Prior to Sunday, There Had Been “Frustration on the Team” That Jon Gruden Didn’t Use Kenyan Drake More

Kenyan Drake had his best game as a Raider on Sunday and based on a report from Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter, Drake’s increased presence within the team’s post-Gruden offense is something some in the organization had been wanting to see for a while.

“There was frustration on the team, we talked about it. There was frustration that Kenyan was underused with Jon [Gruden],” Carpenter said on Las Vegas 920 AM radio’s The Morning Tailgate with Clay Baker.

Beyond Drake’s workload, it sounds like Gruden may not have been the driving force behind the Raiders’ decision to give Drake a two-year, $14.5 million deal.

“That was a Mike Mayock thing,” Carpenter said of the Raiders pursuit of Drake in free agency. “Mike Mayock went to Jon Gruden and said ‘listen, I think Kenyan Drake offers us something in our offense that we don’t have.’ And so Jon brings him in and then Jon didn’t use him.”

Obviously, Gruden signed off on the decision to sign Drake, but after five weeks it was becoming clear that Gruden wasn’t using him as much as advertised in the offseason. Drake filled in admirably while Josh Jacobs was out with a toe injury, but there’s no question that Drake is better suited for a more versatile role similar to the way he was deployed this week.

Drake’s final stat line against the Broncos on Sunday: 4 carries, 34 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 2 receptions, 39 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD.

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12 thoughts on “Prior to Sunday, There Had Been “Frustration on the Team” That Jon Gruden Didn’t Use Kenyan Drake More

  1. It is evident that many fans were frustrated with Gruden in multiple ways. If the fans are frustrated, don’t ya suppose the staff and owner and players are too? Chucky seemed to be suffering from hardening of the head. The Raiders rallied around Rich B, Gus, Olsen and played well after a tumultuous week. We won’t win every game. But here’s a possibility: if we go into the bye week at 5 and 2, there are ten remaining games. If we win half that should put us in the post season. I’m stoked!!!

  2. It’s good when he was the 1st time hated to see him traded excited when he came back ecstatic that he’s gone!

    1. Watch out Mark Davis there coming for you just like they did All Davis. Gruden is a great coach and has a lot of heart for his players and the players work hard for him. Going to miss him in that great Silver & Black.

  3. Yea I Gruden likes players and wants to use them only..he had a bunch of weapons on this team and never used them at all..but he gone now and this offense will look better cause DC can use his weapons now..

    1. I’m a Raider first and foremost! And I work at the Allegiant stadium,.
      Beautiful Play, I believe in the RAIDERS! The Team and now just look forward and
      JUST WIN BABY!!!

  4. Good article. It is true Drake has a lot to offer. Just hoping he continues to contribute at a high level.

  5. Need. To. Tun. Ball better. More screens.s
    Quick. Dumps. Move ball short. Passes. Reverses. Quick snap counts.

  6. Good riddance! Over rated coach terrible talent evaluator horrible racist anyone is better!!

  7. Hated gruden first time. Definitely did not him second time. Horrible time management. No imagination. 4th and 1 5 times this year let’s run it into the middle of line everything. Good riddance

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