Papa: Teams Are Targeting Sean Smith When They See Man Coverage

Following a difficult 2016 season, hopes were high that Sean Smith would bounce back in year two with the Raiders.

It didn’t happen in preseason, but Smith had a fine game in week one at Tennessee. After sitting out the second week with a neck injury, Smith returned against the Redskins and struggled, particularly in man coverage (something he wasn’t asked to do as often against the Titans).

Raiders voice Greg Papa believes teams will continue to go after the Raiders $40 million cornerback.

“The opponents will tell you who you are. They are going at 21. That are targeting him,” Papa said on his 95.7 The Game program. “I mean, he’s their go through guy. He’s a big bull’s eye. They scheme it up to get him isolated. Once they know it’s man, they go right at him.”

In fairness, the Raiders secondary as a unit has been inconsistent and after three games, they’re still waiting for their first interception.

Smith wasn’t good in man coverage a year ago, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that receivers can still run by him. The biggest difference on Sunday night was that the player running by him was a 33 year-old tight end.

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5 thoughts on “Papa: Teams Are Targeting Sean Smith When They See Man Coverage

  1. another reggie mckenzie mistake that he handed overpaid for.

    mckenzie’s FA signings and draft style leaves a lot to be desired.

    take a look at how reggie has drafted the past 5 years

    he has had a few home runs but a lot more strike outs

    I’ll give him one more draft and FA class in 2018 to make my final judgment but as of right now he has one foot out the door in Oakland.

    1. Don’t be a fool. Most GMs strike out more than hit. Reggie is ridiculous for the undrafted talent he finds not to mention one of the best draft classes of the last decade with Gabe, Carr and Mack. Executive of the year isn’t easy. Reggie McKenzie earned that.

    2. Most FA signings don’t work out. Don’t pretend for one second if you are a Raiders fan that you didn’t want Sean Smith.

  2. Uh, where were we before Reggie? If any of these LBs pan out, the guy might win another award. Vanderdoes looks good, let’s see what Conley and Melifonwu can do.

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