PFF: Carrie Among The Best, Hayden Among The Worst In Week One

Lost in the disappointment of last week’s awful start to the season, the Raiders quietly got another good performance from second-year cornerback, TJ Carrie.

In just his fifth career start, Carrie gave up two receptions on five targets, according to Pro Football Focus. Even more impressive was his +3.5 PFF rating in pass coverage – good for second-best among 97 NFL cornerbacks evaluated. Admittedly it’s a small sample size, but Carrie is also coming off a preseason where he ranked no. 4 in coverage among 179 cornerbacks rated by PFF.

Carrie gave up 6 receptions on 12 preseason targets.

On the opposite side of Oakland’s defensive formation, PFF was not as impressed. DJ Hayden received a -4.6 coverage rating on Sunday – good for dead last (no. 97) among NFL cornerbacks in week one. Hayden was targeted in coverage nine times by Cincinnati, giving up seven receptions for 67 yards and a touchdown.

This week, the Raiders secondary will face a Ravens offense that passed for only 117 yards (0 TD, 2 INT) last week in Denver.

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