Will Compton Explained Why The Raiders Made the Right Call in Firing Paul Guenther

Former Raiders linebacker Will Compton played for Paul Guenther last year and he believes his former team made a good decision when they fired Guenther.

According to Compton, who talked about his time with the Raiders on his Bussin’ With The Boys podcast, Guenther was a likable person, but was not a great teacher, not the best game-planner, and played the ‘blame game’ too many times when things weren’t going well.

These were Compton’s words on his former defensive coordinator…

On Guenther’s tendency to blame others…

“I will say it was interesting being there at times. When I was taking Tahir’s [Whitehead] job, you felt like they were throwing Tahir under the bus a little bit. And being a player that was in those meetings, during the game, understanding how the headset works and all that stuff, there would be blame pushed around that you just hate seeing because you don’t want to be playing the blame game in the middle of the year.”

On Guenther’s qualities as a coach…

“What you want to see in a coach is somebody who can coach, someone who can teach game plans, who can help players understand why you are building a scheme in the first place. You want to be able to inspire your athletes. You want to be relatable to guys. You want to be optimistic. You want to be somebody that you know when you go in is going to have a good attitude because you’re all going to figure it out together. You want a coach that when bad stuff happens that you see take blame. I don’t want to get into too much, but in my opinion [Paul Guenther] didn’t check a lot of those boxes.”

On Guenther’s preparation through the week…

“There would be times where the communication would be off kilter, there would be a jam in the middle of communicating throughout the week. There was a lot of stuff you didn’t understand why we did things. An entire game plan was open on game day, whether or not you worked on it in the week. I remember sitting there, I was on Facetime with my fiancé and I was gearing up to play, I want to say it was my first start and, again, I’m still trying to catch up to a lot of stuff and I’m sitting there going over our third down plan and I’m like we’ve got about 25-30 calls on just third down defense. Which is a lot for a defense because you only have so many plays you can run during the week. When you are game planning and practicing, you have about 30-ish plays that you run during practice. Fifteen of those you might be working on third down on Thursday. One day a week you are working on specifically third down, you tie it all together on Friday and Saturday you do a couple plays, but to get through a lot of the game planning it would be hard because you run a lot of the new calls and stuff and then when you get in the game, the entire book was open. It was like a Madden playbook… there was just a lot going on.”

On Guenther’s hot seat status a year ago…

“I will say he was on the hot seat a little bit last year. The defense ended up communicating and playing well at the end of the year… but we played well at the end of the year and I think it saved him a little bit because I do think he was on the hot seat last year.”

More than anything, Guenther’s defenses were consistently among the worst in the NFL. By plenty of metrics his defense was the worst in the league this year… and those metrics speak louder than any quote from a former player.

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48 thoughts on “Will Compton Explained Why The Raiders Made the Right Call in Firing Paul Guenther

  1. Colin Cowerd Has Blunt Comment About Jon Gruden

    “The Raiders and Gruden are getting worse at the end of years,” Cowherd said on Friday. “Assuming the Raiders miss the playoffs, it’ll be the third time Jon Gruden has coached a team, started 6-3 and missed the playoffs. . . . Is it probable that Gruden’s an average coach, and he’s more media marketing maven than football genius?”

    Jon Gruden has a career .377 winning percentage December: “He’s just an average coach. It’s what he is and what the numbers say. Not everybody that’s won a Super Bowl is a genius.” — @ColinCowherd

    Colin Cowherd may have a point here.
    Jon Gruden-coached teams just aren’t good football teams at the end of seasons, unlike Bill Belichick-coached teams. The best coaches tend to start bad and finish near-perfect.

    Gruden may want to look in the mirror and do a whole lot of reflecting on how this season’s played out. The Raiders could benefit from it.

    Sometimes the truth is awful, and sometimes it hurts. We will never be a contending ball club with Gruden at the helm. If Gruden were a real man, he’d apologize to the fans for being a failure and resign today.

    2-26 down the stretch! A few highlights (or lowlights):

    1-5 to close out the season last year.

