Aldon Smith’s Defense? The Video “Not Me”

Aldon Smith has responded, via his verified twitter account, to a recent video that appears to show him violating the league’s substance abuse policy. If you were hoping for a believable defense, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

Perhaps after some consideration, Smith and his lawyer decided this was his best explanation. The problem with that? It’s clearly his face and his voice throughout the account. The account is obviously connected to Smith. The only explanation now is that someone created the “fire up session” to set him up – his face is never shown in that video, but it does appear to be his voice.

The more believable defense would have been to suggest that the video was a joke – not a funny joke, but a joke nonetheless. Instead, he’s apparently going to deny that he’s the guy in the video who looks like him and sounds like him – and soon enough, will probably be suspended like him.

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5 thoughts on “Aldon Smith’s Defense? The Video “Not Me”

  1. Such a shame. It’s obviously him. I had high hopes he was turning his life around. Maybe this time he’s out of the NFL permanently.

  2. His face isn’t even in the video, so unless you’re referring to his skin tone (a MASSIVE generalization), I don’t see what you mean by “looks like him”. Isn’t he being tested regularly? Why don’t we just wait for actual results before we make judgements

  3. Is his face in the video or not? 1st you say it is then you say it’s? And then you say his face is in the video. All saw was a hand and heard a voice. @Raidersbeat let’s be more clear an distinctive in the reporting. Not misleading and subjective.

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