Derek Carr Said there was a Moment in his Career when he Stopped Trying to be “Everybody’s Friend”

Derek Carr is having the best season of his career and it’s becoming clear that he isn’t just growing as a quarterback. He’s also growing as a leader.

Carr recorded an interview last week with Harvester Sports and most of the conversation since the hour-long sit down has revolved around his contract and a few of the stories he talked about with his nephews. But a detail that hasn’t gotten much attention is the way he talked about his growth as a leader. And more specifically, one of the areas he wasn’t always consistent as a young leader on the team.

“I’ve seen myself grow with holding people to a standard and I’ve seen our play get better,” Carr said. “It wasn’t natural for me at first because I just wanted to play football and be everybody’s friend, but it hit me, I won’t say when, but it hit me at one point [that] I’m not here to be everybody’s friend.”

“If you’re my teammate, you’re my teammate,” Carr continued. “If we’re friends after this. Awesome. I had to come to the realization, because what it really inside of me is pushing people and holding them to that standard, and so I had to realize that I’m not going to be for everybody. That’s hard for my personality because I wanted everybody to like me, but I came to the realization that not everybody is going to like me. I’m not for everybody. I’m okay with that because I’m going to challenge you to be your best.”

It’s an interesting admission by Carr to talk about his desire for everyone to like him. It’s also been clear in the second half of his pro career that he has become less concerned with the impression people have of him.

One impression that everyone has of him right now, though, is that he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL again.

And wouldn’t it be interesting to know which situation pushed Carr to stop trying to be everyone’s friend?

He definitely acknowledged there was a specific moment. Inquiring minds would love to know…

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