    1-5 to close out his rookie year as head coach with the Raiders after a 7-3 start

    0-4 to end his reign as buccaneers coach after a 9-3 start

    1-6 (or 2-5 at best) to finish this season, when we controlled our own destiny after a 6-3 start.

    1. Gruden = ” over rated “. Time for a new start clean house mayock can’t sign good free agents and Gruden can’t coach. Dolphins 44 raiders 12.

    2. Excellent stats on how they finish. I also remember they finished the ‘01 season 0-3 costing them a first-round bye after starting 10-3. Forcing them to host the Jets in the first round only to end up on the road at New England for the Tuck Rule

    3. Cowherd is off base……this year, like last year, we are bad at the end of the year because we are running out of players. Injuries and bad defensive coaching, have made this a very bad defensive team. Gruden does have his hand in this to blame somewhat too. But it is obvious to see, our secondary is the worst in the league now because of injuries, youth, and bad coaching. If we had an “average defense”, we are in the playoffs.

      1. So true 👍 on point. We have had a bad defense for a long time. Hopefully we can bring in a good DC that can clean it up and put it all together. I would be happy if we can be the middle of the pack on defense.


      3. Do you hear yourself? “Injuries and bad defensive coaching” Well that’s the subject buddy, the coaching part. Oh and injuries, Grudens son is on the strength & condition staff so what you got now? EVERY team has injuries, its how you manage the options when you’re down and out. The ATL game, Carr should have been pulled after the half when it was clear he wasn’t going to come out of his funk and why would he? His wife gave birth to his baby girl that weekend so why would his mind be on the game, understandably so. As the coach, you sit him and play MM. As far as Paul Guenther goes, when the defense starting showing signs of weakness you get ride of him when things are salvageable, not near the end when the playoffs are out of reach. Gruden fires PG NOT after the KC game before the bye but on the shortest play week giving Rod Marinelli to prepare with 3 days. Who does this?! Gruden!!!!!

        If I was to write a book or read a book on what not do as a coach, the 1st entry would read DON’T HIRE JOHN GRUDEN!
        Or how about coaching for dummies, a guidebook for John Gruden and any one associated with him

    4. Lol can you really blame Gruden for anything? Here’s the the biggest stat for the Raiders in 2020 the covid year. You ready for this?..
      4. Let me spell that out for you FOUR.
      There are only FOUR starters on this team that haven’t miss a game due to injury, sickness, or covid protocol.
      Maxx Crosby, Gabe Jackson, Darren Waller, and Rodney Hudson. Three of those players are on offense.

      1. It’s a good thing none of the other 31 teams had to deal with injury, sickness, or covid protocol.

      2. Titans, Saints, Ravens have had covid issues. Niners have had injuries. You haven’t kept track of what’s been a normal amount of loss per team to covid, and where we rank.

        The bigger point being this has been a Gruden tradition across two decades on three teams ☹️

        Gets too conservative as the reward gets closer. True for both Red Zone offense and 2nd half of season.

  2. I knew it wasn’t a good teacher if this game..and he made everything difficult for players and some didn’t like how he pointed fingers at other players…

  3. He’s gone. Good riddance we do better with Marinelli and even better with Wade Phillips and don’t talk to me about Philips Peter 3:4 guy the guy is brilliant he can do for 3 just as much as he does a 3/4. Onward to Victory my brothers f*** Paul guenther

  4. It seemed in Guenther’s system that often the secondary was lost, didn’t know assignments, and then were blamed for not communicating. And having worked for a couple of managers that were half-assed planers, I felt for the guys. I think Joseph was stunted in his development because of P.G.

    1. Paul should’ve been released b4 this year started, I’m more upset with the head honcho Gruden, this buddy ball coaching staff thing is rediculous , it’s business, get strong Competent efficient personnel to develop enhance put those players in the right position to be successful . Fire Buckner , bring in buddy Marranelli , Greg Olson is a Bona fide clip board holder. Owning a business, if you don’t surround yourself with people that’s smarter than you, to carry out duties. I like Gruden, but ego arrogance hv to go for the sake of these 45 plus men. He once said on three different occasions “ I’ll put my coaching staff against any in the NFL, Y make a remark like that first place , and the raiders staff aren’t in the top 14. Get it together $100 million fall or man.

