Pat McAfee Offered an Interesting Explanation For Jon Gruden’s History of Late-Season Collapses

One of the great mysteries to Jon Gruden’s career has been the tendency of his teams to fall apart at the end of the season. At this point, it can’t be purely coincidence that Gruden’s career record is 97-77 in September through November and 21-36 in December.

A lot of theories exist when it comes to Gruden’s late-season struggles, but former NFL kicker Pat McAfee offered a new one this week. It’s what people in NFL circles used to call “Andy Reid season” to explain the meltdowns that Reid used to have so many times late in the season.

“We used to talk about ‘Andy Reid season’ being something that was very real,” McAfee said on The Pat McAfee Show last week. “Andy Reid would draw up plays… and he would just unload all of his plays and if felt like week 10, week 11, maybe going into week 12, everyone would figure out Andy Reid’s offense and it would be a whole different team. It was called Andy Reid season.”

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@PatMcAfeeShow with a theory on Jon Gruden’s history of late-season collapses…

Of course, the “Andy Reid season” theory would make more sense if the offense was struggling, but since the mid-point of the season the Raiders have put up point totals of 37, 31, 6, 31, 27, and 27.

The offense is fine.

A more likely theory that has made the rounds concerning Gruden is that he simply wears his players out by the end of the season. It’s no secret that Gruden has endless energy when it comes to football and coaching.

Is it possible that Gruden’s teams physically and mentally run out of gas at about the same time almost every year?

Inquiring minds would love to know.

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6 thoughts on “Pat McAfee Offered an Interesting Explanation For Jon Gruden’s History of Late-Season Collapses

  1. Please stop. I someone who’s missed less than test 10 games since 1970 I can assure you that a host of late-season injuries and a absolutely incompetent defensive coordinator are the only thing that have led to where we are right now my John Gruden school and it’s not Derek Carr’s full defense sucks Emily Collins and Cory Littleton and John Abraham just suck my balls0

  2. Gruden is a good. The offence is fine. But the defense needs to put pressure on the QB cause they can’t cover for ****

  3. As a german who reads a lot of english articles, not just about the Raiders, and the comment sections of those articles i really need to ask: are americans forbidden to use any kind of punctuation in comments and tweets? Even if the commenter makes a good point, it is so annoyingly hard to read sometimes.

  4. Is Raiders Coaching Staff Unable To Develop Talent?

    from the Bleacher Report via THE RAIDER RAMBLE

    A recurring theme with these Las Vegas Raiders and their coaching staff is players leaving and finding success elsewhere. Sooner or later, we have to beg the question if this is an indication that Jon Gruden and the coaching staff can’t develop talent?

    As the Silver and Black prepare for their matchup against the Miami Dolphins, they’ll be facing a familiar face in rookie Lynn Bowden Jr. In a case of embarrassing miscalculation, the Raiders’ brass traded away their rookie without giving him a chance to see what he could do on the field. General manager Mike Mayock maintained it was a football decision at the time. If that’s true, does this mean the Raiders coaching staff doesn’t know how to utilize talent? They seem to maximize some players but there’s a recurring theme with casting out certain players. Unfortunately, when the Raiders don’t know how to use a player, they ship them out or don’t bring them back. In most cases, said players find success elsewhere.

    Recently, Josh Dubow of the Associated Press pointed this out, citing former second-round pick Mario Edwards.

    What’s The Issue With The Raiders?
    Keep in mind Edwards is just one example, since leaving the Raiders, he has accumulated 11 tackles for a loss, nine sacks, and two forced fumbles. Context is important though, those stats were amassed in three seasons since 2017, however, would this production not be enough in Las Vegas?

    Safety Karl Joseph’s another example of questionable decision making by the Raiders. In 2020, Joseph’s thrived with the Cleveland Browns. In pass coverage, he has allowed 18 completions with a 60 percent completion rate. His sole interception and four passes defensed would’ve boosted a meager Raiders pass defense. His run defense was also missed this year, he currently has a 64.0 Pro Football Focus grade.

    The message we can gather from the Raiders is that if you don’t fit the mold of what they’re trying to do, whether it’s the scheme, culture, or ‘character,’ they move on. This would be flawed if it’s true, a successful coaching staff maximizes the talent it has, regardless of flaws.

  5. This report can’t get out of it’s own way, it’s now the Gruden season, he has run out of ideas and can’t coach the back end of the season. Although Gruden coaches the offense he’s pushing them so hard that the defense is falling apart. This report points out that the offense isn’t the issue ok than look at the defense the 3 years that Gruden has been back, year one they sucked, year two they sucked more, year three didn’t think they could suck any worse but they did. Put this defense with KC what do you think would happen than put KC’s defend with the Raiders and ask the same thing.

  6. Gruden ALWAYS takes his foot off the gas pedal with a lead, goes to prevent defense at the end of the third quarter ? Runs the ball on every down for the rest of the game? That’s why we lose so much!!!!!!!

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