PFF Grades Indicate Derek Carr has Improved in Each of the Last Four Years

Derek Carr’s career has been full of ups and downs, but in the big picture his career has been one down year and a lot of “ups” ever since – at least in terms of his development as a player.

Based on Pro Football Focus analytics, Carr essentially dropped off for one season (2017) and his play has been climbing ever since. This is the fourth consecutive year that PFF grades have indicated significant improvement in Carr’s play.

Until this year, PFF graded 2016 as the best year of his career, but Carr has steadily improved since 2017 – at almost a five-point increment each year.

Courtesy: Pro Football Focus

Through 7 games this year, Carr is the second highest-graded passer in the NFL behind only Tom Brady. Most impressive about Carr’s career year, though, is that he isn’t necessarily dominating behind a good offensive line. PFF grades Brady’s offensive line in Tampa as the no. 3 pass-blocking line in the NFL compared to the Raiders who come in a no. 24.

Carr isn’t particularly benefiting from a reliable running game this year, either. The Raiders 3.5 yards per carry is lower than every team in the league but Houston. The Raiders’ 85.4 rushing yards per-game is fourth-worst in the NFL. That’s better than only Miami, Houston, and the New York Jets, who have a combined record of 4-19.

Safe to say, Carr is the Raiders’ most valuable offensive player and even that statement might not be giving him enough credit.

Which begs the question moving forward…

How good will Carr and the offense be if/when the Raiders’ offensive line improves and they start running the ball better?

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4 thoughts on “PFF Grades Indicate Derek Carr has Improved in Each of the Last Four Years

  1. I’ve said it for years. DC4 has improved every year I’ve seen him.which started here in my hometown.Im not surprised at all. DC4 has been the solution. But never the problem for the Raiders.

  2. Must get more production from our running backs. Need help offensive line trade deadline is soon approaching no moves for a right tackle any help along Theo line. Why? Carr has great control on the offense. With 10 games left we must protect Carr much better or if he gets hurt. Kiss the playoffs goodbye.

  3. Es vrrdad es muy buen Qb no como el payaso de Wilson o la vedete de Rogers y menos como la momia de Rotismugrer se merece una excelente calificacion y los numeros lo dicen todo Gerardo Rivera C ( Gerry Rice)

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