      1. Gruden is definitley not all that.Dont give you that confident feeling.Just lacking that extra push to get us over the top.Not hitting on all cylinders.You can see and feel it.We should be getting better with more consistency .Same old Raider thing.Been used to it for a long time now and really tired of it.Gruden does have a lot to do with it.Its all about taking pride in your work.You need to get on up so you can get on up.DONT WANNA HERE NEXT YEAR .ITS PLAYED OUT.

  5. This a no brainer…doesn’t take great minded people to figure out he wasn’t the one…it shows on all our games we lost and came close to losing. Fact of the matter is, Defense couldn’t stop a giraffe from crawling into a man hole cover when it was time to make a stop at end of half or game. Seems like 40 seconds is still alot on the clock for ANY qtrback to come back and score

  6. Wade Phillips, Lovie Smith, Dan Quinn, Raheem Morris are 4 Excellent Defensive Cordinators, who all had Top 10 “D’s” all around Solid Performing Players that were never out of Position, and New there Job’s?
    Get Done “Chucky” or Take the Train out of Town, Raider Nation has been Disappointed for to many yrs. Get it done and Stop with the Bullshit and hold not only Player’s Accountable but Gruden & Mayock as well?

  7. I believe you Will Compton. Looks like a true mess everytime I watch a game. I am not a big Derek Carr fan but I do believe he played well enough this year to deserve better from the defense. Lots of what happened this year was not his fault but I still will never believe he has what it takes to get us there. He has only had one good year in 7 years and that can’t go on any longer

  8. He definitely has a point. Gruden has always been overrated. Remember he only has the one Superbowl win and that was with a team that Tony Dungy built. The team he built got their butts handed to them in the Superbowl by that team. Hell we should even give Rob Ryan a call to see if he would be interested in coming back to be DC. He wasn’t that bad a coordinator. Lots to choose from. Just do something!!

  9. ALL COMMENTS ON POINT. Maybe Wade Phillips for DC. I sat it again Hue Jackson FOR OC ONLY. YES I REMEMBER HIM AS HC, BUT I ALSO REMEMBER WHAT HE DID AS OC WITH LESS TO WORK WITH THEN HE WOULD HAVE NOW! Mark ain’t throwing away 70 million nor can he afford it.

  10. You would beat your old team, if you knew all the plays on offense and defense. Yet, it was his team that made it to the SuperBowl to be beat by him. It was his team, that made it to the AFC Championship game, that lost to the Ravens. It was his team that fell to the Patriots in the Tuck Rule game. Some of you are, as lost as the defense under Guenther system.

    1. Exactly. Bandwagon jumpers don’t know or care about a lot of that history. When Callahan shows up to the big dance with Gruden’s playbook in hand it’s over before it started. Yet all you ever hear is “Gruden won with a Tony Dungy team”. I think it was Sapp who said “we knew every thing they were doing” or something to that effect. And it was obvious. Had Gruden and Dungy been in place with their respective “teams” and faced off in that game, Gruden’s team would have easily been the victors. They were a better team.

      1. It was John Lynch who made that statement and he was right. You would be a really awful coach if you couldn’t beat a team, that is better than yours, while they are running the playbook you designed.

        1. That’s water under the bridge now , just win now baby , Gruden get out of your own way , catch up to today’s football, remove your friends from coaching that’s not getting the job done . Be a true leader that project good players and coaches, hv a clear vision on proper personnel and stop comparing your coaching staff against the rest of the league. Be better think better approach things better and you’ll do better. Don’t be afraid to have ppl smarter than you around you to help you.

