PFF Game Grades: The Raiders Best And Worst Of The First Two Weeks

Each week Pro Football Focus hands out performance grades for every player in the NFL and whether you put stock in their analysis or not, the data they pass along is at the very least a great discussion.

It’s important to remember when reviewing game grades that 1) it’s not an exact science and 2) every position has a different value – a factor that isn’t considered in PFF grades. Derek Carr, who has a PFF grade of 84.0, is obviously playing a position that carries more weight than the others.

Here’s the best and worst of the Raiders roster over the first two weeks according to PFF (Pro Football Focus) – some of their data was expected, but each list offers a surprise to two.


5 – Sean Smith (86.4). So much for Smith not making the team. He was the Raiders best cornerback in week one, but was out with a neck injury in week two.

4 – Karl Joseph (86.4). The Raiders 2016 first-round pick is living up to the hype. Everyone knew Joseph could hit like a ton of bricks, but he showed coverage skills in week one and was dynamic on blitzes in week two. Seems the Raiders plan to unleash Joseph similar to the way Pittsburgh once deployed Troy Polamalu.

3 – Rodney Hudson (88.2). Always dependable, the Raiders have arguably the best center in football in Hudson. Once the highest-paid at his position, Hudson’s contract is looking more team friendly all the time.

2 – Kelechi Osemele (88.4). Maybe the most violent offensive lineman in football. Maybe the best offensive lineman in football. The Ravens made a grave error letting Osemele get away in free agency.

1 – Khalil Mack (90.8). Even when he’s off, Mack scores better than his peers. He simply does everything at an elite level and takes no plays off. After the season his PFF grades are going to translate to the richest contract his position has ever seen. Count on it.


5 – Gabe Jackson (55.6). The Raiders signed Jackson to a five-year, $55 million contract in the offseason and although the Oakland offensive line is thriving, PFF hasn’t been impressed with Jackson so far. According to their analysis, Jackson has been solid in pass protection but underwhelming as a run blocker.

4 – Cory James (49.9). In the past, James has been at his best defending the run and has struggled in coverage. This season it’s been the opposite, according to PFF. His grade against the run (42.4) is much lower than his grade in pass coverage (73.0).

3 – David Amerson (44.7). Amerson gets the lowest PFF grade of anyone in the Raiders secondary. The truth is, Amerson has been the victim of a few outstanding throws and catches in the first two weeks, but it’s still a little concerning – particularly against the pedestrian receivers he’s faced in the first two weeks.

2 – Bruce Irvin (42.3). Irvin is off to a slow start. He hasn’t produced much of a pass rush and has four tackles in two games. Of all the names on this list, Irvin’s might be the most alarming. Some of the Raiders biggest defensive plays in 2016 came from Irvin and that’s one of the few aspects of last year’s defense that doesn’t need to change.

1 – Tyrell Adams (37.9). The biggest issue with Adams at this point is his grade in pass coverage (36.6). He has played only 62 snaps so he’s not exactly a regular, but if he’s going to be a regular, this grade will need to improve.

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4 thoughts on “PFF Game Grades: The Raiders Best And Worst Of The First Two Weeks

  1. I still don’t understand why Jenkins was released. After the the first two games my thought was that Morrow took his roster spot but based on James and Adams grades and the way Jenkins was playing preseason I’m just surprised. I know these are different lb positions but we need talented linebackers! Hopefully Morrow continues to shine as his play count increases.

    1. I was a little surprised too. There are more than one way to get cut and it could have been as simple as not liking his effort or work habits. Regardless Morrow looks like a real gem so far.

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