Marshawn Lynch Growls At TMZ Photog

Donald Penn warned you. Marshawn Lynch doesn’t like talking to people he doesn’t know. He also doesn’t care to give his reasons for sitting during the national anthem – we’ve already been down that dead end street.

Over the weekend, ‘Beast Mode’ gave a TMZ photog a gentle reminder of why one shouldn’t try to make him do either.

You risk being growled at…

No doubt about it, the photog dude was prepared for the worst… and for just a moment there, it looked like he was going to get it.

twitter: @raidersbeat


2 thoughts on “Marshawn Lynch Growls At TMZ Photog

  1. Well, first of all, if you would ask the question correctly, you might have received an answer….(but probably not)
    Trump didn’t say ‘that you should be fired for NOT kneeling for the Anthem’

    He said you should be fired FOR kneeling…..

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