      2. The Raiders would have beaten 30 of the other 31 teams in the Super Bowl that year. Only one.they couldn’t was the one whose head coach played as Rich Gannon on the scout team that week because he knew him and all his tendencies (I.e. the pump fakes that teams fell for all year – the Bucks never bit once). The tuck rule. Year before that, Siragusa flops on Gannon and takes him out of the AFC title game.
        All that is in the past. The team needs a DC who can put pressure on the QB. It is beyond frustrating watching opposing QBs sitting in the pocket just waiting for someone to get open. The secondary can only cover for so long. And the Raideres DBs don’t have that kind of margin for error.

    2. That’s what I say too, not to mention the bad calls we always get from the refs all year but especially when it looks like we’re going to be relevant at the end of the Season!!!

      1. I wish Gruden speaks about the officiating, heck they’re going to jam us anyway, let it be known, point out the bad calls , can’t change much they’ve been jerking us for 20 years, fight for your team. If you’re scared get a Guard dog.

  11. When there’s a big play or a TD by the other team and you see our players their hands on their hips, looking around bewildered, you know something is amiss. It’s like they have no idea where they’re supposed to be or if they had help behind them. It’s hard to watch, but I’m still here, hoping for the best from management. A little late, but at least they finally got rid of Paul Blunder. Let’s finish strong…NATION!!!

  12. Fifty two years a Raider lover. I never thought that I would see the Oakland Raiders being a half *** half coached and sometimes considered a joke of a team. Gruden doesn’t care if they win. He has taken the money and checked out. Show some dignity John. Resign now and give back some of the money that you have stolen.

  13. So you guys think Raiders can do better than Gruden… ha
    You guys forget all the coaches between Gruden and Gruden…well ill remind you they sucked big hairy eggs. Gruden def needs better redzone and 2nd half adjustment but gruden isnt the one who can’t block on the one yard line.

    1. Yeah Gruden can’t block on the 1 yard line but he should put the players in better situations. As an old school guy Gruden knows better than to keep running the out of the shotgun. Why do we have a FB in Alex Ingold and not use him. If you’re a true Raider fan you know Gruden loves to hit the fullback out in the flat but that doesn’t work if you don’t use him in( I formation) as a lead blocker to set up play action and the defense has the talent although we let alot get away. Gruden made headlines all last year about not having pass rushers after giving up Khalil Mack. But if you giving up a Khalil Mack why wouldn’t you keep a bonified stud in Denico Autry who averaged at least 6sacks, second on the team and was vastly underpayed. Then last year with Maxx Crosby showing up in offenses backfield at will on the other side was situational pass rushers in Benson Mayowa who had 7 sacks in very limited action and was payed just above league minimum we let go. This year Maxx has 6 sacks and no one else even comes close to his measly 6 sacks. That’s unheard of. We also had probably the worst linebacking core in football last year. They tried to address that situation but it hasn’t worked out yet and the depth at the position is horrible. And the draft picking leaves your head scratching most of the time. We didn’t draft a DT or LB which are our problems of need. I haven’t seen one all out blitz while in press coverage all year. I haven’t even seen any DB in press coverage beside Mullen to be exact. That’s not trusting your speed and technique. I love the 4-3 defense but you gotta have studs upfront and rangy Linebackers. But it starts upfront we have to get a dominant DT

      1. This latest debacle from Gruden and the raiders says it all. They are who people thought they were, not good enough, Gruden is an average coach, nothing special especially in special situations. Not a $100million man. Oh well . Gruden better humble himself , get rid of some of his coaching best buddies and get some real men in there that would help him and even challenge him respectfully. Else expect the same results next year. Sorry. Dissatisfied raider fan.

  14. If Gruden is a Genius, then what would you call Andy Reid???

    Mark cannot eat $70,000,000.00 but he can dictate that the OC call the plays.

    While we’re at it trade Carr for hopefully a No. 1 pick + + then bundle and go get Trevor Lawrence, unlike Carr, TL is elite right now, Carr will NEVER be elite. Have him learn behind Mariota for a year.

