Raiders Owner Mark Davis Says “Talking Heads are Making up All Sorts of Stuff”

Mark Davis still hasn’t spoken at length with the media since accepting Jon Gruden’s resignation, but he has given a few quotes and a report on Sunday said that Davis feels the NFL executed a “hit job” on the Raiders by distributing Gruden’s private emails to members of the media after the team’s 3-0 start (the Raiders reportedly become aware of the emails prior to the Chargers game).

Davis, however, doesn’t seem to want a feud with the NFL to be the headline at this point in the process.

“Listen,” Davis told the Las Vegas Review-Journal after Sunday’s win in Denver. “The Raiders stand for diversity, inclusion and social justice. We always have and we always will. The emails that came out are not what we stand for. So Jon Gruden is no longer head coach of the Raiders. There’s not much more I can say. All the talking heads are making up all sorts of stuff. That’s all it is. We don’t stand for it.”

Until Davis answers more extensive questioning from the media, his thought process is going to be difficult to piece together. As of now, it sounds like Davis is happy to leave things at “there’s not much more I can say.”

It’s possible that from a legal perspective Davis has been advised not to comment on what transpired in the days leading up to Gruden’s resignation. It’s also possible that Davis simply isn’t in a good frame of mind to take questions. We know Gruden was his close friend and it would make sense that Davis still has a lot to sort through in his own mind.

Fortunately, Davis was able to “process” a decisive win over the Broncos on Sunday and the Raiders are currently tied with the Chargers at the top of the AFC West. That’s the good news – at least in the short term. Moving forward, there are big decisions looming. Gruden had a hand in almost every corner of the organization and Davis has a lot more to figure out than simply who will coach the team in 2022.

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7 thoughts on “Raiders Owner Mark Davis Says “Talking Heads are Making up All Sorts of Stuff”

  1. Thank you Mr Davis. Continue staying above the NFL witch hunt that tries to discredit our Raiders. Committed To Excellence!

  2. There is little question as the veracity of Davis’ comments. It’s not a mystery why the Raiders are the most penalized team in the nfl every year either, (we are talking about game altering penalties that either extend a possession for opposing teams when the Raiders defense has them stopped or stops an offensive possession when the Raiders get a first down or score), or why they are given one of the most if not the most difficult schedules every year, even when they finish with a bad season record the season before! The Raiders will never stop paying the price for Al Davis taking the nfl to court and beating them over the move from Oakland to LA and for coming back to Oakland from LA. Sports are where we are supposed to go to get away from the shady, political and ugly things that plague real life. The rules are supposed be the same and apply to all teams equally . . Where there is a level playing field and the best team that puts forth the best effort can win fair and square. The NFL has stained sports with its anti bias and unfair treatment of the Raiders. May as well watch fake wrestling where the result is pre determined. Shame on the nfl!

  3. Good answer Mr Davis your Father see y read this meesage ftom the heaven God Bless Al Davis & Ra1ders Team. Ra1der Fan # 1 Gerardo Rivera C (Gerry Rice)

  4. Mark Davis is right to limit his comments. He’s made clear his feelings on the matter and that’s all there is to it.

  5. They should put out all the e-mails from not only coaches but players to see just what they are saying. I’d like anyone one of them to cast the first who hasn’t done something similar to what Gruden did. This was a witch hunt, just part of the cancel culture going on these days. Karma is a bitch, I’d like to see Goddells e-mails. In the NFL, you can disrespect the flag, country & those who defended it but don’t dare say anything about a gay person or person of color. It works both ways believe me…makes me sick to my stomach what they did to him. Not over yet but they have all but ruined Jon Gruden. I’m just happy he has enough F—k you money to tell them all where they can go…This isn’t the country I grew up in. Very sad scenario…I really don’t watch the NFL or many other sports these days because of their blatant disrespect but it’s on every TV where I work so I get to see bits & pieces. Old time players must be wondering what happened to sports these days. Probably would want to ask a class act like Barry Sanders. Players like him don’t exist anymore. I wish the NFL would play all their games in England or maybe even China. Not the NFL I ever want to see again…just glad Derek Carr & Mark Davis & very few others are at least sticking up for their friend to some degree…

  6. Can’t complain that the media is making stuff up if you don’t make a public statement through a press conference! As the owner of the team, step up to a podium address the situation then move on. This avoiding the media will only make it linger!

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