

Cris Collinsworth hinted toward it during the NBC broadcast on Sunday night and Raiders voice Greg Papa confirmed it on Monday.

The Raiders have some problems in the locker room.

“It’s something I’ve known about for a while but haven’t talked about because the coaches haven’t talked about it publicly,” Papa said Monday on 95.7 The Game. “The culture around this football team has clearly regressed. Some guys on this team they got to get out of here, that are not playing well and not great people.”

And so comes the question…

Who are the players Collinsworth and Papa are referring to?

Who is it the Raiders so desperately need out of their locker room?

Those are answers we’ll have soon enough.

You can probably take a few solid guesses. I have TWO, but you’re not getting them now (sorry).

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37 thoughts on “Papa: Raiders Need To Remove “Not Great People” From Their Locker Room

  1. Sean Smith? Looks like he is playing better. Not sure who else it could be? O lineman? D lineman? Irvin looks good. So does Mack.

    1. I said the same thing! After the Washington game they looked like a completely different team from that point on. Everyone keeps pointing at Lynch but to me he hasn’t been that big of a distraction and he’s played pretty well. Yes he’s a bit goofy on the sidelines and his Facebook show is kind of silly but other than that it’s not his fault that it took 8 weeks for Todd Downing to figure out how to use him. Also the one Game suspension for touching the referee might have something to do with it but I still think that was a bullshit call because what happened with AJ green and Ramsey this year when they were fist fighting on the football field. Absolutely nothing. No fine no suspension. The one person that seems to have a bad attitude and is not playing very well at all would be Reggie Nelson in particular… The other person that’s not playing well and kind of has a snarky attitude would be Donald Penn. I just wish at the end of the day we would have kept Bill Musgrave and dumped Norton junior. I think as raider fans we would be much happier if that happened in the offseason. But as usual we get to sit back and watch Tom fucking kiss my *** Brady win another fucking Super Bowl. Yay!😠

      1. WhAts your take on Carr ? I agree with all you said it seems they don’t follow his lead. I don’t think he’s a leader at all they gave him to much money to fast!

  2. It stars with the defence and goes into the offence and special teams there’s more than one player that’s a bad apple

  3. Yes we may have “not great people” but again it comes down to coaching and how these people are dealt with. Current coaching staff have proven they can’t deal with this type of issue properly or effectively. Players took this team over and it could not be stopped!

    1. Right! Please show me a team that DOESN’T have some ‘not good people’ on their squad – and that includes the Pats.

      It all comes down to leadership, starting from the top!

      1. Gene: EXACTLY — JDR has to go, a team comes out so flat against KC and NE, coach is dancing in locker room after sub par play in Miami — that is on the HC

  4. Greg Papa is right, the culture in the locker room took a negative turn this season. Get rid of these “Me first” players with their selfish agendas and political attitudes. There is simply no place for that on any team. A few players that fit this description are as follows:
    Marshall Lynch & Donald Penn come to mind. Bruce Irvin is borderline but he’s now motivated to play hard so as long as he doesn’t become disruptive next season, the Raiders benefit. Crabtree needs to keep personal emotions under control but he’s borderline as well. There will be many personnel changes this off season but it’s imperative they get high character players in to compete for AFC WEST next year.

  5. Football Karma, this is what you get when you dance on the sideline when routing a team, when you sit for our anthem and when you stand for the Mexican anthem. This team is lost in space. I’m not in the locker room or on the staff, so it is hard to submise what the problems are but Lynch had to go. Move to Mexico.

    1. As Americans we do what the **** we want. You want to punish people for freedom of choice move to N Korea so you don’t have to watch much of anything on tv. Otherwise quit bitching.

      Lynch is one of the only consistent bright spots on this team. I enjoy watching him punish people and IDGAF what anyone does during the anthem I tune in to watch football.

    2. No this is what you get when you betray the city of oakland all it’s fans, by taking a team away years of bad luck this is only the beginning

  6. A WR who can catch would be nice. Don’t know how you can possibly even drop a pass with those gloves. Have you ever used those gloves? Don’t even need two hands with those.

  7. My guesses would be Ward (because of that tweet) and Lynch. Lynch never seemed like he became a team first guy – all about him and his Oakland stuff.

  8. Penn, Smith, Lynch .. Penn with the hold out and now out w/his age the raiders should look else where. Lynch wil be gone pre drafts have raiders going R.B. early

  9. Mark Davis completely destroys the momentum coming off a 12-4 season by dividing the fan base and the locker room with the relocation. Derek refusing to support his black teammates in a justifiable protest. Even Tom Brady put his hand on the shoulder of one of his teammates kneeling, and Brady is also a confirmed Trumpie. Brady’s from the bay. Maybe he just gets it. Derek had his sheltered upbringing in Texas and Bakersfield.

  10. I don’t think it’s any name I’ve seen here so far. The only one that comes to mind for me is Crabtree – extremely selfish “play” to get thrown out vs Broncos, takes himself out of Several plays at end of KC game, then in the NYG game while trying to start a drive at end of first half, goes out of bounds a yard before the sticks when he could’ve easily gotten the first down. Results in punt a little later. Nearly everyone else people are taking about have been playing better in last few games than before — especially Sean smith and Beast Mode.

  11. Theres so many people and things to blame for this bad season. The way i look at it we overachieved 2016 while underachieving this year 2017.

    OFFENSE: we were predictable at play calling. Shematically we were one dimentional because players kept dropping passes. We were soft at running the ball and wr’s were inconsistent. You establish the pass by running the ball effectively. It seemed like the Raiders had it backwards at times.

    DEFENSE: Our defense played better than ladt year. The lack of offense has kept them on the field longer. Smith turned it around after week 4. Schematically we got players and tried make them fit the scheme rather than scheming around our players talents. We had lack of pass rush especially from the DT position. Injuries to our young players Melefanwu and Conely. Next year with them healthy will give our secondary a boost.

    SPECIAL TEAMS: with seabass hurt Travecio is raw and very inconsistant. Should have put Patterson at returning punts.

  12. Did any of you faida dingle berries notice that the 12-4 season only happened because of the WEAK schedule that year and that there were at the very least 6 games that the opposing teams were driving for wins and totally flaked by either fumbling or throwing an int. and there were the bad calls by the refs in some of the 6 games I refer to! The Faidas are truly the team of the decades, a decade and a half of losing seasons! lynch, craptree, cooper, penn. for a start, the entire fence dive back field. The Faidas are still years away from a playoff team. And your $$$$$$ qb isn’t worth the money. You’ll see next season😁🤡🚙NATION !

  13. He mentions “not playing well” Lynch has been playing well so let’s think who that could be? Sean Smith all season till his 2 pic game last week could be one, Jihad Ward had the weird tweets and has been bad since day one could be one, Irvin could be one even though he has improved after the KNJR firing. Could Cooper be one man he has had a real bad year and seems moody at times just by his body language.

    “The culture around this football team has clearly regressed. Some guys on this team they got to get out of here, that are not playing well and not great people.”

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