  15. Blah…blah…blah….so what’s new? Ever wondered why the Raiders have more injuries than every other team in the league, and always making excuses for it? Our team management and coaches are the worst in tge league, terrible players and contracts, and a horrible circumstance on buddy-buddy staffing without any accountability to ownership or the fans of the Nation.
    Gruden and Mayock should both turn in their badges and stop wasting Mark Davis money and Al Davis legacy. The last two drafts have been a complete disgrace and bust; free agency has been a huge bust with large sums of money on bums; coaching is at tge bottom each and every year…what don’t you see?
    Crudeness has a lily-white good ole boy staff with a highly diverse team, and the good ole days are over. Lo he Smith or Raheem Morris are your top two contenders in my opinion, and they need to be given complete control of the defense; and a high performing IC needs to take over the offense, and if Gruden stats then he should be the bug internal analyst and cheerleader that he best can be. It’s time for big changes and the tine is now!
    Finally, Mayo j needs to tighten up and get over his boy crush with Clemson and Alabama duds, and find talented hungry players that Kay it on the line each and every night. Damon Annette, John Abram, Tanner Muse, Cellini Ferrell, now Josh Jacobs are all overrated and will never be stars in this league without some serious coaching and scheme changes. Let’s go Mark Davis…put your foot up Grudens *** and take charge of your team the way that your Dad did! Your family and the Nation deserves better, and the Nation us falling down at your feet Mark…is your fantasy with the current status quo of your team working or not?
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Nation, and may we get new coaches and management upgrades in 2021…just win baby!
    Coach L

    1. I feel you in a lot of ways , but I believe Gruden can do much better, if he gets out of his own way. The arrogance, egotistical crap hv to go. , he plays a Chucky character , he ain’t a tough guy so stop the noise, Enough already. Be accountable to those 45 plus young men to win. Not bring in all your dud friends. With a middle of the pack defense we would hv won 2 or 3 more games, but he’s the top dog and if he can’t or won’t evaluate the times the situation and the personnel better it’s all on him. We could use a O coordinator to help not hold a clip board, Olson is like Gregg Knapp useless. Get some innovation in there to help Gruden, especially in the red zone. This can be fixed I believe, Gruden needs to understand what TRUE COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE MEANS !!!

  16. Gruden only won a super bowl because he coached the team he beat in that game. After that Tampa fell apart under Gruden. As a commentator he talked a good game, but since he returned to coaching he doesn’t follow his own advice. Paul should have been released at the end of the season last year. This falls directly on the coach. Chucky please , please resign.

    1. He don’t necessarily have to resign, but catch up with times , today’s football analytically , put his ego and arrogance aside, stop the friendship ride for all his coaching staff and people that won’t just me yes men to him. If you’re with me knock on wood. Lol.

    1. Actually, Will came in mid-season last year and played well. But evidently performance didn’t matter to Guenther so Will wasn’t brought back. Pity, because he was better than Cory Littleton played this season.

  17. Y’all got it soooo wrong! Gruden is a **** good if not great football coach! Ya know he did finally fire Guenther thank God! But I don’t give a **** what anyone says Gruden is not to blame for injuries and the fact we have had to suffer losses due to many of them is FOOTBALL not on the coach! Now has he made some bad in game play calls…. Absolutely but all GREAT COACHES HAVE!
    So I SAY GTHOH! Stop down talkin my/our COACH! The man is rebuilding us back to GREATNESS. So Colin COWARD, shut up! Your not a coach never have been and never could be.
    People need to realize one thing, yes we started strong and yes we are very capable of winning many games but don’t sit here and try and say “injuries are an excuse”….. I would like to see any team try to win out with less than 6 starters on the field at a time. Defense was bad because of our Coordinator not the lack of talent and determination by our guys! Straight up! Then we get hit with COVID and Injuries GTHOH!!! I know Chucky and like the GREAT COACH HE IS, he does put the blame on his self for unnecessary reasons but fact stands the RAIDERS are truly something special and we will be lighting things up again real soon! AUTUMN WIND

  18. 10 years, $100 million. For such a contract wouldn’t it be expected that in year 3 of the experiment that we would be knocking on the door of the playoffs? Come on folks, 6-2 record and you do a 180 and head south! Just look at the Browns, Bills, Dolphins, and Colts…they have had to deal with COViD, injuries and similar distractions. There is no accountability in this organization….none!

