POLL: Do You Believe That Is Aldon Smith In The Video?

Ok, loyal fans. You’ve seen the Periscope account and you’ve seen the video(s). Do you believe the person in the “Fire Up Session” is Aldon Smith?

Smith cast his vote and went with a firm “NO” via his verified twitter account.


To be clear, this poll isn’t about proving who is in the video. The question is simply, do you think it’s Aldon Smith or not?

Either way, there’s good news. Your opinion (and mine) doesn’t matter. Smith will either fail the drug test(s) or he won’t.

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14 thoughts on “POLL: Do You Believe That Is Aldon Smith In The Video?

  1. I hope not, for the simple reason that he is a human being and I wouldn’t wish failure on anyone.

  2. Here’s the thing . ..if it ends up being Aldon, then he’s hands down the dumbest athlete ever. However, without a failed drug test this video means nothing. No one can prove without a doubt that it was or wasn’t tobacco as opposed to weed, nor can they prove that it was Aldon that took a hit. Unfortunately, in this country, and especially with Goodell…it’s guilt before innocence. He has been an upstanding player & teammate since joining the Raiders, surprisingly. So some idiot possibly jacks Aldon without proof, and he still pays the price…even though he’s turning his life around? Stop judging (cough…Stephen A), until he fails, or doesn’t!

  3. Come on people! The question was do you think it’s Aldon or not?
    Not do you think Aldon is smoking weed or tobacco or did he even hit it?

  4. Aldon has been testing for substances. It doesn’t make sense when he is testing weekly. THC cannabis substance will test positive up two weeks after using. If he tested after the video was revealed then why Investigate a prank.

  5. I hope it’s not him, not only because it will take him off the field, but because of the ignorant *** things that were being said in the video.
    I hope Aldon Smith is more of a decent human being than the one portrayed in the video. If it is him, he deserves to be suspended.
    It’s unfortunate that any member of society acts and talks that way.

  6. If it is Aldon Smith, whether he is smoking weed or not, he is using very poor judgement at a time that he needs to show a low profile and exercise restraint. With four months to go on his suspension this is just stu—pid!!!

  7. If this is him….how could you be this stupid to throw away the money he is, by blowin it down???….At the same time to his defense..The audio gets grainy when you hear Aldon Smith….

  8. He has not shown any SMARTS since the start evidently! Now is it him in this video. ???? Is there a HAND Expert in the CROWD?

  9. Innocent until proven guilty. But I don’t thnk it’s him. Notice the hand, it’s to small & light, plus AldonSmith is tattooed up.

  10. Y’all gotta take a look at the hand comparison pics I saw. I’d say def not him.lol!

  11. I truly hope it isn’t, but I won’t be at all surprised if it is.

    It’s been obvious the young man was (maybe still is) in need of help. What I don’t get is the ban prevents him from being in the supportive, team environment of being around his teammates who could help and encourage him to stay on the right path. Pretty sure seeing Jack Del Rio, Derek Carr, and Kahlil Mack (among others) every day would help keep him on the straight and narrow.

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