  19. I just can’t believe how long this has been going on Loosing. It’s been to **** long to be loosing or not getting anywhere. You can’t tell me that you can learn on winning. The Raiders shouldn’t gone this long and not have a good winning season or something to hope for. I have not had nothing to get excited for this team in a long long time. The Raiders certainly got the loosing down. I’m a long time Raider fan and I’m tired of bitching how bad this team is and it’s it’s a shame. This is not the Raider that I’m use to seeing this bad. I wish or dream LOL that the Raiders get there bleep together!! I’ll keep saying JUST WIN BABY!

  20. Too many haters claim to be fans….. Its Carr… Wait, its Gruden….. stfu. If building a championship team was easy, all you idiots would have a job. We knew last year Gunther had to go but Gruden stuck to the plan. Changes had to be made and hes made them. Starting all over from scratch AGAIN is really going to make us better right?

  21. from The Bleacher Report via The Raider Ramble

    Signing Jason Witten May Be Raiders Most Questionable Move In 2020

    The Las Vegas Raiders shocked the NFL world by signing 17-year veteran Jason Witten. Not only did this shock the league, but it left fans wondering what the purpose of the move was. It was not clear how Witten would fit into the picture with Darren Waller and Foster Moreau already on the roster. Fast forward to the end of the 2020 season, and these same questions around Witten’s purpose seem unanswered.

    Jason Witten doesn’t offer any clear strengths to the Raiders
    Witten instantly assumed a featured role alongside Waller. While ’83’ made the most of his snaps, the same cannot be said about the former Dallas Cowboys tight end. Early in the season, it looked like Witten’s role was going to be primarily as a blocking tight end with a few targets in the passing game. Not only has he struggled blocking in 2020, but he was also a borderline liability.

    On multiple occasions, Witten has given up crucial sacks, like he did against Buffalo and Tampa Bay. He hasn’t fared much better in the running game as we saw in the most recent game versus Los Angeles. It was also quite obvious he’s lost a step since returning to football. His game speed is quite slow and has made the coaching staff look silly anytime he sees passes his way. This should frighten fans, as there’s no obvious strength for a player that has played 366 snaps in 2020.

    The former All-Pro brings veteran leadership to the tight end group
    When the Raiders signed him, it looked like Witten would take a back seat to the young tight end duo and have a veteran-leader role. Bringing leadership and experience he has gained over the last two decades to this young team. Nobody will argue he’s filled that role well even if his play on the field has been subpar.

    Though he has not led by example, Witten’s experience and teachings have brought Waller and Moreau along as blockers and have shown them how to exploit weaknesses in coverage. That alone should make this signing at the very least understandable.

    At the same time, the veteran has pulled snaps from these studs and hasn’t provided enough value on the field. A lot happens behind closed doors, and Witten is a good teammate and a good leader. However, it is still hard to fathom as to why he sees time over any other tight end on the Raiders roster.

    Jason Witten is stunting Moreau’s growth
    With Waller entrenched as the team’s number one tight end, the insertion of Witten into the lineup unfortunately pushed Foster Moreau out of the equation. The sophomore tight end saw a steep decline in snaps this year due to the veteran’s presence. In the few cases Moreau has been targeted, he has shined. Tallying a 1.77 yards per route run, Moreau blows Witten’s 0.58 average out of the water.

    To continue, Moreau has seen eight targets this season, resulting in six catches for 133 yards and two touchdowns. The Raiders have targeted Witten 12 times, resulting in eleven catches for a measly fifty-seven yards and two touchdowns. It is very disheartening to see a very promising player in Moreau be overshadowed by a player who is simply not as good.

    The biggest problem with signing Witten is the dent he’s put on Moreau’s development as a player. Hopefully, in 2021, we will see the Raiders move their focus back to their promising tight end duo and not try to improve arguably the team’s biggest strength.

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